While all this was happening, there was a meeting at the Principals Office concerning the evaluations of the new students.

There was the Principal, the teacher that did the written tests and the two teachers of the practical tests.


- Well, what are your opinions about this year students?


The Rabbit Kind Teacher was the first to answer.


- They are all average except for one outstanding student, Seya Hinamoto.


And the Knight Teacher was still mad about what happened to him.


- If you are talking about that one, we should just expel him!


- My colleague here was disrespectful to that student and was punished for that. You should thank me for still being alive. If it was me, I would have killed you on the spot.


That quick remark shut the mouth of the Knight.


- …


The Elfian Teacher continues.


- I never saw a student with such power, not even the Elders of my race can use all Attributes and with such power. And he doesn’t do any chanting when he uses Magic.


The Principal almost fell from his chair.


 - What? That's not possible!


- And yet, he does just that. And the Royal Princess uses powerful Fire Magic with an extremely short chant! And there was a girl with green hair that had an outstanding amount of Magic for a human so young!



The Homeroom Teacher agreed and he reported, excited.


- On the written tests they were average but that one Seya Hinamoto, I never saw anything like that, he got every answer right!


The RabbitKind Teacher crossed his arms, thinking.


- He is an amazing fighter, uses all Attributes and he's very knowledgeable. I don't know if we can teach him anything! I rather have him teach me!


- I received a letter of recommendation from King Rohan about that student along with some explanations about him.


The Homeroom Teacher was surprised by that announcement from the Principal.


- The King himself wrote a recommendation letter?


- Yes. Seems like his family is very famous. He's the son of the Great Healer Anna Hinamoto and that famous Adventurer of some years ago, Rolland Hinamoto.

He is also the nephew of the RabbitKind King and it seems that his father it's also a Duke. And he's even paying himself for his education here!

Seems that he just wants to be around kids of his own age and learn new Magic’s.

For what I was told, we can count on him about helping on fighting practice and Magic. Seems that the King asked him to do that. The King only authorized the Princess coming here because that boy is here, actually.


The Homeroom Teacher was looking at his notes, about the new students for that year.


- So, we got ourselves an outstanding student that even the King acknowledges. What are we going to do about it?


The Principal folded his arms on top of his desk, relaxing.


- We don't need to do anything, actually. The King expects that by being here, the students will be influenced by him.


The Homeroom Teacher was checking the classes list.


- Seems like things are going to be interesting. And in which class do we put him? Does he want to be a Knight? Or a Mage?


- With his skills, he can easily achieve the command of his own platoon when he grows up. As a former RabbitKind soldier, I would be honored to be under his orders!


- But with his abilities in Magic, he can also easily become a Royal Mage! I know some Elfians that are way under him!


The Principal looked at every teacher, very seriously.


- We must also assure that no other country tries to get him. We should increase the security around the school. If words get out, someone might try to kidnap him.


The RabbitKind Teacher waved his hand, he was not worried about that.


- I really don't believe that there's even the slightest possibility. Denar'ans are known for being able to single handily defeat an entire squadron.


The Principal nodded in agreement.


- Even so, we need to stay vigilant.


And at the same time, on another student’s room, the friends of Ryn where wondering where she was while still talking about the previous events. Two girls and one boy were still a little lost about the afternoon tests.


A girl with blue hair was still shacking.


 - Where is Ryn Mycym?


While one blonde girl was looking at her own hand, trying to figure out how Seya shot all that Magic.

- The last time I saw her she was running after that kid that beat up the Knight Teacher.


- What was that actually? The RabbitKind Teacher was truly afraid that he could kill the Knight Teacher.

And that kid was so fast that when I realized, he was already slapping the teacher!


The boy still had his eyes sparkling, since he saw the test of Seya.


- And did you all see his Magic? He shoots it and everything was like, ‘Buummm!!!’


The blonde girl nodded in agreement.


- I didn't hear at that time a chanting. I never heard of anyone being able to do that. And the Princess kept on calling him Big Brother?


The girl with blue hair was still wondering what happened!


- And he was arguing with the Princess!!! Really, who was that kid?


And at the same time on the yard, there was a person very unsatisfied with the events that had all the students amazed. The school janitor was looking at all the destruction!


- What happened here? Why are there so many holes on the ground where I placed those new targets? There was some Wild Beast that rampaged over here? And no one stopped it?

And I'm supposed to clean this all up, close the holes, plant new grass and place new targets? And tomorrow morning there will be practice here, I'm supposed to have all this fixed overnight?

This school was so peaceful until now, what happened this year?


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Amodock @Amodock ago

Oh my god, I love the janitor's point of view. I wandered who always cleaned up after our OP MC's.


krushandkill @krushandkill ago

Glad you liked it.

I don't know if he appears again. Maybe I can squeeze him somewhere. Or not. laughing