“Good night, chief.”

“Sleep well. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

There was a sleepy grunt of agreement on the other side and my assistant ended the call. I removed the phone from my ear and checked the call time. We talked for nearly two hours. It was almost midnight. I exhaled in a flat sigh before I put my phone down. I still didn’t need any sleep, so it didn’t really matter to me how long we talked, but one of these days I really needed to learn how to send her to sleep a bit earlier. Staying up so late couldn’t be good for her health.

The fact that it was midnight also reminded me of something else as I walked over to the calendar hanging on the living room wall. I gazed at it a little before I reached out and tore off the front leaf.

“It’s already October…” I mumbled to no one in particular as I entered the kitchen and opened the fridge to get my customary midnight snack. It was stocked full with fresh essentials, testament of the dedication of the invisible ninja maids that still maintained my household when I wasn’t around… Well, at least I liked to imagine they were ninja maids, for lack of better explanation.

Anyways, when I opened it up my eyes were caught by a small lunch-box on the bottom tray. It took me a second to recognize it, but then I remembered that the last time Judy was over for one of our brainstorming sessions she made a couple of sandwiches for us. By the way, I still didn’t understand why she was so fixated on sandwiches. I had seen her in the kitchen and I knew she could cook (well, she could certainly cook better than me at the very least), but whenever I asked about it she changed the subject.

But back to the point: I took out the lunchbox and opened it up. While the bread of the three sandwiches inside was slightly stale, I decided to eat them anyways. With that decision made I returned to my room and sat down in front of my sparkling new computer.

I just bought it a few days ago, and while it was a bit of an overkill specs wise considering I only used it to browse the web and edit text files, I decided that if I had the money, I might as well use it. I grabbed the mouse and dismissed the classic hyperspace-screensaver. I cracked my fingers, wiggled them over the keyboard and got ready to write up my latest observations and theories, but then I stopped. The reason for that was painfully prosaic: I had nothing. For a few minutes I tried wracking my brain, trying to remember something peculiar or interesting, but I had nothing.

Ever since Snowy joined the group almost exactly three weeks ago, nothing happened. Well, okay, that might have been overstating things a little, but it was still true. While there were tons of small adventures, wacky situations and amusing group activities almost every day, nothing particularly extraordinary happened. No new member for the entourage, no sudden drama from the left field, even Snowy’s prick of a brother didn’t make good on his threats… not that I was really complaining about the last one, but still.

While our days were far from dull, they also became a bit of a routine. Gone were the exciting and dread-filled days of the first week, when everything was new and exciting and scary and ripe for observation and experimentation. What we had instead were fun but ultimately unsubstantial days, just like... well, just like ‘normal’ life.

It wasn’t just my life though. Things have quieted down around Josh as well. After the first day the entourage incorporated Snowy surprisingly easily. While at first there were some sideways glances when she was around, by this point she was as integral a part of the group as either of the other girls, hanging out with us both at school and outside. Just last weekend she even came around for the second Whatesherface the Werewolf Huntress marathon (seasons 2 and some of 3). She was spending most of her time either at my side or at Joshua’s when I was looking, though according to Judy she was getting along with the others whenever I wasn’t around.

The princess was also making strides to accommodate her, though on the other hand she still seemed overly cautious and tried to stick around with me whenever I was talking to Snowy in what she probably considered a casual and no way suspicious manner. Needless to say, it was neither. Oh, and if we were at the princess, she really didn’t seem to get along with Judy, though when I confronted them they both denied the accusation. I had my own suspicions about the source of the friction, but for the time being I decided to play things safe and let sleeping lionesses lie.

So, just to reiterate: My past three weeks weren’t particularly eventful, and while I didn’t really mind it overall, a small part of me at the back of my mind found the situation awfully dull and disappointing.

Unfortunately that wasn’t something worth noting in my research, so I quietly closed the document, cracked my fingers again and decided to spend my time in a less productive but infinitely more fun way: watching children’s cartoons and then overanalyzing them on forums to the point where even the fans of the series would wish me to hell. Hey, don’t look at me like that! Everyone needs a hobby.


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jonfazliu @jonfazliu ago

Thanks for the chapter! And is Showy supposed to be Snowy?

BarriaKarl @BarriaKarl ago

I had my own suspicions about the source of the friction, but for the time I decided to play things safe and let sleeping lionesses lie.

He isnt dense, folks. He just doesnt want to invite trouble upon himself when it is not really needed...

Oninomad @Oninomad ago

Just last weekend she even came around for the second Whatesherface the Werewolf Huntress marathon (seasons 3 and 4)

Season 4 came out already?

oliverwashere @oliverwashere ago


my sparking new computer


but for the time I decided

time being I

Ibskib @Ibskib ago

Hah, he hasn't realised yet that it was Judy he told under his breath to take bigger bites, and that it was the first towards turning Judy into a sapient person rather than an npc.
Or at least I expect that it was Judy considering that the first time he talked with her she was taking huge bites out of her sandwich :-)

I seems a bit weird that he didn't go further with researching the npc side of things, but maybe it can be explained by him being ruled a lot more by the tropes than he realise.

orp @orp ago

the bread of the three sandwiches inside was slightly stale

Just microwave them.

Blackwink @Blackwink ago

Useless chapter. Whole thing could have beeen cut for all I care. Replace it with “time passed”. Or not even that. We the readers could catch on to the new group dynamic fast enough.

Graestra @Graestra ago

Kinda hoping there will be the traditional exam period where everyone is surprised by the MC’s sudden high ranking.

Luke Scheffe @Luke Scheffe ago

Well obviuosly, whoever's in charge decideed to do a quick timeskip and, as everybody knows, nothing interesting ever happens during timeskips.