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Set within the world of Corruption of Champions 2, TRONARII takes place within the country of Tronarii and follows the adventures of Cossus. A dusk elf street-urchin, Cossus' fate changes when one of the most famous upcoming mercenaries in the land picks him to become a member of the Vongeist Vanguard - a posse of mercenaries led by Leofric Vongeist. Follow his journey from an underfed thief to a full-fledged mercenary and beyond in the pursuit of a true life. Whether fighting to secure not only the bronze necessary to maintain status but to find a meaning in the world, Cossus will seek out the future that was denied to him.

TRONARII is written as an unofficial sidestory/prequel to the setting of Corruption of Champions 2 and features guest appearances and setting assets from the game that are created by myself. There will be occasional chapters that feature artwork and/or slices of written codices that explain and give a background on races; particularly so if people request it enough. I will be trying to maintain these as necessarily as possible to avoid any potential breaks in the storytelling.

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