The next day
~Sapphires' side~
I wake up in the guest room of Isis' house beside of Andria.
She is adorable. She has a relaxed expression with a tiny bit of drool coming out. Andria is laying there all defenseless. I can do some mischief, right?
She smells great. Normally we would cast {Clean} on our selves so we wouldn't smell, but you can't cast spells while sleeping. So her natural scent came through.
I crawl over so I don't wake her up. I slide my hands under her shirt and grab her large breasts.
"These meat bags are unfair, how come I was designed to be flat. It's unfair you know."
Squeeze squeeze
Squeeze squeeze
Andria stretched out a bit to let me have better access. It seems that she has woken up but is letting me continue. I start lowering one of my hands to touch her sparkle cave.
[au/note: you can also go with a lower mouth box, sexy meat cave, or the basic and classic pussy]
[au/note 2: I'm too high for this]
Knock knock knock
I reluctantly release Andria's meat buns and walk to the door. I open it and see Jeane standing there smiling.
"Sorry to interrupt but breakfast is ready."
I start glowing red and manage to get out a nod. I then quickly close the door. Andria and I have to get ready.
~Jeane's side~
I'm a bit sorry to stop them before the good part but I don't want Isis to walk in instead. Though that would be interesting too.
I'm all better thanks to the potion sapphire made but I don't know why undead were in the dungeon. I've known the dungeon master for a long time and she would never summon something like that. My gut says something is going to happen.
It seems Isis is still waiting at the table. Those two will come down in a minute. Isis is the one who made breakfast this morning it can't be worse then sapphires cooking.
A couple of minutes later Andria and sapphire come down looking embarrassed. Huhuhu, aren't they cute. I remember a time I was like that with my late husband. That was two hundred years ago though.
We begin breakfast and we are eating a simple breakfast of eggs bacon and pancakes.
"So how was yesterdays adventure?"
All of a sudden the three of them got nervous all of a sudden. What happened?
Surprisingly Sapphire was the one to answer.
"It started fine but there was an anomaly that we ran into after lunch. With a life search, I found a large circle in the forest was completely drained of life. It was so perfect that mushrooms couldn't grow from the rot. from the squeal, it seemed like a high-rank undead so we reported it to the city. Honestly, it gave me the creeps."
There seems to be a large amount of undead appearing lately. It shouldn't be an undead king because it hasn't been a hundred years since we killed the last one. Maybe we should call over Grimm?
"That's fine for now we hope we can contain and purify it before it becomes a problem."
Undead are a real nuisance but we should have plenty of options in this city. This place is called the second capital of the Millea kingdom. We have the same population in this city as some medium-sized countries. We have many preparations for this.
Anyway, let's use the secret technique 'changing the topic'!
"So what is your plans for today?"
Isis answered me this time "We'll keep doing quests, but only ones that are in the city."
"That's good, are you going to do alchemy quests? Or smithing requests?"
"Yeah, we'll do a basic repeatable request and take full advantage of Sapphires magic."
"Oh, that's good I'll make a report to the guild of my recovery and spare some time for 'recuperating' my party members. Hehuhu."
Why are they afraid? They aren't the targets of the incoming 'training'.
We leave the house and continue to talk until we split up and head to the respective counters. Let's see how our scout functions after some 'reeducation'.
~Some poor souls point of view~

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