The Oscillation

by Scott Edwards

Original ONGOING Action Drama Psychological Dungeon Female Lead GameLit Low Fantasy Magic Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Mythos Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Slice of Life Super Heroes Supernatural Urban Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

It was an average day in Miami—then fractures in the sky appeared.  A pulse from those cracks altered the population; some people's biology changed while others received magical and supernatural powers.  After the chaos, the political drama ensued, followed by the discovery of portals that brought deadly creatures.  They called this event "The Oscillation" and it changed Rachel's life forever.

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Scott Edwards

Scott Edwards


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
B1 — 0. The Oscillation ago
B1 — 1. Chaos ago
B1 — 2. Stabilizing ago
B1 — 3. Scarlet ago
B1 — 4. Ethics ago
B1 — 5. Rare Breed ago
B1 — 6. Born To Fight ago
B1 — 7. Changed ago
B1 — 8. Initial Preparation ago
B1 — 9. Experimentation ago
B1 — S1. Terror ago
B1 — 10. Never Good Enough ago
B1 — 11. Cold Intent ago
B1 — 12. Let's Go! ago
B1 — 13. Tainted ago
B1 — S2. Haunted ago
B1 — 14. Bonding ago
B1 — 15. Grave Sealed ago
B1 — 16. Inner Fear ago
B1 — F1. The Struggle Is Real ago
B1 — F2. Persevere ago
B1 — 17. We're Not Heroes ago
B1 — 18. Overconfident ago
B1 — 19. Prep-Game ago
B1 — 20. Killer Instinct ago
B1 — 21. Legends Exist ago
B1 — 22. Myth vs. Legend ago
FAQ 1 ago
B1 — 23. Retreat ago
B1 — 24. Welcome ago
B1 — 25. Split ago
B1 — 26. Warpath ago
B1 — 27. Relica ago
B1 — 28. The System ago
B1 — 29. Unexpected Outcome ago
B1 — 30. Conclusion ago
B2 — 01. Overwatch ago
B2 — 2. The Rabbit Hole ago
B2 — 3. Strategic Mind ago
B2 — 4. Emotional Wedge ago
B2 — 5. General Dallas ago
B2 — 6. A General's Prediction ago
B2 — 7. Royal Flush ago
B2 — 8. Dark Secrets ago
B2 — 9. Rampant Thoughts ago
B2 — 10. Challenge ago
B2 — 11. Miracles of the Immaculate ago
B2 — 13. The Ugly Truth ago

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l nimbus
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Great, but has several flaws.

 I'm fond of the Earth-gets-powers sub-genre. So much that I've written my own story for it and read many of the current ones. Still, I hadn't picked up The Oscillation until recently. I have mixed feelings on the story. On one hand, it started out very well, and continued to be a good read. On the other, it has flaws that I feel have to be pointed out.

 Oh, nothing fatal, and some people might not even call them flaws, but to me, they are. This is still your story, and as such, you can write what you like. I just day my piece and move on. Do note, however, that this is how established and genuine advice and critique.

 Now, with that out of the way, I still have to say, that, for the most part, I enjoyed the story. It had a good, solid premise, well done execution and good continuation. Despite me feeling a bit impatient with the pacing at critical times, I still read on.


 Now, we've seen this one before. Different execution and different interpretations, sure, but the Earth-gets-powers thing has been a lot. Not overused, like some other genres, but still out there. So, I was pleasantly surprised when The Oscillation managed to handle it nicely. The world governments didn't collapse or were portrayed as freaking incompetent, which was nice. The actual event and it's after-affects were well detailed and thought out. Minus some brainfarts on some wanna be villians parts, it was largely believable.

 Now, while not obvious early on, the story felt a bit slow to me as it progressed. As I stated with The Wandering Inn, I don't terribly mind slow stories, even enjoy them when done right. However, I wasn't sufficiently invested in the characters to bring myself to fully enjoy it.

 That said, the slow pacing later on doesn't ruin the story or anything, just might shy some readers away. With that out of the way, the actual power sytem was nice, as was it's method of giving information. I have some questions I'll raise later on in a Critique section.

 The actual story is enjoyable, although insert side chapters can be jarring at times.


