Chronicles of the last Leïn

by Not_Important

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

This is the story of a child.

One who should be dead, as nothing survives them.

But the child fled and was rescued, through an act that broke prophecies and shattered Truth.

Even though it was only an extended arm.

Now, after excaping true horror, she faces the challenge of the grim reality. She needs to adapt; to survive, but also simply to live.

Even though she was never meant to.

This a world of fantasy. Magic exists, marvelous creatures roam the lands. But in no way is this reality fantastical, magical, or forgiving. It is one ruled by the Imperatrix. It takes place in an Empire that was created on the ashes of the War. And as it is true everywhere, its rules are made by the powerful, the rich and the mindless masses.

[A chapter released every Friday at 17.45 Eastern Daylight Time (23.45 GMT+1)]

(I am an aspiring author working full-time on my passion in the hope of one day being edited in either French or English, as I write in both languages.)

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A not so common discovery.

Reviewed at: Chapter 17

Well, first of all I would like to say I've created this account just to give this review, I've been around this site for a while now, and I've only felt the need to do so now.
Hence the score I give to this story.

Then I would say that I'm not a native english speaker, sorry for any horrors you could find reading this, my bad.

I have spent a lot of time, trying to write my review, and I can't seems to pass the "no spoilers" wall.

So I'll stay succint :

"This story, it's good."
-Dude trust me.

I mean, the story, the universe and the characters, it's all well writen, it's coherent, you don't get kicked out of it because some protagonist give you an empty shell feelings. Nor because suddendly, their alignment shift, like a new D&D player would do to get his ways.

It's the same for the universe. You won't know a lot about it at first, the author give little clue to it trought the story, there shall be a lot of mystery, but so far, no inconsistency.

As for the narration, it's a little bit more delicate, since it's highly dependant on the reader taste, but I'm delighted so far. I'd really like to tell you more about it, but that would be spoilers.

And thus, you might not like this story, but it will only be a matter of taste, rather than quality, all there is left is to give it a go, and judge for yourself.


A well written fantasy story about a girl learning swordplay.  It's quite different from the standard RRL fare and, to me, reads more like what I'd expect from a published book (or perhaps a draft of one, still needing some edits, more on that shortly).  Everything, from the setting, to the characters and their motivations, feels like the author put thought into it, and the chapters are rich without dragging on.

Magic is present but not as ubiquitous as in many stories. I think I'd still call it high fantasy, but not the "everyone can use magic!" variety.

It could use a quick editing pass, but the errors are minor and far enough apart to not be a big issue.  Other than that, this is as good or better than what you'd expect to find published.  And much better than much of what gets into kindle these days.  (Also I feel like most of the errors I noticed were in the earliest chapters, either they got more rare, or I've been too engrossed to notice them)

The characters are solid and seem real enough, and it does a good job weaving together a world without resorting to exposition dumps.  I definitely felt a little lost at first (as often happens with these kind of stories) but I felt settled in for the ride within the first few chapters.

Minor spoilers:

My biggest complaint would probably be that the main character sometimes feels too skilled.  To be fair, that's not just par for the course, it's almost required in this genre.  Fantasy stories about someone who's average aren't usually very interesting.  Moreover, it's not without explanation due to her mysterious background and the maybe-magic-maybe-not thing she uses.  Also she's not skilled at everything - just swordplay.  Overall it's not a big deal, it's just something I noticed, perhaps more because of her age rather than her skill actually being excessive.



This is a powerful well laid out story that easily kept my interest. As mentioned before the lack of filler is noticeable and appreciated. There is unresolved mystery still. I'm writing this as if the book is finished which it feels. There are a few wrong words and some dubious sentences which interrupt the flow a bit but make no mistake: this is an extremly satisfying read.

As an aside, growing 1 foot (the metric amount in brackets breaks the immersion) and umpteen bra sizes in two months or so must have given that poor girl some of the most horrendous stretch marks ever.

Lord Turtle

An Interesting Blend

Reviewed at: Chapter 18

Short Review: Definitely check out the first few chapters and see if you enjoy this.

Overall: A very promising start and a particularly interesting blend of many different story elements that make this a compelling read. Though the world isn't fully revealed to us, I find it a positive as it makes me want to learn more about it and keep reading.


There are great qualities in this book !

