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Explore the world, meet new and interesting monsters, and kill them for their loot.

It was a tale as old as gaming, and it bored Conlan to death. He always had more fun finding little chinks in a game’s code. Figuring out how to exploit systems within a game and turn them to his advantage.

Lately he’d been using those skills to mess with Horizon Online Entertainment. He figured screwing those bastards over in the court of public opinion was the least he owed the corporate pricks for killing his sister since they were never going to get justice from the real courts where that justice went to the highest bidder.

Only now there’s a whole new digital battlefield opening up: Lotus Online. The greatest and most immersive VRMMO ever created, and Horizon is trying to invade that world and take it over the same as they’ve taken over everything else.

But Conlan has a secret weapon. He’s discovered something in Lotus no one else has. Spellcrafting. The chink in Lotus’s armor. It’s a crafting system that might just allow him to take over the game world and kick Horizon out. Assuming he can survive all the Horizon assholes trying to kill him long enough to pull off the greatest exploit of his gaming career!

Spellcraft is a mostly finished novel clocking in at about 200,000 words. I'm currently releasing a chapter a day, and you can rest assured that if you follow this baby you'll be getting a great story from beginning to end!

A quick note to readers: Spellcraft is more GameLit than LitRPG. More creamy than crunchy. Which is to say this is a story where the story and characters are front and center. Game mechanics are there to push the story forward, but going into exhaustive detail about those mechanics isn't part of the story.

If you're looking for pages and pages of stat tables this story probably isn't for you. If you're looking for a humorous doorstopper about a ragtag group of smartass friends fighting the power in a dystopian future through the power of crafting and video games then you're in for a treat!

Thanks for reading!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1: Captured ago
2: Hail to the King, Baby ago
3: Crime and Punishment ago
4: ...But Mostly Punishment ago
5: After Action ago
6: Big Announcement ago
7: IRL Danger ago
8: Damsel in Distress ago
9: Launch Day ago
10: Under Attack? ago
11: Player Killers ago
12: Griefing the Griefers ago
13: Good Relations With the Goblins, Have I ago
14: Expeditious Retreat ago
15: Skill Unlocked! ago
16: Gatherer ago
17: Combat Craft ago
18: Reagents ago
19: Nilbog ago
20: Trouble Brewing ago
21: Involuntary PVP ago
22: Stop Right There, Criminal Scum! ago
23: Hunted ago
24: Player Versus Planning ago
25: Into the Woods ago
26: Is There A Healer in the House? ago
27: Ruthless Bloodthirsty Hotties ago
28: Toxic Gear ago
29: Smelly Salvation ago
30: New Plan ago
31: Scouting ago
32: Sneaking ago
33: Mining ago
34: Spellcraft Unlocked! ago
35: Spellcrafting ago
36: Enemy-Shattering Kaboom! ago
37: Improvised Explosive Gem ago
38: Encumbrance ago
Quick update: Vacation schedule ago
39: Back to Town ago
40: Not So Secret Identity ago
41: Discovered ago
42: Bully the Bullies ago
43: Fight! ago
44: Forged in Stupidity ago
45: Stabby Little Pointy-Eared Murder Machines ago
46: To the Magic District ago
47: Trelor's Oddments ago
48: The IOI Gambit ago
49: One Word: Potions ago
50: The Auction House ago
51: Selling Out ago
52: Consequences ago
53: Corpse Run ago
54: Reputation ago
55: Payday ago
56: R-E-S-P-E-C-T ago
57: Protection Racket ago
58: Exchange Rate ago
59: Business Plan ago
60: Powerleveling ago
61: Explosive Rescue ago
62: Old Friends ago
63: Escape to the Underground ago
64: Moths to the Flaming Sword ago
65: Down in the Underground ago
66: Goblin Kthonopolis ago
67: Negotiations ago
Announcing my Patreon! ago
68: Fixit Conlan ago
69: Puny Gods ago
70: Econ 101 ago
71: Means of Production ago
72: Kneel Before Conlan! ago
73: Old Plans ago
74: Supply Run ago
75: Run Through the Dungeons ago
76: Big Surprise ago
77: Butcher's Bill ago
78: A Chance ago
79: Tavern Brawl ago
80: Horizon Comes Knocking ago
81: Run Through the Ghetto ago
82: Real Life Rescue ago
83: Escape ago

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A great idea, but the characters do not work

I really like the ideas both about the MC being a master of exploits and a corporate taking over a game world, but the MC and his friend in the game act like some 12 year old brats. It really hurts because I truly loved the begining of the story so I just could not leave without wenting my disappointment.
Gave it up after chap 24.

(I gave 5 for grammar because I did not remeber noticing any mistakes, but I did not look for them at all)

These are just the few things that were too much for me:

MC wants immersion and does not check forums, OK I get that, but a corporate taking over THE groundbreaking game would be an unmistakable news in the gaming community. Also MC not keeping tabs on his nr. 1 enemy? really?

MC (and friend?) should be professional in exploiting games which means also in playing them. Why the hell do they act so f...king cocky, in noob gear when they can't even tell where they are, or even just how strong the pay-to-win boys are.

In their first confrontation they clearly encounter people who they have problem with and then they act like a**holes towards the person who saves them. WHY?! Did she do anything aginst them other then calling them what they are? They just started the game. They are worse than Jon Snow, they ARE noobs. She seams to know what is going on, they don't, why the attitude?