 Good actually. It was very nice early on, but, as I said, it's becoming a tad on the slow side as of late. Your prose is good, but, one question. Is oscillation a common word? I didn't know it until seeing it in the story, but every character seems to describe the feeling they got as oscillating.

 If there's one thing I want to suggest, it's that you put more into actual descriptions. Insofar, I haven't been able to really picture where the scenes are taking place.

 All good and well. Moving on.


 Again, very good cast. Not the best, but still solid. I, again, have some things to bring up, but that's later on as well. That aside, the cast was good and varied. They had distinct feels, but those would been together at times. One thing I did like, was how their mindsets changed over time because of their changes. That was a nice touch, and well played out.

 You also didn't fall into familiar traps that many see when having an Asian protagonist, so kudos on that. While the main character ters are well done and goodly fleshed out, some of the side characters are see-and-forget. These are a mixed bag. Some, like the doctors, are well done, but others have no lasting impact or memorability.

 My suggestion would be to flesh them out further, give them little visual quirks and habits. Make things that just stick with the reader. I read a story, years ago. I've since forgotten almost all of it, couldn't even tell you the premise. What I do remember very clearly, is a side character. Just a one-paragraph merchant, but I still remember him because of the quirk the author gave them.

 Try that.


 Okay, let's get this out of the way. This section is by and large, my own personal opinion, so take it with a spoonful of salt. I may sound harsh, cutting even, but I'll try not to be a complete asshole. This is all the things that made me slightly lose enjoyment in The Oscillation, and if fixed, could help make this a far better story. Most of it has to do with character and story reasons, so do bear that in mind. With that said, let's get this on with. Mild spoilers ahead.

 • Underplaying the military: Now, this isn't meant in general, as, in this story, the military is actually competent and fairly depicted, up to a point. However, I find it EXTREMELY hard to believe that a bunch of gangsters, new abilities or not, could subdue, not kill, subdue, no less that 13 SEAL team members. I suggest you do some research into SEAL training and tactics. First, from what I've seen, their teams aren't 13 men large. They don't rely on their weapons as much as, say, recon, knowledge and satellite support to give them minute to minute updates. They specialize in stealth, firepower and knowledge. So, a bunch of gangsters with no training at all, but random powers, can overpower and subdue them? I find that hard to believe.

 • The gangsters: What I do find hard to believe as well is the gangsters themselves. I'm sorry, but how exactly does random-ass gangster 1&2 kill thirthy and fourty-nine people APIECE. Two random grunts, each killing enough people to warrant FBI and Army hunts. What? Killing ONE person is a big deal, a very big deal, but thirthy-fourty? The fig did they do, Machine-gun a supermarket apiece? I find this, well, not believable at all.

 • Language: Okay, another peeve. I get you want bad guys. But they just piss me off. Why, exactly, did you write each and every one of them, from the grunts to the leader, to be spouting the words 'shit', 'fuck', and any combination thereof in almsot every sentence they speak?

 • Piling it on: Okay this is another thing. Tonme, your not making these gangsters hateable villians, your just piling on crimes for the sake of piling on crimes. That's exactly what it comes off as. Things like rape and murder should be taken very seriously, but here, you just pile them on to give characters more justification for their actions.

 • Mythickin: Now, I don't have a problem with the idea, concept and execution on Mythickin. Hell, I think it sounds like a wonderful idea. What o do have a problem or two with is the general execution. You mentioned that, across the entire world, only fifty-two Mytickin had been discovered. Yet, across the course of the story, FOUR of them are in Miami, and all Four are female. This is really stretching it.

 • The main cast: For that matter, this as well. Why are there almost no male characters in the main cast? Not the side characters, but the main. So far, we have an all female cast. While I normally don't have a problem with that, there's just something about this that bugs me.

 • Pacing in action scenes: I'll be blunt. To me, action scenes are supposed to be fast, intense and suspenseful. All of that is ruined when a character stops and does and entire page of pondering right in the middle of an action scene instead of getting shit done and their thinking afterwards.

 • Again, military: So, if everyone in the worlds, or a good portion of them, gets powers, why has no one in the police or army have any that we've seen this far. If a bunch of untrained gangstas can seize and hold Miami Beach against the US Army for no apparent reason, what could a trained, experienced, dsiciplined soldier do with the same powers? This, like almsot all Earth-gets-powers fics I've seen, doesn't answer that question.

