We get to the road and decide to take a break because Isis seems tired.
"I'm sorry for slowing you down!"
"It's fine, don't push yourself." Andria said as she handed some water created by life magic that was in a cup.
I pulled out a soft piece of jerky and put it in the hand of Iris. "Eat, it will let you recover stamina faster."
"T...thank you!" Iris let out a bright smile as she munched on it "It is so delicious! I didn't eat breakfast, so this is a welcome!"
I nodded and backed up to stay behind Andria until the break ended.
"How long until we get to the nearest town or village?"
"There are no villages in the area, so the nearest town is about three hours at our current pace. Sorry."
This time I speak up "Its okay, it's not your fault, you aren't an adventurer."
"But I am an adventurer!"
"Ehh you are?!" Andria exclaimed and her face was unable to hide its surprise.
"Y...yes...I only joined a week ago, b...but I passed the combat pass to upgrade me to E rank!"
"How come you don't have very much stamina?"
"Normally we wouldn't leave the road and only do herb gathering and goblin subjugations. We wouldn't run into a red bear, or for that matter be out of the city for a full night."
I nodded in understanding, normally it seems that the early ranks are for training so it is okay not to be fully prepared as abnormal situations wouldn't occur and if they did someone would be nearby to help.
We started walking down the road and after an hour we hear a shout and sounds of fighting.
I whisper "Deja Vu." and slightly giggle.
"Let's go!" Isis shouted and started sprinting.
We ran up and see a merchant cowering in his carriage while some bandits attack his adventurer guards.
Andria spoke up this time. "Would you like our assistance?"
"Please if you could!" An adventurer man in his early twenties said.
I pull out a great sword the same size as me and dash forward lightly using {Basic Magic Enhance} on my body and sword. Andria pulls out a short spear with a red tip and blue body and instead of dashing she used Qi enhance her body to approach and throw a punch right in a large man in full plate's flank and blew him away.
I arrive in front of the leader looking man and lightly slash down and he blocked it... or not. He just stood there surprised and was cut practically in two. Honestly, eww, next time I won't cut them I'll knock them out by punching or with the flat of the blade.
Twenty minutes later
We killed or captured all the bandits and in the process of stripping all their loot and the off to the side Isis was vomiting with Andria comforting her.
"That thieving cat."
I said it under my breath I don't understand what it means but it felt right to say. I noticed all the adventurers are cowering in fear a bit away for some reason but I put if off for now.
When Andria finishes she'll get a punishment. Un, that's right it is her fault to make me feel this way.
~Andria's side~
It seems that Sapphire is feeling jealous. Her oppressive aura is completely causing the adventurers to tremble in their boots while the bandits are already fainting.
I'm a bit scared of the smile and her nodding to herself. I had a fleeting feeling of dread but that is not for right now.
When I move from Isis' side to hers the amount of intimidation completely disappeared and the adventurers made their way over and Sapphire hid behind me.
Even though there is quite the pile of loot it seems that there were 50 people in total in this group. it is honestly on the smaller side around this area. We have to decide how to split it up for now.
The leader looking man from ealier is not the one who rushed over.
"Thank you, My Lady, for saving us in our time of crisis. Sorry, we are D-rank party Falling Storm. Please forgive our rudeness while in your presence."
"You don't have to worry about honorifics we aren't nobles."
It was this half-elf apparently, the early 20's leaderly looking man isn't the party head. This 16 year old half elf is. He doesn't look strong but his stickly limbs have some power to them he probably has a gift of some sort. His armor and weapon is pretty good for a commoner but not good enough for a noble, and with his speech earlier he probably is a son of a fallen noble or is an illegitimate child.
"Anyway We'll follow you to the city but we will take all the material from the bandits that we want and their bounties is that okay with you?"
According to creator-sama bandits are a great pay out and I don't want to only rely on the money Creator -sama left for us.
"That's good fo-"
"Like Hell That Is!"
I seems that this short man with a battle axe and a dog like face has a problem with this. I think he is a half Kobold? The males tend to be aggressive while the females are docile and they have dexterous fingers. They sell high as slaves due to their history of making excellent silver works.
Kobold started off as a monster race similar to orc and goblin however over time a new superior more intelligent kind known as high-kobold who mixed in with society creating their own villages and integrating thanks to merchants. High-orcs aren't similar to their lower counter part due to high-orcs evolution they had done what orc couldn't do, have females. High-orcs are like 8ft humans with small tusks and covered in muscles and they are now proud warriors. Goblins had females originally but taking a wife that wasn't a goblin let that child have talent similar to the mother advancing the species. eventually high goblins appeared and now are considered proud mages.
There are many cases similar to these lamia, and Arachne are good example. There are people and countries which are still hateful against tribes originating from monsters and beasts but the Millea Kingdom is not like that.
"And what's wrong with us who saved you life have the first go at the spoils?"
I release some bloodlust to show him how the hierarchy should go.
" can't just take everything w...we killed plenty before you showed up!"
"Huh... All I wanted was the gold, you have a problem with that? I don't care about the rest."
"That's fine...humpf." He looked like a defeated dog while marching off.
"Sorry about him, he isn't part of our party, but he is a soloer picked up to help with this escort request."
"Got it, people like him are out there so don't worry."
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