We head toward the main hall but we get interrupted by an automata. She seems to be an advanced unit having fake skin and hair to make her look human unless you look closely.
"I am AR 01, also called [HEAD MAID] and I'll lead you to the main hall. I am a semi autonomous automata made to command site [S.A.T. 1A3] which is the most advanced pseudo-life laboratory owned by Rain Fortuna in the Millea Kingdom. It has all necessary alchemy facilities to create homunculi and Chimeras. [NOTICE] There is two Chimera type familiars awaiting to be contracted in the main hall with [MASTERS] last message.
We will continue to protect and complete routine maintenance so that you may always return. You also have permission to enter all the facilities of the [S.A.T. SERIES] and [RUIN SERIES] due to the inheritance procedure."
She also sounds quite human except for the inputed information.
It was a this point we reached the main hall, It was a large room with a table in a simple room with a large monitor on the wall. There were two chairs in front of the table also in the corners of the room are tall book shelves that are magic tools with space magic on them.
But all the dust you would expect from six months of no one in there is not there thanks to the maids.
[... LOADING...]
Mother appears on the screen with a bitter smile while looking a bit pale.
[Hello, you two. I have no doubt left many things behind for you to make life easier and I have no doubt you have many questions.
...I am doing this after I split my soul in two. One half went to create Sapphire and the other I kept to allow me to continue to move and 'live' luckily my soul has grown over my long life so losing half will do nothing but lower my maximum amount of mana. If I give myself time I would normally recover.
Well the reason I created Sapphire was so all my research could be continued since I would soon die.
Originally I thought I was dying due to age, thinking due to me living almost 4 times longer then my race normally does.
I thought my life span was most likely due to my massive mana pool practically stopping my aging by bringing me closer to magic particles.
...But the reason is not age but a disease. The disease normally is harmless to most people but I got infected with it. It is called Magic Circuit Crystallization (MCC) normally you can't get it if you can control your mana but it can't be helped. My only theory why right now is age or outside interference.
Sadly as of right now there is no cure. It is the reason that most people can't be mages. It passes through inheritance and the water.
Well, anyway, I hope you can forgive me for that I couldn't stay around and teach you about the world, about people, about love.
...But I hope you can get along each other and you two go and see the world together. I suggest that you two join the guild in the Millea Kingdom I was a old friend of the king and the upper nobles there, and taught the guild leaders everything they know. You won't be discriminated there as it is a kingdom full of demons and beastmen and other races.
I have also left two Chimeras to act as your familiars that will help you, and they're abilities will change as they evolve. They are in the room to the left. All you have to do is run you mana into they eggs.
So I just suggest you join the Adventurer Guild, they will protect you no matter which kingdom you go to. They have a policy of not allowing interference in their procedures, or promising adventurers from nobles. They are not part of any county but they are in all of them. They are the main defense against monsters, devils and mana beasts.
Well I hope you can enjoy your adventure, pay attention to those around you so you won't be dragged into any person's plots, so be careful and have fun.]
We both start tearing up.
"Thank you Mom"
"Yeah, lets go pick up the familiars Creator-sama has prepared."
We go to the room mentioned and see...

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