 There are a slew of other, minor things, but I won't bring them up here. Try to ponder these questions and find legitimate answers for them, if you would.


 The Oscillation was flawed, but not to the point where I couldn't enjoy it. I really liked it starting out, and although that enjoyement decreased over time, with me finding flaws that ate at me, it is still a good story. While I think it's paced a little too slow for me, and too heavily focused on characters instead of plot advancement for me to fully enjoy it, it's one of the better reads on RoyalRoad.

Cheers, L.

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Scott Edward has done it once again

I am a fan Scott's two previous novels ,and it seems I will be enjoying this novel too. I have only read 4 chapter so far ,and will update this review later, but the character development and story has been very well done and a very interesting read so far. I look forward to seeing where this novel's story will go.

  • Overall Score

Gave me a fetish and I can't complain.

Now lets all be real for a second, I never had sexual fantasies about a bunny until this novel, so for those with sensitive sensibilities I definitely don't recommend this book. 

You will quickly become addicted as this subtle LitRPG baby worms its way into your brain and forces all previous fetishes to kneel before the mighty form of the long eared babes.

If you have no problems and perhaps want to chance developing other fetishes that may be present in this heavenly gift, then be my guest!

Jokes aside this is a really good novel so stop fucking combing through the reviews for a reason not to read it you lazy cunts.

Alexandre Lallemant
  • Overall Score

A very promising story, well thought and the author is constantly adding background by writing side-story chapters on the other main characters. The LitRPG system isn't overwhelming at all and is included in the discussions, progressing smoothly. So far the main plot is the only one but with multiple main characters it's very possible and likely that the author will introduce sub plots to further develop the story. I recommend you to at least give it a try, the chapters are pleasant to read I think it's worth giving time.

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TL;DR: Author is constructing girl supermonster "idol" group with subdued light novel tropes in western settings and almost nonexistent system on a really slow burner. The villains are so villainous they'd give doctor mengele a creepy vibe and even though it has some dark passages it is mostly on the upbeat side of slightly shonen-ish development. Five stars for excellent plot.

P.S.: No stinking background conspiracy of godlike entities present! Big plus.


UPDATE II: Ok, so after a message from the author I was informed that this novel is going for slow paced arc II and then maybe more in book III. I was not expecting that and the jump from action packed movie violence to exposition heavy  dialog arc is boring me a bit. Probably gonna pick this up again after there is more to read so I can breeze through the stuff that is not that interesting to me and satisfy my urges on some succulent girl on monster action (fights). 

Started reading this story on a train and binged the whole thing in an afternoon (35ish chapters?). This review is gonna be me having some petty niggles in otherwise perfectly flowing well executed story with characters I'd like to fall in love with.

It is the standard trope of system apocalypse, but with a system that is practically nonexistent without any blue tables and everybody has to dicover it slowly on their own to realize it's even there. What's more it has a supermonster-ish twist (like superheroes, but instead supermonsters).

The MC(s) (there is MC and multiple sub-MCs) are very well done. The main character is a korean girl with martial arts background, but do not think about the standard asian protagonist tropes.

The tropes are there, but are extremely subdued and the mythology is taken from all over. The author seems to go for diverse girl group as all of the sub MCs are women too, not to mention the large cultural and racial spread.

The characters are not clueless goody two shoes always do good superheroes but have complex motivations and goals and we get to watch all of them.Sometimes from several POVs that repeat the events.

The repetition could have probably be reduced a bit, but is not exactly detrimental. It is usually there to explain and elaborate on a subplot, since the author has a tendency to make multiple thinks happen all at once and influence each other.

I'd like to have authors ability to write dialogues. Oherwise it's the mature look at system apocalypse that is not grimdark, but has a dark tone. That said, it is not a depressing read at all, since there is enough upbeat stuff happening.

I'd say it is the look at a group of slightly OP main characters and really evil villains, their backgrounds  and motivations on a really slow burner. It has been four hundred pages and we know pretty much frack all about the system. And the villains are literally child molesting cannibalistic hostage takers terrorists, which is a little bit over the top.

I'd say all of those things are so minor and the story is well enough executed that it only counts as petty niggles. 

