It was a dark room. Except it wasn’t dark. Nor was it really a room. I had no words for what it was though, so it was a dark room.

In the dark room, there were four presences. They were familiar. The Boy, the Man, the Woman, and the Girl.

“It was an unexpected ending,” The Boy spoke, his reserved voice soft and melodious.

“I didn’t see it coming either,” The Man agreed reluctantly, as if holding the same opinion was somehow distasteful for him.

“Isn’t that why this is so much fun?” The Girl chimed in with a voice reminiscent of birdsong. “Since they are free to act, you can never predict what they will do for sure!”

“True,” The Boy agreed. “What was the original plan again? The demon girl was supposed to die, wasn’t she?”

“That was the first draft,” The Man grunted. “And she is not a demon, she is an Abyssal.”

“Insistent on terminology as always,” Came the playful rebuke from the soft voice of the Woman. “Nice work ladies and gentlemen.”

I stared at the Woman. She was… was it even a ‘she’? I presumed she was female because of the voice, but when I looked at her, I saw nothing. Well, no. It wasn’t nothing. It was vast oceans of ruby under olive skies. She was immeasurable and inscrutable… but at the same time, she felt small and feminine and… familiar? Did I know her? Did I ever make acquaintances with ruby oceans?

“I have to say,” She spoke again, her voice full of mirth after a job well done; “I have to say that it never occurred to me to have more than one free actors at the same time. Whose idea was that anyways? It was brilliant.”

The other three exchanged confused glances, or what equaled as glances between timeless black barren moons and deserts stirred by glowing sulfuric winds under eternally dark skies.

“Wasn’t that your doing?” The Boy asked uncertainly.

“No, I thought it was one of you. Specifically, I thought it was you, ********”

There were words spoken, except they weren’t words. They were images, dreams of endless clouds raining molten silicon while majestic orbital rings turned and turned without end above them. Trying to ‘listen’ too closely made my… something hurt. I wanted to say ‘head’, but I wasn’t sure where that was.

In the meantime, the Girl shook her head. Strange. She had one. Shouldn’t I have one too?

“So it really wasn’t any of you?”

“No! I tell you, we didn’t add another actor!” The Man exclaimed.

After his voice died down there was a brief moment of deafeningly loud silence before the dark room exploded into activity.

“It’s him!” The Woman yelled. “It has to be him! Quick, check the records!”

“But how! We didn’t pick up anything!” The Boy complained with a voice on the edge of tears.

“It’s not his style either,” The Girl mused with a mischievous tone. “He was never the type that would go around all subtle and sneaky.”

“Yeah,” The Boy agreed, “I was looking out for burning pigs falling from the skies, so I never thought about…”

“Less talking, more working!” The Woman snapped at the others and they reluctantly began doing… something.

I had a feeling I shouldn’t be staying around, so I left the dark room… except I didn’t. It is hard to explain, but the inside of the dark room was infinite and the outside was infinite too, and moving between one infinite and the other was… it was complicated.

I was moving for a while. I don’t really know how long. I was in another dark room now. Or maybe it was the same. Or maybe I was somewhere else. Or some other time. Either way, this new dark room, which was neither new, nor dark, nor a room, felt strangely comforting. I decided to stay there for the time being. Somehow I felt I deserved a break.

Why did I deserve a break again? Oh, right… I was injured. Suddenly the memories rushed back into my head, and they came with confusion, regret and self-derision. Hindsight made all my stupid decisions show up on the canvas of my memories like they were highlighted with fluorescent markers.

First and foremost, the barrier. I came to the conclusion that I could circumvent it using the roof and I never looked for alternatives even after it became obvious it was not a viable option.

Amelia was a geomancer. She could have easily tunneled under the barrier and let us through without a problem. Her magic could have also shifted the ground on which the glyphs were placed and disturb the barrier that way. I even told her to do that later. It was really easy to do once I pinpointed the anchors.

Then there was Angeline. She could fly. I could have sent her in to scout out the area and she could have immediately discovered the fact that the roof was warded. Furthermore, she could have carried us over the barrier one by one by flying over it. It would have taken a while and she would have been exhausted by it, but that way we could have had the element of surprise.

Moreover, while the windows were indeed warded, the walls weren’t. The golem or Eleanor could have easily broken through one and created a new opening in the barrier for us. Or on the roof, they could have destroyed part of the building itself to crumble the fence-posts and break the wards that way.

Speaking of the fence-posts, technically they didn’t even need to wait for me to get the Chimera there. They could have grabbed a Faun and used him as a battering ram. Speaking of which, why did I even bother with trying to kill the Chimera? It was a threat, but my goal was to rescue Josh and Snowy. I could have just Blinked to the roof at my earliest convenience and saved a lot of time. Maybe I would have even recognized some of the aforementioned mistakes and rectified them. But no. It was more important to douse the monster in acid, and so now I was… now I was…

What happened to me? Why was I here again? I couldn’t remember. Did I die? I don’t think so. I would have remembered if I died. I tried to close my eyes in order to think, but then I wondered why I couldn’t find them. I found something else though. A red dot. A familiar red dot. I slowly reached out towards it, and before I knew it, I was sucked through another infinite space.

