Tim the Engineer

by TZI

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Strategy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Summoned against his will to a world of swords and magic, an engineering student struggles to find a way home under the shadow of a world devouring threat. 




5/13/19: Revisions to several chapters for clarity, grammar, and style. 

4/29/19: A short side story and artwork has been added to the blog.

4/8/19: A Side Story has been updated on my new blog (every writer is required to have one).





“The summoning scenarios are broken down into groups of ten.” Emi Ito stated.

“Don’t, don’t you dare say another word.” Muttered Genzo Uchida. His eyes had turned bloodshot and his hands shook with rage.

“The first thirty…”

“Shut up!” Genzo bellowed “How dare you help these disrespectful gaijin?” Flecks of spit and madness flew from his face, his fist raised ready to strike. But Emi did not flinch, instead she was about ready to continue when Yuma Takeuchi interrupted her.

“Uchida, please,” her sweet sounding words could melt ice. “I think we will have a better chance of getting home if we all work together.” When she glanced up with her sleepy looking eyes at Genzo Uchida he deflated visibly.

“Were not getting home.” Uchida said coolly. “Group summoning, large, that puts us in the 60 series. No one came to greet us after five minutes of arrival. That leaves scenarios 68 and 69. In scenario 68 there is something that binds the large group together; they are all classmates or a single family. But thanks to the gaijin” he spit out the word “I think we are scenario 69 with no way home.”

Ikko Inoue’s eyes went wide, while Katsukno and Hayata started muttering to themselves. Tim took on a serious look and rubbed his scruffy chin. Emi maintained her stoic expression while trying to find something to refute. McKenzie glanced at Randall and giggled. Randall took the prompting of his teammate and followed up by approaching Genzo. “Uh, so we are in a sixty-nine?”

“Yes.” Replied Genzo with the seriousness of someone who’s life was about to end. McKenzie covered her mouth and snickered.

“You and me, were stuck in a sixty-nine situation?” Randall pushed with a grin.

“Yes, we are all stuck in a sixty-nine scenario together!” Genzo retorted in anger.

McKenzie fell on her butt laughing.

“What the hell is so funny?” Demanded Genzo, whose face had turned red.

“It’s a problem with the automatic translation.” Retorted Tim.

Randall, who seemed unable to quit started in again “So, about this sixty-ni…”

Genzo interrupted Randall with a swift punch to the face. But, because of their height difference it was a bit of an uppercut that left Randall rattled.

Tim and Ikko moved to step in between the two, but Genzo showed no further hostility. Instead he just stared at his clenched fist with such intensity it grabbed the attention of the room.

“I unlocked a skill.” He said bluntly.



This is not a light novel, but people who like light novels should enjoy the themes of this book.


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It's solidly OK, but not much better.

Spoiler: Spoiler


The initial premise is pretty good but grammar, style, and character is a bit on the downside.The grammar is mostly small stuff that doesn't detract from the story too much, but the style is very much in your face about  giving a lot of detail and emphasizes the tell part of show don't tell. On top of that, the characters honestly make very little sense in terms of emotional reactions coupled with a couple big plot holes that just make the whole thing kinda ridiculous (and not in a good way).

  • Overall Score

preparing to binge & a note

The description grabbed me !!!
note. the rating is my personal interest in the premise, not the quality of work... yet (I'll edit)

Personal view on first paragraph c1