Terminus - A Reincarnation Story

by Ishkarioth

Original ONGOING Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead LitRPG Magic Reincarnation Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Josh Brolin was sentenced to death.

However, something weird happened in his mind the moment he died...

"Welcome... Master!" 

What?! ... choose an avatar? Firestrike? Skills? Ascendancy?

On the contrary to his expectations, he soon found himself in an overgrown forest full of life. 'This isn't hell...?' He thought to himself as he surveyed his surroundings. But he also realized that he was anything but 'normal' anymore... 

Manifestation of ...?!

Join Josh, a former space pirate, in his burning adventure through a medieval world that is filled with magic, countless strange creatures and endless amounts of toffee!




Artwork is mine, drawn by https://www.deviantart.com/raitvisualworks


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
One - Meeting with the Devil ago
Two - A Dreamless Dream ago
Three - Breathing Fire ago
Four - Toffee ago
Five - The Boarull ago
Six - My Flock ago
Seven - A Hearth of Fire ago
Eight - Annoying Bats ago
Nine - The Mono-Eyebrow attacks! ago
Ten - Adding Cookies to the Menu ago
Eleven - A green Watermelon ago
Twelve - Burning stuff again ago
Thirteen - Close Encounter ago
Fourteen - Deeper into the Forest ago
Fifteen - The grumpy Dwarf ago
Sixteen - Like a fresh Spring Breeze ago
Seventeen - A embarrassing Moment ago
Eighteen - Waves upon Waves ago
Nineteen - Arrival of the main Guest ago
Twenty - Headfirst into the Battle ago
Twenty-one: Burning Euphoria ago
Twenty-Two: All Good Things come in Threes! ago
Twenty-Three: Kill the Target, Secure the Objective ago
Twenty-Four: Little Goats bring Trouble ago
Twenty-Five: Croliohip, the Oddity of Nature ago
Twenty-Six: Forest Hunt ago
Twenty-seven: The Forest Strikes Back ago
Twenty-Eight: Cleanse it with Fire! ago
Twenty-nine: Luck is also a part of strength! ago
Thrity: Barbeque and Second Thoughts ago
Thirty-one: Village People ago
Thrity-two: Reverend Monk ago
Thirty-Three: A gift for his beloved daughter! ago
Thirty-Four: Destroying the Evidence ago
Thirty-Five: Retreat ago
Thirty-Six: Regret and Happiness ago
Thirty-Seven: The Cave ago
Thirty-Eight: The rage of the Devil Master! ago
Thirty-Nine: Disgusting Mushrooms ago
Forty: The Big Boooom! ago
Forty-One: A new toy! ago
Forty-Two: Dark Elven ago
Forty-Three: A nice chat ago
Forty-Four: Buushan ago
Forty-Five: Men eat flesh ago
Forty-Six: Commoners are important too ago
Forty-Seven: Going to the auction ago
Forty-Eight: Cry me a river ago
Forty-Nine: Melting some door-handles ago
Fifty: What A hot day it is! ago
Fifty-One: Eyebrows like sabers! ago
Fifty-Two: A small favour ago
Fifty-Three: A deal with the devil ago
Fifty-Four: The mad goat ago
Fifty-Five: Bodybuilding with vannila-pudding ago
Fifty-Six: Memory-Rune ago
Fifty-Seven: A nice stroll through the forest ago
Fifty-Eight: And it burns burns burns... ago
Fifty-Nine: The lonely king ago
Sixty: A heart of gold ago
Sixty-One: Forceful revelations ago
Sixty-Two: Beach Party ago
Sixty-Three: Beach Party 2 ago
Sixty-Four: Beach Party 3 ago
Sixty-five: Beach Party 4 ago
Sixty-Six: Showdown at the Beach party ago
Sixty-Seven: Landowner! ago
Sixty-Eight: The Serpent attacks the Bison from behind! ago
Sixty-Nine: Crumble to Dust ago
Seventy: Trouble comes in Three ago

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Ill keep it nice and short to support the writer but also give him a little criticism. The story has great new op fire mage setup, love the idea of him being a living flame but I find that his nature doesn't seem to be rly effecting the story that much yet. I hope you will make the main character more fire-like making him even more like the perfect fire mage (in my opinion)

The grammar and style needs some work, I understand the writer is german and that that makes it hard to express his intentions clearly. its understandable but needs work and maybe a bunch of proofreaders. Its FAR from the worst ive seen but its definetly not good.

Great story, hope you are able to improve it!

shadow turtle yinyang
  • Overall Score

you managed to make the most cliche and boring element new and exciting good job

  • Overall Score
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Decent, but MC is a fool

MC is a fool who goes around killing everything he can(without even one thought about meeting something strong enough to one shot him) and stealing everything without any consequences. His dick thinking when looking at pretty woman aside. He doesn't really think much aside from edgy 'burn the world' because he has some power, he was supposed to be some space pirate yet he thinks like a kid, he even mocks that world people how they would act if some space ship appeared they would start praying to it like a fool, yet he doesn't even know melting temp of iron and goes about how his knowledge is right. I read up to 37 and I am sure he would meet someone who would just kill him instantly for being annoying, if not for plot armor his author probably gives him.


Author himself is making mistakes and describing abilities/other things one way yet using them another.

  • Overall Score

the dead ghost lady pissed me off too much

look above. I read until chapter 25. The Mc is too childish and idiotic for my liking. He was supposed to be a Badass Space Pirate that didnt broke even under cruel Torture yet he behaves like a foolish 13 Year Old that cant speak to his Crush. In my opinion the Author is a bit too much into the Self Insert trope and cant help but write "what would i do in this situation" and acts like that.

it gets a bit better after that so my endvote isnt out yet

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Honnestly decent, needs work but has potential

Having read up to chapter 9, i can honestly say this story is decent.

I wont lie, the grammar and spelling needs work at times but its not consistently problemed it does need work before anything else though.

The main charecter could do with some work and have some clearer motivations for some things. This could easily develop in later chapters as we learn more. 

The stlye is pretty lax and easy to intake but needs alot more "meat" in the form of description amd detail but so far its pretty ok.

Finaly, the story is very clear and has alot of room to grow. It could do with some more "meat" in the form of a more driving plot n stuff but at chapter 9 it seems we could be heading that way


I like the story and its honestly better than some garbage on royal road but it needs some improvement to be really great




  • Overall Score

A decent read, but the autor has a grudge against vegans for some reason.

  • Overall Score

This story has decent content and he makes good abalities for his mc, but the poor grammer and terrible diaolog make this a hard read. The personalities of everyone is very 1-D so there is no one that is interesting. The main goal of the MC is to wonder around, while that is nice it is not very compelling so there really is no plot, just scene one followed by scene two etc. The diaolog needs a lot of work, none of the conversations flow properally and the content is very cliche. The lack of grammer doesn't help, elven is used for both past present and future tense as well as plural and singluar, possisive and objective so whenenver someone uses the word elven they are never using it correctly. Elvish, elf, elves, elven.

I got to chapter 53 because I was able to read it non-stop, but trying to get through 54 after waiting for the release, I just couldn't do it.


Good luck author, I hope you improve but your story is not my cup of tea.

  • Overall Score

Did read all the way to latest chapter (14) and its really good so far

Chapters have a decent lenght

Its quite easy to read although some mistakes in grammar, but who cares much with a great story.

  • Overall Score

It is a realy good story doesn't fall to many cliches 



  • Overall Score

Amazing novel up to chap 47

This is one of those novels that I look foward to reading, Keep up the good work. Only complaint would be that there isint enough :)