I was looking down from the ceiling of a room. It was a familiar room. It was my room. It had familiar people in it. There was Judy, sitting on a chair by the window, and there was Eleanor, sitting on the floor by the bed, and on the bed. … I was on the bed. I was sleeping. Ah. So that’s where my head was.

Still, sleeping. That sounded nice. I tried closing my eyes again, and this time it worked. Or maybe it didn’t. I was back in the not new not dark not room. Then, I slept anyway. Not for long though. Just a little. A nap, if you will. I would soon become me again, the me in that bed, but for now I was tired. I deserved some sleep every once in a while.

So I dreamed. I dreamed of oceans of ruby. I dreamed of barren moons. I dreamed of glowing winds. I dreamed of molten rain. And finally, I dreamed of vast, immortal red suns. And then I woke up. But that is another story altogether…

A note from Egathentale

Well, that's all for now guys. As I said a couple of times in the comments, now that the already written first volume is over, I will tone the release rate back to a more plausible pace. Expect a little appendix chapter on the weekend, then I will see you with the second volume sometime next week. Cheers. Very Happy

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Black1Knight @Black1Knight ago

Thanks for the story so far. I have to say that I love this story and its characters, can't wait for more!

craxuan @craxuan ago

The moans of despair begins.

madmanthan21 @madmanthan21 ago

Nice! really enjoyed the ending and the epilouge.

Beyogi @Beyogi ago

Really great story so far. Randomly found this on "popular this week" and pretty much binged it.

I guess the MC hacked himself into the simulation, but somehow lost his memories in the process. That's why he has powers that violate the laws of the simulation. But the simulation has its own powers/magic. So everyone thinks he's doing some strange magic.

    Spicyice101 @Spicyice101 ago

    I honestly think he’s supposed to be a knight, but can’t remember it because of amnisia. If you remember they talked about physic knights earlier, and the ability’s he’s expressed seems to line up with an anti mage psychic.

      Misery's End @Misery's End ago

      From the epilogue, I'm gathering the MC is the Immortal Red Suns he speaks about last, he is also the one the four (Ruby Seas, Barren Moons, Glowing Winds, and Molten Rains) were talking about here and in the prologue. My current assumption The Immortal Red Suns was some kind of extremely powerful individual, so should be happy there was no rain of flaming bacon to disrupt the narrative. xD!


      As for his mortal character, we only have two factions that are not represented, the Knights and the Nerds. While there is always the possibility that Josh is a descendent of knights, I think it would be more fitting for his best friend Leo to have been assigned as his Knight Protector. That just leaves the fat otaku to be the last of the representatives for the Nerds. That is, if he doesnt turn out to be a lark while Judy gets slipped in as an undercover Nerd officer...

      Yoduda @Yoduda ago

      I could totally see Judd bot ending up being a significant name. After all, she is good with archives.

playr543 @playr543 ago

Thanks for everything so far! I love it!

somedumbusername @somedumbusername ago

Perfect finish! And now we play the waiting game :)

Nova @Nova ago

Thank you for the story so far! It has been very entertaining.

Wille1412 @Wille1412 ago

So, guys, I know that I'm in the Judy faction, but, i just realised(even though it's quite obvious), again, that this is a harem comedy. So, why can't Leo just take both Judy AND Ellie?

Now, I don't really care about Snowy, wheather she ends up with Leo or Josh. But Josh can definitely have both Angie and Class rep.

    Bloody Healer @Bloody Healer ago

    Because harems in real life don't work too well. Can you imagine sharing a spouse with someone else and settling for second best?

      Wille1412 @Wille1412 ago

      Well, I can't, but that's because we have had this system for like a thousand years(I have no actual clue). And the only harems that have existed were in times where most people were opressed etc.

      I really don't see why monogamy HAS to be the way, even if I cant wrap my head fully around it.

      Bloody Healer @Bloody Healer ago

      Well typically for a harem to work, there needs to be a power imbalance. And the even for the mc to get a harem, it will take a while for both girls to come to terms with a harem.

      The Storylord @The Storylord ago

      In this case, it would be the girls that would have the advantage over Leo, probably agreeing to 'share' him without his consent, and Josh... well he is literally the Chosen One. Based on what we know of the rules that govern his world, it's entirely plausible that he is meant to get all of the gorls in the end.

      Yoduda @Yoduda ago

      I don't know, one of them was meant to die.

      Edit:Lmao I've seen it double post before, but never triple.

      StavTri @StavTri ago

      To the harem thing, polygamy has also been around for a long time, in saudi arabia's area's history, it's been documented; as was monogomy. But like The Storylord said, it would have to be the girls that decide to share without his consent for a harem to work... and still there would be problems later on if the harem started to have children. So in sence, monogamy/ Leo would have to choose only one of them.

      Yoduda @Yoduda ago

      Unfortunately there's no tradgedy tag on this work, but on the brightside, there'sn't a harem one.

      tzeneth @tzeneth ago

      In some cases it does. Look up polyamorous relationships. They also tend to be more successful when they form in the US (although they’re much rarer due to the systems in lace being against it as well as socially bent towards monogamy) due to the fact that those relationships tend to communicate a lot more on average. Communication is key to relationships, especially the romantic kind.

    Jiecut @Jiecut ago

    Because he's too dense currently.

Bloody Healer @Bloody Healer ago

Yes! Please don't scare me with epilogue chapters. I always start to panic because I'm not sure if this is a epilogue or the epilogue.