Camelot Resurgent

by GalenWolf

Original HIATUS Action Fantasy Dungeon GameLit LitRPG Low Fantasy Slice of Life Virtual Reality

LitRPG Arthurian Fantasy Book 4

Sir Gorrow of the Bloody Field, Knight of the Round Table, continues his adventures. Now he has discovered the secret of Vorpal Weapons he needs to go and aid King Arthur who is besieged by the evil Satanus in his fortress of Caer. If Caer falls then the whole realm of Logres will go under the heel of the wicked Satanus.

But things aren't as easy as he would like them. Gorrow has to set out from the hidden dungeon with his friends Tye the fire mage, Bernard the alchemist and Saint Fitheach. They cross the occupied territory of Logres encountering such weird and wonderful players as Robin Hood and his Merry Men, the Pendle Witches and Ned Ludd and the Hawklords.


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