Reviewed at: Epilogue

English is not my first language so please, forgive me for my bad style, mistakes, grammar, and so on.

What I like first and foremost in the story, is the world constructed behind the story, and the way the world is built, a lot of things are happening in the back. The story is focused on the main character, but I can feel she is a part of the world and interacts with it. Sometimes, the world is moving and the girl has to move with it, even if she doesn't want to. The story gives elements of informations and scenario gradually. It is good because each given information may be understood on the moment or later. It is like we are children discovering a new world, growing up in it as the main character does.

The characters and the research, the care taken to everything, the documentation and inspirations when needed, all of that felt good to me. My favourite parts were the sword trainings, I liked the roughness of the characters at that moment and it felt real to me.

I could imagine each chapter in my head with ease. In my opinion, there are great qualities in this book.


Characters are Important

Reviewed at: Chapter 26

This is, at this point at least, a character-driven story it's a bit on the slow side with most of its care given to characters.
Nay, our heroine, gets the most attention but this is true for all the cast. The author manages to convey emotions, emotional development, and character growth in an organic manner to the story the reader is never told about feelings or forced to read inner monologues. This is a textbook show instead of telling, the positive kind.
Not important had crafted dynamic ever-evolving characters, this is I dare say brilliant.

Other aspects of the story suffer from this focus, this is not to say they are done badly, simply Not important set a rather high bar for himself with the characters and I wish to see the same from the other parts of the story.
while it is convincing that the world, as we see it through Nay's eyes, is mostly unknown to us, it is a bit frustrating that after more than 20 chapters to have barely a taste.
The plot focuses mostly on "academy" life so we only start seeing glimpses of bigger things afoot, again this is somewhat frustrating but organic to the story.

In summary, very well written work that suffers a bit from its slow pace and focus on characters.

Isa Belle

The Chronicles of the last Leïn may still need some polishing here and there (word usage, rhythm) but Not_Important's characters and poetic touch definitely stay with us and the book already has all it takes to captivate many readers and all it needs to have a promising future.

Go on writing, Not_Important.


I do not recall binging a book to this extent. Read it in a day. What a ride!! This was incredible. From the story to the characters to the whole world this author has created. 

The psychological development of the main character is unique and carefully written. It feels natural and yet makes you wonder what is going on in the main character's head, what happened in her past, etc. 

I really really want to read the sequel. Well done to the author. It was such a great adventure and a great surprise. I didn't expect the book to be this good. Keep writing. You have a gift. This should be published ASAP!


We are talking here about an AMAZING discovery, that captured me already in the first chapter. This is one of the most comfortable readings I had online and a hidden treasure.

This novel lightly remembers me of "The Left Hand of God", one of the books that marked my teen days. It has a stunning plot, not too fast or slow-paced, it led me hand in hand, not giving more or less than what I wanted at any given point. I read all chapters in two days, only paused by forced sleep.

 Also, every chapter advances the plotline substantially and doesn't leave me hanging for something to actually happen (aka no fillers). I find the length of the chapters just right.  What I promise you is an entertaining and quality read that will capture you and have you thirsting for more. 

Story: Loved it, it has been a while since I got so excited about a new book. 

The MC, Nay, survives a tragedy and is saved by a passerby caravan. There she catches the eye of her soon-to-be adoptive parents. The story is based on her training, development as a person, and dealing with obstacles life puts in her way.  The world is one of fantasy, whereas magicians have some prejudice publicly. The first book is just finished, and I feel this was just the beginning of her journey, presenting the groundwork of who she is going to be.

You know what I mean when I say some dialogues seem unreal on web novels? This one doesn't. This is of course one of the main positive points to the depth of the characters. Throughout the story, you can see the development of the MC and her nearest ones. You learn to grow together, so yeah, loved the character building.

Grammar: At no point, I saw something I would actually complain about, I was too busy reading to pay attention.  I am not a native speaker and for me, the flow of the story is more important than grammar.


Transcendent, Magical & Touching

Reviewed at: Epilogue

It’s been a while since I read a new book, and to be honest, I’ve rarely been this much absorbed by a story.

I read it for hours without realising it and when I had to put the book down I would think about it during the day and look forward to the moment I would finally go home to keep reading. I was just captivated by this story and gradually fell in love with the characters.

I can’t find the words to describe the experience I’ve been through reading this book.

I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed. Just give it a try and see for yourself.