Outside can only be descibed as beautiful the sun rises causing the light to go through trees glowing a magnificent red, orange, and yellow. The morning dew ws causing it all to sparkle, I couldn't help but gasp.
"Amazing." Andria couldn't put my thoughts into words any better.
We sat and watched the sun rise, but we can't stay like this for much longer.
"Andria, I would like to watch this through, but we must start making our way."
We both put our hoods up.
"Yes, you're right, Lets go."
We make our way down towrad where the city was on the map the forest was suprising quiet, but we didn't think about it. The ground was wet and muddy, for normal people it would be extremely difficult to wade your way through. But that isn't the case for us two Andria used the cat-walk skill while I used a {Water Walking} spell. Richt stayed in my shadow while Nina stayed on the shoulder of Andria.
We kept going while appraising everything untill we heard the sound of a scream and rushed over. We see a young girl in a light armor on the ground trying to crawl away from large bear having red colored fur.
I appraise it with {Monster Appraisal} and this is what I got:
Name: none-----Race: Red Bear
Job: Warrior-----Class: none
Skill--power arm--
"Weak." Instead of telling some thing to Andria I cast {acceleration} on myself and dashed right behind it and pulled out a short spear and stabbed it right at the base of it's skull killing it instantly.
It stayed still for a moment before falling to the side and then Andria caught up.
"What do I do here?"
"I'll handle it."
Andria walked over to the girl.
~Andria's side~
I hear a scream and the two of us dash to it and see a girl being attacked by a red bear but before I could react I see Sapphire was already stabbing it in the back of the skull.
When I saw that chills ran down my spine.
I continued to run and when I caught up I saw Sapphire didn't know how to handle the girl.
"What do I do here?" she asked me.
"I'll handle it"
I responded and walk to the girl and grabbed her hand to get her attention as I checked her pulse.
"Are you okay, are you injured?"
"Really? Thats good." I sighed in relief.
"Are you the one who saved me?"
I felt something glare at me while I still had her hand so I let it go. Not forgeting the person who was jealous.
"No, I wasn't." I pointed to Sapphire and use my eyes to call her over. "It was her."
I watched Sapphire freak out for a minute before giving in and coming over.
"H...hi, are you okay?"
"Yes. Thank you for saving me!"
"Here, {Clean}" Sapphire cast cleaning magic on her because she was covered in mud then hid behind me.
"Anyway, why are you out here by yourself?"
"My Grandma needs medicine so I came out here for the ingredients I just collected the last one so I headed home now I'm here. I still need to find an alchemist though."
"Really, let us defend you until you reach the town. I'm sure we can help you with the alchemy too."
I look towards Sapphire and she nods.
"Ahh, before I forget what is your name?"
~Sapphire's side~
It seems we're going to go with Isis to the city. It is the first real person other then Andria I have spoken to, so I couldn't help but feel nervous. I hope she dosen't hate me.
We walk for about twenty minutes and that is when we reach the road to take a break.

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