Dark Wizard's Case. LitRPG series

by Kirill Klevanski

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy GameLit Harem LitRPG Magic School Life Virtual Reality
Alexander Dumsky was also known as Alex Doom, a dark wizard. At the age of seventeen, he was convicted of a multitude of crimes that made even the seasoned investigators, judges and prosecutors shudder.
No attorney dared to defend him in court.
Four years later, Alex was released from prison so he could become the Professor of Dark Magic. They'd thrown him in the deepest hole they could find, built for the sole purpose of holding wizards. And then they let him out...
Why him? Why now?
So, you're not surprised at the mention of wizardry? Well, then you probably know that the invention of the Magic Lens in 2032 enabled humans to see and use magic again.
Or do you?

Glad to introduce you one more of my top series "Dark Wizard's case". The book is just started translating from Russian into English. Active publishing of the chapters will begin in March. Now you can add the book to your marks to get the new chapters on time. 

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dutch pokaki
  • Overall Score

New Zealand is actually Atlantis 


Welp ima go find me some mermaids 

  • Overall Score

Probably too early to review

Not sure about this one.  In the very early stages.  Narrator seems to be headed towards being some sort of white hat dark mage.  Weird mechanic whereby the secret world of magic is introduced through an augmented reality lens.

Stephen Lewis
  • Overall Score

As of Ch.6

Looks very good I got sucked in cant wait for more

Edit ch7 

Scratches arm looks around nervously, "psst is there any more?"

Edit. Ch12

Only really annoying thing is how slow this updates 

  • Overall Score

More than a little early but I still like the promise and potential this story has! Really looking forward to more! On a sidenote the release rate or translation rate of new chapters is a little too slow but it's fine, just hope it increases.