~Sapphire's side~
We left early after Isis returned from putting Jeane into her to bed to rest. I wonder why she was looking iller after eating?
We are walking down one of this district's main streets. It is really clean and has stalls with various types of skewers. There are some that use orc meat from the dungeon, which I immediately drag my companions over to buy some. Isis doesn't look hungry so I'll grab one for Andria and me.
"Two servings please!"
"Ten coppers."
"Here." I give him the coppers.
"Your order."
He handed me my order and I handed one to Andria. We munch as we head to the adventurer guild.
15 minutes later
We make to in front of the Guild and It is a beautiful wooden building with a couple of entrances with signs above them. We go to the main hall that deals with registration and testing, at least according to Isis.
We walk up to the lady who is standing at the station that has the 'registration' sign above it. Said lady is looking at a book ignoring the noisy guild.
"Hello, we'd like to register."
"Got it." She pulls out an orb. "One of you put your hand here."
I decided to go first. She isn't even looking at us while we do it. It's kind of amazing
"Mage, warrior, scout, etc.?"
"Magic warrior."
"Pseudo life form, Golem."
"Rare, golems have gone out of fashion for a while now. Anyway, finished. I'll do the next person then would you like the Guilds explanation?"
Andria switches with me.
"Mage, warrior, scout, etc.?"
"Magic scout."
"Artificial alchemic life form, Homunculus."
"And done. Here are your Guild cards, you are F rank. I'll start the explanation:
The guild is an organization that doesn't belong to any country and was made to handle the threat of monsters and to handle requests of the people who can't do them themselves.
There are multiple ranks that you can work your way up allowing you to take more difficult, and more importantly, more profitable requests.
The ranks go from G,F,E,D,C,B,A,S,SS,SSS, and Ex. G rank is for those under the age of ten. Professional adventurers start at D rank. Top class is B-A rank and S class and above aren't considered mortals anymore.
The biggest rules you need to remember for the guild are;
1: The guild will not intervene in fights between guild members.
2: You are not allowed to kill another member of the guild.
3: If you commit a crime and there is proof the guild will not protect you.
4: You can not be ordered by anyone but the guild unless you wish to. If someone tries the guild will protect you and assist in any way possible.
Here are some tips. You can go to guild-related stores and get a discount. You can rent out Magic bags for a fee so you can carry out more requests faster.
And that's it. Here are your pamphlets, please look it over on your own time."
Amazing. She said that all in one breath and without looking up from her book.
"I have a question. Is it possible to bring in things we have killed on our way here?"
"Yes, go to the dismantling center drop it off. The guild card will record what you have killed as long as it is within three days before registration. If there is a permanent request for it you will get the guild points. That is only if it is recorded on your card, either way, you will be paid for the materials."
"Thank you."
We then make our way over to the dismantling center. When we get there we see the dismantling center which is just a long building with a ton of doors. There are signs above the doors indicating the size and colors on the door indicating if it is in use. We enter one that will fit the red bear and see a guild employee, show our cards, and put out the red bear that I haven't dismantled yet. The employee looks to be an older beastman gentleman wearing a butchers outfit. We pay the dismantling fee and leave it to the professional.
"It's quite da kill. One shot to da base of the skull, doing no real damage to da fur. I got an easy job for once. Well, lets start!"
Excitedly he used water magic to drain the blood from the wound I gave it. He then cut from the throat down to the pelvis. Then cutting the neck and the pelvis making an I. He the care fully skinned the bear by cutting between the fat and skin. After that, he cut the meat from the bone and pulled the fangs. He finished the dismantling pretty quickly after removing the organs.
"Finished, would you like to sell everything or keep some for your self?"
"I'll take the magic stone, tendons, spine, fangs and some chest meat."
"Those parts are worth the most, are you sure?"
"Alright, here you go. Since it subjugation is on the card yo are qualified for a rank up when ever you'd like."
We exit the room after receiving our payment. Andria seemed a bit confused with why I took what I did. She'll find out soon enough.
We then head to the rank up area following Behind Isis as she leads us. When we get there we see a training center that is the size of a colosseum.
This world has a no waste policy. Since being out side a city in most cases is extremely dangerous due to the threat of monsters. Bones will be used in making weapons or being ground into fertilizer. Organs will be cleaned then eaten or if it is poisonous it will be purified then turned into compost. Everything eatable will be eaten. The furs will be treated into leather to make armor or leather products or be sold to nobles to show off their wealth.
The guild exists to make sure no one is screwed in a deal. It keeps nobles from not paying and keeps adventurers from getting in over their head and wasting everyones time. That is why monsters and adventurers have a rank to give a rough estimation of their strength. So here is a break down of how many adventures are in in which ranks.
G-E: 50%
D-C: 35%
B-A: 14.45%
S-SSS: .5%
EX: .05%
(Side note: red bears are weakest D class monsters)

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