And on Seya’s room, the Princess was looking surprised at Seya, while still grabbing his harm.


- Why do you want a quiet school life? That's so boring!!!


- I just didn't want to attract too much attention. I just wanted to make some new friends, see other people’s Magic and get new ideas for some of my projects.


- You mean, steal some Magic’s.


- Steal Magic’s? What do you mean, Princess?


- One little thing that this guy does, Ryn. When he sees someone using Magic, he can understand how it's done and immediately after, use it like it was the most natural thing in the world!!


- That's impossible!


- You better don't say that around Big Brother. When he hears someone saying it's difficult or impossible, he doesn't rest until he achieves. Most of the times seeming effortless.

Oh, I remembered one thing! Big Brother, did you bring those fighting dolls that you made for me some time ago?


Ryn was smiling. She always loved dolls, since she was little.


- Fighting dolls? What are those?


Seya yelled, annoyed.

- Action figures! I told you many times, those are action figures!


- For me, they are fighting dolls! Ryn, those things are amazing! Big Brother put some strange Magic on them and you can make them fight!!!


- What? I want to see that! Oh, do you mind if I go call my friends? If they found out that I'm here hanging around with the Princess and seeing new Magic’s without them, they will be angry with me!


- I want to meet them too!!! I have an idea, why don't we all go? Like that, I can walk around the hallways and see everyone scared and kneeling before me!!!!! Ahahahaha!


Ryn was clapping her hands.


- That would be so funny!!


Seya was poking with his finger the forehead of the Princess.


- Maybe it was better if you were more serious. People are not used to seeing you as a loose cannon always fooling around, they probably will not know how to react!


- I've been always serious and acting like a perfect Princess every day! The only times that I could fool around or be myself, was when I was alone or with you! I want to have fun when at school!


Seya just shrouded his shoulders, it was no use.


- I see. I understand, let's all go with Ryn. Go wild Princess, scare everyone!! Hehehehe!



While they were walking on the corridors and following the Princess, they couldn’t help but feel amazed. The same funny girl of moments ago was just politely waving at everyone that recognized her and kneeled. And while they were kneeling, she would always look at Seya with a triumphant look, like showing that she could act like a proper Princess if she wanted too.

Every time she did that, Seya just nodded in disagreement. And the two new friends just laughed at that situation, always!

When they reached in front of the door that Ryn Mycym indicated, she suddenly opened the door while screaming.


- I'm back!!!!


Hina jumped!


- Arghhhh! Ryn, you scared me! Why do you always do that instead of knocking?


- Because this way is funnier, of course! I brought along some friends, do you mind if they come in?


Hina was still holding her chest, after that scare.


- No problem, but I don't have many chairs.


Seya entered the room, right after Ryn.


- That's not a problem.


The boy pointed at Seya.


- Oh, you are that kid that beat up the Knight Teacher!


- Yes, he's Seya Hinamoto. He has more names, but I didn't memorize them yet. Sorry!

This blonde boy is Zak Holstrem and of course, this little cute girl!


- The Princess!


- Yes, all of you kneel before the Great me!!!! Ahahahah!


Ryn laughed by seeing the Princess resume her joker side.


- Ahahahahah! Princess, don't say that or they will be afraid of you!


- Oops, sorry. Please get up, don't kneel before me while at school, ok? I was just joking.

Seems like my Big Brother over here will be known everywhere like the one who beat a Knight Teacher! Ahahahahahah!


- I had no choice! He insulted my Master!


- Yeah right, and then you are going to say that you knocked him down with your Magical ears by accident! Oh, and you also blew up all the targets by accident!


- The targets were your fault! You didn't stop asking for a good show!


- And why do you always do what I ask?


- Because you are my cute Little Sister!!!


- Ahahahahah!


Ryn’s friends were speechless! Hearing that crazy talk was like hearing too siblings bickering! And one of them was the Royal Princess!

Ryn was happily smiling.


- Seems like everyone is baffled with your conversation! Don’t worry you guys, seems like these two have this kind of relationship.

Now everyone, introductions and state your Magic’s, please!


- I’m Myra Calcym, daughter of the Retainer Calcym and I use Water Magic.   


- I’m John West, my grandfather was a Marquess of the Empire until he disagreed with the Emperor and was expelled. I can use Light Magic and I’m also good with Healing Magic.


- I’m Hina Motoama, I’m the daughter of a Director of the Mycym Merchants Association and I use Wind Magic.


The Princess was smiling and looking completely out of there! She was just looking at one particular boy while mumbling!


- … cute… so cute… Seya, can I have this boy? Pleaaaseee!!!


- What are you talking about, he’s not a pet!


-But he can be! I will treat him very good! I’ll put a small cushion near my bed! We can play all day, I’ll cuddle him and give him a lot of snacks!


The young boy looked scared.


- Princess????


Seya poked again the Princess’s forehead.


- Don’t mind her, she’s just messing with you. That was a very nasty thing to do, Princess.


- I’m sorry cute boy, I was just joking… Or was I? Eheheheh!


Ryn was looking at the Princess, surprised!


- Scary… Moving on!

Where was I… oh, the Princess uses a very powerful Fire Magic and Zak Holstrem over here, uses Wind and Earth.

And Seya, well, you all saw what he did to those targets.


Hina was always marveled about Magic. And having someone next to her that used all the Attributes during the previous test, was too exciting!


- Yes, how did you do that? You can use all Attributes? How is that possible?


- The Goddess gave it to me. And I trained my Magic Control every day. Eventually, the amount of Magic that I could use increased because of that.


- So you are saying that if we practice Magic Control we all can increase our Magic? I never heard anything like that!


The Princess nodded her head.


- And I’m the proof that it works. My Magic was at the same level of Zak over here but now I can defeat most of the Royal Mages.

I started doing that training 5 years ago when Seya started teaching me. But Big Brother was lucky also, he inherited Magic Attributes from his mother and Father.


Seya explained.


- I guess that no one does it because the increase is slow. You must do it every day, several hours straight or a little each day. It will surely increase, eventually.


- Big Brother, enough talk, let’s play! Seats for everyone and take out the fighting dolls!! Oops, action figures!


Following that order, Seya used his Magic to make seats out of wood. They just came growing from the floor, like flowers.

He even made a throne to the princess, with wood and fluffy vines interlinked.


- Ok…There, chairs for everyone. And a throne for the Princess, of course!


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