  • Overall Score

short but so far amazingly laidout, things are well descibed and events (mostly) happen understandably. absolutly cannot wait for more!

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more please! ^_^ more please! ^_^ more please! ^_^ more please! ^_^ more please! ^_^

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You know the drill. Japanese anime style; cute girls with funny hair colour, fluffy ears, tails and strange eyes. It's all here.


This review is valid a of chapter fourteen.


Now when you're familiar with the setting it's time to mention some minor deviations from the script. Like how this isn't an isekai at all. The game enveloped Earth, literally. Add that the story is set in the US, which in most anime involving military power is the big enemy.


There are similarities as well. The US military is depicted in just as positive a light as the JSDF in most anime. The characters really do have access to something akin to a gaming interface to see their abilities.


With this mixup of different genres you have a very subdued litRPG going in the superhero direction rather than the isekai Japanese counterpart. There's something distinctly different when it comes to atmosphere. These girls aren't cute, their surroundings aren't cute, and even the supporting cast explicitly inserted by the author to be Japanese style airheaded cute fail at truly being so.


The closest I can think of, given how this story tries to cater to a number of anime tropes, is Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka, which most definitely isn't cute at all, even though there's no litRPG in it.


The entire story as far as it's published now has barely left the beginning. It starts with a global event turning a small minority of the population into humanoids with magical powers and an interface to access said powers. While that interface definitely is there it's toned down to the level where I'm wary of calling this a litRPG at all. It's a little like calling a story military fantasy because the main characters ride with a column of troops a few times in the story.


Only a couple of days pass during the first fourteen chapters, which means the main cast has barely begun to know each other. It's bound to create problems in the departement of suspension of disbelief since I suspect the story has reached the point where it's time to have peple who really don't know each other start taking really huge personal risks to protect strangers.


I can't see any reason why the buildup couldn't stretch over a couple of weeks, something that would have explained the characters bonding with each other.


The story is written in third person limited point of view and in the past tense. With the exception of a couple of backstory flashbacks we only follow one character. Those flashbacks, however, follow another. I'm a little unclear as to what they add to the story more than making the reader feel sorry for one character.


Now for the stars.


Style: Four and a half stars. Solid, but the two flashbacks should have gone.


Story: Four and a half stars. Superb taletelling handy craft, but it's too crammed in time to make believe. Hence I won't hand out a perfect score.


Grammar: Five stars. And it's five stars disregarding my usual adding half a star for poor standards on this site.


Character: Five stars. The event where I would yank half a star has yet to occur. As of now they're superbly depicted. Another two or three chapers down the line and I suspect they'll be acting way out of character in order to follow the plot.


All in all we have a five star story that I'm a little afraid is soon going south in the believability departement.

  • Overall Score

A professional work.

This is an amazing story. It is obvious that the writer put a lot of work into building his world and characters. If you notice, there are hints and foreshadowing in many chapters. Can’t wait to see more.

  • Overall Score

This is great. I will definitely check out your other works as well. 


I can’t really judge how annoying the Spanish phrases are since I understand them all but I can imagine how annoying it would be to constantly read some Russian, Japanese or African.


From time to time is ok I guess but maybe try to tone it down a tad in the future, or just write something like :


after another in length cursing in her motherlanguage.../ muttering in spanish as always.../Maria shouted smth I was pretty sure meant (....), with all her annoying yelling and cursing I might end up learning Spanish at this rate. / why did she even bother yelling In Spanish all the time, i thought, she knows exactly we don’t  have a clue what she’s on about/ by now I just muted out all her Spanish gibberish/listening to maria all the time made me think I really should learn More languages, might come in handy one day with these ears, on the other hand maybe there were more pressing matters, end of the old world etc...../....


Just try to circumvent spelling out what she says every time. For people who have to read more than just one or two curses at once, and instead multiple phrases one after another it’s just dead, hollow text since they have no idea what’s going on. In movies this works better because you have facial expression and a graphic situation/scene. In books not so much. 


Not sure how much time your clean version takes away from you, but if it’s any more than just a minimal amount I would recommend to finish the mainwork for now and work on the clean version then. Almost all views are concentrated in here so just focus on this. Posting your clean version after this also has the benefit of appearing on the update list for a longer time, which should draw in more potential readers.