They meet and talk to the NPC goblin who acts like a real person, and then they see the most realistic town ever and still end up with the conclusion that NPCs are primitive and not woth speaking to? 

The goblin clearly said that the guys who attacked run the town so when MC and friend arrive they decide that they can do whatever they want? What kind of logic is that? They are told that it is an opressed territory and the a**hats from before rule the place.

Is this really how the master exploiters behave?
It just does not work for me, and it make me sad because the story clearly has a bunch of potential and the writing is good as well.

Anyway this is only my opinion if you where interested by the given summary just give it a try, and you can decide for yourself.

  • Overall Score

started great with an intelligent MC before it devolved into stupidity. why would a master game-breaker who has by the stories account exploited multiple systems act like a first day of gaming noob? he enters the game and checks NOTHING! he does not bother to see what can harm him, how stats affect damage/hp/speed/reflexes or if he can dig/jump/climb and instead starts collecting flowers without even knowing their properties. yet I'm to believe he is used to deciphering systems to the point he can exploit them?

Author, I like the way you want to give personality to your characters and your basic world building but if you have set the case for the MC to be a game-breaking intelligent badass HE NEEDS TO ACT LIKE ONE.

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You can practically skip entire chapters and not miss a thing. Here's the prominent stuff after reading for 20 chapters. Shitty excuse for banter, cliche brain dead villains, "lotus online is so realistic omgomg", MC is so amazing and a quick thinker omgomg. Even the most obvious braindead scenes are explained after the fact excessively, glorifying the amazing MC for his amazing quick thinking skills. No grammar problems though.

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Contrived, bland and boring.

The character motivations often don't make sense or are so blindingly stupid it's insulting.

The banter is bland, boring and adds nothing of value to the story resulting in entire chapters being pointless.

The few things it does get right are lost in the overall mediocracy.

  • Overall Score
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Good series with a pacing and language issue.

Title brings up my key points.  This is a good series, the writting is well done, the setting is interesting, the characters have some depth.  However, the descriptions of various things feel like they get repeated a lot, sometimes awkwardly.  The cursing at points is a little over the top, it looses it's dramatic effect when it's used this much.  Also, I feel like at least a few of the plot twists are fairly obvious, and it's kind of sad the MC is wearing his idiot hat for some of this stuff.  With all that said, it's a fun series, I look forward to more.

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interesting ideas but with significant flaws

(as of chapter 35)

Style: The story is told in first person style from the point of view of a teenager in a dismal part of town in a bleak world.

Story: The premise of the story is interesting; hyperrealistic VR games are a staple on RRL but the protagonist's campaign of revenge, his (planned) use of little exploits to get that revenge and the evil megacorp taking over is new. On the other hand, the development of the first chapters feels like taken directly from every story ever written ( Spoiler: Spoiler

 ). In accordance with the hyperrealistic game world the story takes place in there are many scenes where details are described but those scenes sometimes feel like they are there only to show that that detail IS there (Story floating along -> detailed scene detailing how much detail there is in all the details -> story continues to float along.)

Grammar: Very good.

Characters: Contradictory, immature (well, they're teenagers so it fits) and stupid. The protagonist and his best friend behave really stupid. It is said that they are very very experienced gamers but they show almost no professionalism while starting the game of the century for the very first time. Instead of keeping an eye on their surroundings, like they should after just making very powerful personal enemies, they trade paragraph after paragraph of useless circle-jerk banter. In general they have a very aggressive way of talking to each other; I'd say it's strange to hear that they are best friends but apparently that's indeed how teenagers talk with each other. By now I tend to skip part of the dialogue to protect my sanity. My other problems with inconsistencies and how the characters behave have been described excellently by Bence491 (currently the top rated review).

This review ended up sounding much more critical than I planned. I really like the idea of the story and the implementation is not bad but there are flaws that I just can't overlook that really reduce the quality of this work.

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High quality Fantasy LitRPG

I look forward to each chapter more than any other story here (and I am following over 90), the quality f the writing is very high, the plot is good, it is aimed at the teen/pre-teen reading age, but as an older person I am enjoying it. The pace is a little slow but that just enahces the enjoymnet.

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The first few chapters came and went like any other character development portion of a story, which was fine. Until all of those points kept repeating themselves endlessly into the first dozen-and-a-half chapters... After getting into the story and the game itself, things finally picked up and were more than arguing or complaining or threatening.

  • Overall Score

Decent but needs work (spoilers)

The story is ok. MC is trying to get revenge on mega corp that is able to trigger a kill switch in the VR technology somehow. Grammar is excellent. I made it to chapter 18 or so but couldn't really go any farther. My main issue is the constant references to WoW, DaoC, etc. throughout the story in what can only be a dystopian future where people live in ?Megacities? or whatever. Honestly that's the biggest turn off. Second, the MC, who is a strategist and planner who dives into games to find exploits refuses to look at the forums on this new game  that is supposed to be the greatest ever?...Its the protagonists defining characteristic.

  • Overall Score

Interesting premise

I'm intrigued at where this is going. That is if I've got it correct. If nothing else it might serve to remind people to read the game quick start before playing. 


It will be interesting watching the author pull this off. I hope he does.