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A note from Daecrist

Hi! I've got some exciting news. I've decided to give the whole Patreon thing a try, and I just launched today.

Right now Patrons get access to updates a week ahead of time, a twice monthly text Q&A, and a monthly video chat depending on what level you pledge at. I'll probably tweak rewards as I get the hang of it and see how much, if any, interest there is.

Next week's chapters are there right now waiting for you if you want to help out. :)

Click the links above or below to check it out, and thanks for reading and supporting me for so long!

A note from Daecrist

About the author


Bio: Hi! I'm a working writer who's been doing this full time since early 2015. I got my start in the Kindle romance boom, and I'm finally getting around to publishing stories under my own name!

I live in the Midwest with my wife, kids, and cats. Most days find me sitting in front of my computer typing out stories for your enjoyment!

I'm currently releasing Spellcraft. The tale of Conlan, a gamer who loves finding ways to exploit game systems, and how he uses those unique skills to battle a soulless multinational entertainment conglomerate who killed his sister and is trying to take over the gaming world!

Spellcraft is currently released on a chapter a day schedule.

I hope you enjoy my work. Thanks for reading!

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