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I can't believe I'm actually doing this, but you asked for it, so here it is: from now on, people who support The Simulacrum with $5+ on Patreon will receive chapters one week early. I will try to come up with some other benefits for the different tiers, but between work and health issues, that's all I can do for now. This announcement will be removed on the 22nd, when the next chapter will come out on schedule.

That's all. Now please excuse me as I continue to scream into this pillow as I feel my principles crumbling. Cheers!


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BigBadPeperoni @BigBadPeperoni ago

At least you acknowedge that you are selling out.

MDW @MDW ago

You should put this up in the pre-chapter note when you remove the notice. And asking for patreon support is the standard these days. It is not a matter of principle, tons of authors do early access (heck, I know of one that has 50 chapters on early access for patreons) and you are not coercing anyone into joining. People can still not go to patreon and wait for the chapter just fine.

    Lokumi @Lokumi ago

    I agree.

    I find it weird, it's not the first author that I see who seems reluctant to create a patreon, I mean, I don't see a problems with trying to get money...

      MDW @MDW ago

      I can understand the feeling, that is why I said it was the "standard these days". Art for the sake of art. When you mix some other kind of reward with the art, it inevitably becomes tainted. How much should an amateur be paid before they are no long an amateur? It is a matter of feeling versus utility.

0nLin3 @0nLin3 ago

You can make bonus chapters that shows previous events from different character's perspectives as a tier benefit.

    Magicgearhulk @Magicgearhulk ago

    Nooo!!! hissss... extra chapters that everyone gets eventually are okay, but bonus chapters from another perspective that casual readers never get to access is wrong, especially on a site like this where people who work on a very tight budget (me) read, having patrons that get access to exclusive can easily drive away casual readers.

Zombie Unicorne @Zombie Unicorne ago

Good for you! 900+ pages of content is more than generous and I've seen stories that don't even come close in content and they have a patrion for the rest half of the story.

Erehr @Erehr ago

Any plans for Amazon release of volume 1?

    Azcheron @Azcheron ago

    While the work is professional enough for it, I kinda hope he doesn't go for that amazon unlimited deal.

    Nothing is more frustrating than looking for stories, seeing something with great ratings and reviews only to find it's 1 page long with a link to amazon...

      Erehr @Erehr ago

      Why not both? Dao of Magic for example is on both Amazon and RR/volarenovels with note that's it's the same edited version. I read it free then bought it anyway to put on Kindle.

Oninomad @Oninomad ago

Rewarding those that reward you isn't wrong.

    cjk33 @cjk33 ago

    Agreed. Author you trying to make money from your hard work is ok. But if you did what EA and co, are doing then that would be bad. (may hell have pity on them😈)

Has3o @Has3o ago

I don't think what you're doing is a bad thing, nor that you should feel bad regarding your principles for doing it. If you were locking people out entirely I would probably be miffed, but allowing the folks who help financially support you early access, as a benefit of doing so, I think is a more than fair way to offer rewards while also not snubbing your free-to-read fans. Thanks for keep us readers in the loop.

I look forward to the continuation of your story and I hope your health improves.

MayContainYuri @MayContainYuri ago

Nah, that's totally fine. 5 dollars is a bit much for me personally, but that's just because I'm a poor student.

The Storylord @The Storylord ago

Good for you! Sad that it appears the releases will be bi-monthly, but at least you're still writing and getting support!