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We go to the request board and look for a production request. Sapphire picks one for a shady looking alchemist in the slums. I mean, of course, she does, she couldn't pick a safe option even if it hit her. Looking at how excited she is anyway, makes it impossible to refuse her.
A couple of minutes later and we are on our way to the slums. Isis seems a bit worried. I understand she is the one experiencing the most risk. I feel kinda bad for her.
We are standing out like a sore thumb. While most people here are wearing old worn out clothes, we are wearing literally the best clothes possible. Some of them are looking at us with greed in their eyes. There is a boatload of dark guilds taking advantage of the slum dwellers.
A dark guild is an organization that accepts requests that are less than legal. The most common is intimidation requests from merchants. This is normally to threaten and eliminate competition. They'll pay after you do the work if you get caught and arrested you get nothing. There is also the occasional assassination request from nobles to eliminate people they deem dangerous. Dark guilds often participate in illegal slavery and human trafficking
"Is this the location?" Sapphire asked while seeming confused looking at the directions given to us by the guild.
"Yes" Isis responded to her.
We walk into the store and it is a mess.
"Hello!...He-y!...Anyone here!?"
"I'm here! I'm here! I'm coming, shut up already!"
An old messy dwarf old man comes from the back while rubbing his head. He looks like a common drunk you'd find everywhere.
"We came for the request you posted to the guild."
The request was a simple cleaning of potion bottles and preparation of materials. But seriously this store is a mess. The shelves aren't lined up neatly. There is no organization of the potion they are lined up where ever there was room. The thing is they are all high quality, yet they aren't being bought. Sapphire looking at this seems a bit upset.
"Yeah, let's head to the back. All you have to do is clean bottles, and set leaves out to dry."
We follow him into the back and it is a disaster. everything is everywhere. Sapphire is looking blankly until all of a sudden she blew up.
"What are you doing! You have all this excellent produce yet none of it has been bought! Your store is a disaster and a mess!"
She cast 20 different instances of {Telekinesis} and started moving everything in the store. She lifted all the tools and fragile glass bottles to move them out of the way. She moves all the shelves from the front of the store against the walls and casts {Clean} on them. She then takes and color codes the potions. Each type of potion gets own shelf with the strength growing as it ascends the shelf.
She walks into the back fuming. The store owner seemed to afraid to do anything to stop her. He is also snapped out of his hangover.
Sapphire lift all the herb stores and moves them with the tools. She then collects all the trash and expired medicines and casts {Incineration} to burn it all while casting {Clean} on the bottles. She placed the herb stores on one side of the room and the tools on the other. She orders all the bottles beside the sink. Then she removes all the herbs, organizes them and places them all on different shelves in the stores.
Then before being led, she goes into the drying room. She sees the drying racks, dismantles them while casting {Mist Wash}. Then she determines which herbs get trashed and which ones need more time and how much they need. She reassembles the racks in an orderly fashion and lays the herbs based on how long they have left till they need to be collected.
"Hey! What are you doing t-Eee"
The dwarven man started shouting at Sapphire but shut up pretty quickly when she glared at him. I sympathize but right now there is no stopping her.
"Should I check the storage?"
"N-no." He shrunk back crushed by an invisible pressure.
"I see so I should clean that to then."
She heads through the back door and down the stairs to the basement. It seems to be cooling area to maximize how long herbs and catalysts can be stored.
...And I thought upstairs was bad everything was just thrown in here. The boxes are stacked on one another and some of it is rotting. There are bugs down here.
Sapphire casts {Detection} and {Organize} to figure out what is still good and not rotted. She lifts it up and casts {Flame Carpet} to burn the bugs and nasty and rotting herbs and catalysts. She then casts {Clean} on what's left and the building itself.
"Why are there no shelves down here?"
"I-I forgot about it, t-then there was n-no r-room when I noticed."
"Oh really? Then I'll make some."
She picked out a couple of bone type catalysts and casts {Morph} and {Fusion} to make 2 shelves on each wall and activates them with mana. Then she opens all the boxes, sorts between catalysts and herbs and places catalysts on one side and herbs on the other.
"Now go through and do inventory. I'll tell you now I didn't find a single piece of paperwork while I fixed this mess."
"Y-yes, sir."
Twenty minutes later he returns and reports the inventory and calms down after Sapphire seemed satisfied. He also seemed to have cleaned himself up before returning.
"Please sign the request completion report and put the necessary guild bonus points for the cleaning."
He obeyed and we left to go home with me and Isis doing nothing but pitying an old man.
"Oh wait! We never introduced our selves." It seemed Sapphire remembered something important a bit late.

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