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~Andia side~
I talked to Isis and gained some information about the town until we fell asleep waiting for Sapphire.
I wake with a weight on my legs and a blanket over my shoulders I definitely didn't have yesterday. For now, I'll let her sleep she did stay awake late to make a difficult magic medicine.
She's really cute sleeping like this. I start lovingly petting her head.
Lately there has been a rumor about people going missing in the food court area of the shopping district and a lot of people with red hoods in the city. Isis thinks that they are connected but isn't so sure. According to her weird people show up in this city often, so this isn't out of the norm.
I'm starting to think I need to go to an Information dealer and hear about what could be dangerous in this city for both of our sake.
After healing Isis' grandma I'll have us go and sign up for the guild and turn down all the clan invitations.
The guild is a central unit now but at one point it used to be separated in the mages guild, warriors guild, and tons of others. Now that it is a central unit you only have to sign up once and more details are added depending on contributions.. For example; if you hunt monsters you'll gain a warriors mark but if you make a potion you will gain an alchemists mark.
It is rare but some stores have permission to have the guild mark be put out and that meant that they are backed by the guild and give a discount for their members and will have (comparatively) high quality gear cheaper than most.
Oh, It looks like sapphire is getting up now.
~Sapphires side~
I wake up after noticing that I was being petted by Andria. Her hand is soft and warm.
"You awake?" Andria asked in a more rhetorical tone then an inquisitive one.
I roll over to look at Isis and start to sit up. "I'll cook breakfast you wake up Isis and her grandma."
I go to the kitchen and check the appliances and see it is about the same as a fallen noble. She has a magic fridge, stove, freezer, pressure cooker. I check the fridge and find a few lesser rock bird eggs and veggies. I check the freezer and find orc. With this I can make omelets. First I dice the orc meat into cubes and take the veggies with the cubes into a pan. I then take the eggs put them into a bowl and whisk them.
I mix everything once to keep them from burning and then add the eggs. After a minute I flip them to finish the first omelet. I repeat this process three more times and put the completed product onto plates.
"Breakfast is finished!"
I set the table and then take plates and place them in front of all the seats.
When everyone comes in I hand the potion to Isis' grandma who is seeming to be having trouble speaking at the moment. She drinks it. It won't heal right away but it will heal over the next few hours.
~Andria's side~
I woke up Isis and had her help me to take her grandma to the table. We also watch her drink the magic medicine made by Sapphire.
We sit down and start eating and we learn quickly that Sapphire... can't cook. It is a disastor. I'm sure that she followed the recipe perfectly. I look at the other two people who were sacrificed with me. I watched the life leave their eyes when they see Sapphire looking at us waiting for our opinion.
" is D...deli...cious."
Isis look at me the same as she would look at a death sentence. Instead of looking at them I quickly shovel my food into my mouth to get it over with. They seem to get what I'm trying to do and follow my example stuffing themselves.
After we were done we watched Sapphire eating. It was amazing, she ate it completely normally. Seriously does she have taste buds. This food was close to instant death poison.
I know she inherited this from Creator-sama. I heard stories from Creator-sama's friends and students that she was more dangerous in the kitchen then in battle. We always had dinner made by the maids so I never got to experience it.
...But now I understand. The three of us made a tacit agreement to never let her in the kitchen again.
Twenty minutes later
We have all calmed down I decided to speak with Isis and her grandma while Sapphire cleaned up after breakfast.
"How Did you end up like this...?"
"Ahh, I didn't get to introduce myself yesterday because of Isis, did I?"
"Sorry, but I couldn't let you over exert yourself without any medicine."
"Yes, I know. I'm the B rank adventurer part of the party 'Flaming Willow' but my name is Jeane. I'm called grandma by most of the cities residents. I lived here from even before it was a bustling city. I was even the teacher of the knights squad before I retired. That's now an old story now though.
"I'm more curious who you and Sapphire are. People with your level of strength don't just come out of the woods. Especially with equipment made by the Great Sage."
"True but even if I told you, you wouldn't believe me. If you wait you'll learn soon enough."
We kept talking afterward prodding each other. Testing if one would be a danger to the other coming to the conclusion: We'll put it off for now.
I ask Isis to guide us and pick up Sapphire to head towards the Guild.

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