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~Andria's side~
We leave the city after we return our temporary passes. We then follow the road for twenty minutes to go to the eastern forest. The eastern forest is the safest monster forest by the city because it doesn't have a monster over D rank.
Monsters are naturally attracted to places with mana in the atmosphere. The more there is the more and the stronger the monsters are in that area.
I go ahead to track the footprints until we find some goblins.
"Isis you have the lowest combat potential we could give you tips so you could improve."
While I was training with Creator-sama I met other people training under her at the time so I have a pretty good Idea how to teach. Creator-sama at first wasn't sure at the start how smart her successor would be so I learned how to teach as a backup. It wasn't necessary but now it will be useful.
"I got it I'll go first."
Isis goes around to behind and pulls a bow and quiver from a magic pouch on her armor
She draws back her bow and attaches a string of mana to her arrow. She fires 4 arrows one after the other and kills the goblins. Afterward, she collected her arrows and the magic stones of the goblins.
Honestly, they didn't have all that much power and they weren't well aimed but with a bit of practice, she could improve quickly.
"Good work. It's good for an amateur. Your accuracy could do some work. To help you with that when you draw the bow do it all at once as you raise it. Also with the hand holding the bow hold a few arrows and stick out your first finger. For now, I teach you pure bow work so you won't use any mana strings to help accuracy"
I walk behind her.
"Let me help you by letting you experiencing it."
I wrap my arms around her grabbing her hands to guide her movement. She starts blushing and fidgeting.
I have her start by putting her bow lose at the waist. Then I lead her through drawing and raising it simultaneously and having it release as soon as it is lined up with the target. Then she follows my lead and takes the next arrow draws and fires.
I help her practice for twenty minutes and then have her do it own for thirty more.
While letting her practice on her own I go back to Sapphire who I completely forgot about. I look at her and she is sitting on a stump of a tree. You could see that she is fuming and a dark aura is radiating from her scaring all the bugs and small animals away. If the trees could run they definitely would. It's really scary and intimidating.
"W...what's wrong?"
I couldn't help but have trouble enunciating with the pressure being released in my direction.
She eyed me telling me to sit beside her... I couldn't disobey. I sit down beside her and she scoots right into my side.
And she stabs me with her elbow right into my kidney.
"What is it?"
Why is she angry? All I did was teach Isis the bow.
Ah, I forgot that Sapphire is a really easily jealous type. I wrapped my arms around Isis then forgot about her. To attempt to appease her I put my arms around her and squeeze her into my bosom, in a huge hug.
"I'm sorry. Okay, can you stop jabbing me with your elbow."
"Hmpf… forgiven if you stay like this for a bit longer."
It seemed to have worked for now in repairing her mood. I sit like this until Isis returns. I'll be more careful not to get caught on the jagged edge on this gem next time.
Isis walk back over covered in sweat and looking a bit tired. She probably focused quite a bit understanding and getting used to the change in technique. Now that I think about it, what does her appraisal look like? I'll ask Sapphire later.
I give some water and jerky to Isis so she can recover and Sapphire casts {Clean} to fix her appearance. After that, we head out and Sapphire secretly casts {Plant Appraisal} on all the vegetation collecting herbs and other foliage. My job is to find and track the monsters we want and not some other monster instead, so I leave Sapphire to her own devices.
We run into a pack wolves that are monsters and Sapphire casts {Monster Appraisal} and makes note of the result to show me later.
Normal wolves aren't but here in this forest the amount of mana is poison to normal wolves so all the ones in here are monsters. They, however, are close enough to normal wolves they aren't given a separate request in the area. The only difference is that they have a magic stone and can evolve into a higher species, but they will move to a different forest at that point so they can be somewhere with thicker mana. So we won't have to worry about running into a higher species.
"Isis might as well have some combat experience with your new technique. Also instead of just attaching the string of mana to help with aim while you're not good at mana control yet. You could just focus some on the tip of the arrow and learn mana control faster."
The string of mana attached to the back of the arrow is a simple art that goes by many names, but I was taught it was called [Arrow Guidance Art] it is an intermediate technique used by all top class archers. It requires fine mana control but just because it is difficult doesn't make it efficient training. If you don't learn the basics first your skill set will end up skewed in a weird direction.
Instead of letting Isis fall into that trap I'm having her use the most basic art I call [Increase Arrow Power Art]. It is a basic pretty self-explanatory art. It is an art so common even hunters learn it to make hunting easier. Even at the minimum output, it will let you ignore the leaves and twigs that are in the way of your shot. But if you can get it to a high enough output it can make dragon scales feel like paper.
So let us see how much she has improved with a few tips.

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