The odd eternity of John Wright

by DDon Oddman

Original HIATUS Adventure Satire
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Some say that death is the end to what's a short lived life, but they were wrong. Very wrong. It is only the beginning of a fortunate and fulfilling journey, or a miserable eternity in a deep crevice. The odds are stacked against them all, and they can only roll the six-sided dice once in this game. But, that doesn't affect you one bit because the die has already been cast for you. Now, which side will it land on? 

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DDon Oddman

DDon Oddman

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Ace of spades
  • Overall Score

I like this a lot, quite similar to another ove I've read, but it's a bit different in direction. Also like the style a lot. Hope to get more from ya