‘Sorcerer’s log. Multiverse date three million, three hundred thousand and thirty six, point twelve . . . I think.

Oddly enough, without a steady source of mana even my own annoyingly accurate internal clock seems to break down. It is kind of nice not knowing things down to the second anymore, but only vaguely knowing the date is annoying.

Anyway, over the last ten years I’ve had a lot of time to think and scheme about how to get more miasma. Also, I learned that the weird dust looking energy I got from the monster’s is called miasma. So original!

I eventually came to the uncomfortable conclusion that I have to become a “Monster Lord” as the weird folk around here call it. It really just means I own monsters and use them to some military end.

This conclusion is backed by several attempts to leave this stupid city that have all failed. Since men are in rather high demand, we usually are kept “protected” as much as possible. I’ve also come to the conclusion that someone doesn’t want me leaving. The gate guards seem to know my description. They have stopped me even with pretty decent disguises and mostly valid reasons to leave. Also, I’m a sorcerer, not a thief. I suck at this stealth stuff without my magic.

Sadly, what I got from that brief little battle ten years ago has had to stretch quite a ways. I have found that just being around monsters gives me a little tiny bit of miasma per second and touching them more, but it so far has not added up too much. I’ve been able to make a dream link maybe once or twice a year and that requires using the reinforced version enchanted into my Skycutter.

This is where the “Monster Lord” thing comes in. Why they couldn’t just call them “Tamers” or something that makes sense is beyond me. Someone was obviously trying too hard to be creative or else they had a rather significant ego to stroke.

Becoming a “Monster Lord”, which I’ve decided now becomes ML for short, is basically the only way I can get outside the city walls to hunt down more monsters. Unfortunately it also requires, ya know, owning a monster. And licensing. Can’t forget the damn bureaucracy. I have spent the last damn year and most of the remaining reward money from the monster attack on getting my stupid license for this.

So, ML’s are basically private military contractors that go out and try to keep the local monster population down. It actually kind of seems silly to send men out there to stop the monsters who then need the men to make more monsters but oh well. It probably doesn’t matter too much. Apparently monsters are able to keep having children potentially for decades just from having sex once. Some kind of magic keeps the sperm viable. Although I do believe that might be why your standard monster doesn’t appear to be sentient. Either they don’t have Souls to begin with or their Souls aren’t properly seated. I can only imagine that the Soul Spark in the sperm isn’t nearly as effective after a decade of storage inside another person. That is just conjecture though.

No matter how it works, and I am somewhat determined to find out once I get mana again, I need miasma to get mana and the only way to really do that is to either sleep in a massive pile of monsters or go kill some.

So I am in the friendly local monster shop aka a large, uncomfortable slave pen. Also, something I didn’t quite realize is just how many many are captured and not just killed. Many are killed but an almost equal number are captured and then used like the centaur that miss prissy pants was riding. They are kept mostly away from the public if possible. Also also, since there really aren’t that many animals still in existence and humans don’t have a particularly high opinion of monsters, they also use monsters to feed other monsters. Wolf women eating sheep women and the like. Apparently quite often alive. Rather gruesome.

As much as I’m chagrined to say it though, at the moment, it is a benefit to me as I have woefully little remaining coin and I need to buy at least one monster. One is required to be an official ML and would in theory get me passed the gate. I have a feeling though that the gate guards would be “encouraged” whether by someone or just the fact that I’m male to use every loophole possible to keep me in regarding the use of just one monster.

Luckily, there are two monsters that are fated to be sent to be eaten. That was a rather unpleasant sentence to think. Very much so, but it doesn’t change the reality of it.

One cowkin that apparently can’t make milk, one of the few monster products humans can safely use, because she can’t get pregnant. By the intelligent and sad look in her eyes I’m assuming the farmer that had her originally tried many times. It must have been enough times to make her sentient.

One small caveat, that is how monsters gain sentience. Sex. Semen technically although all the books say that the sex is necessary as well. Something about it starts to change them from mostly smart but still feral animals to smarter, less feral animals and eventually horny but sentient beings. To make them truly sentient though takes several go arounds. Miss cowkin here looks very much aware and very much hopeless.

The other potential monster for my price range is a very damaged Amazon. I don’t really know how exactly since all monsters have to mate with human men, but somehow somebody managed to cross a succubus, a wolf woman, and a light elf together to make the Amazons, born and bred fighting machines. I don’t really see how it is possible, but I’m probably just missing something.

Either way, this particular Amazon is in rather ghastly shape, but she has the same light of intelligence in her eyes. She also looks even more hopeless. Most of the left side of her body looks like it has been flambeed. Through the thin rags she is wearing I can see that most of her left side is angry purple scar tissue against her midnight blue skin that looks quite painful. A chunk is burned out of her leg. Her left arm must have been amputated at some point near the shoulder, but there is still left over burn scars. Even her left breast looks mostly burned away. Her face seemed to miss most of it although her left eye is a milky white color.

All in all, she had a very, very bad day at some point. She is tough though. The pain alone would have put down most humans. They have some healing magic and overall medical knowledge, but that level of damage is hard to come back from.

Because of all of this, the two of them aren’t considered worthwhile as monsters and will soon be shipped off as nothing more than walking food. Apparently most of the carnivorous monsters that people tend to use for military applications grow best when fed prey animal monsters. Did I mention I don’t like this world too much? I think I did, but I want to be sure.

I should probably get back to it though. I think the middle aged woman that runs this place is starting to get bored of just hungrily eyeing me and is deciding to either kick me out or make another pass at me. It wouldn’t be so bad if she wasn’t so damn unpleasant about it. She isn’t unattractive, but she does seem to think I’m a brain dead idiot looking to get myself killed. It is quite obnoxious although I’ve been getting used to much of the same opinion from many of the women around here. They seem to either hold men up on pedestals as some precious thing to protect or else think they are mostly worthless except for making babies. It always seems to be whichever sex is in charge ends up being condescending assholes. It must just be human nature I guess.

End log.’

I look away from the two caged women before me and see the shopkeeper staring at me with only a little drool coming out.

‘Just lovely. Isn’t that supposed to only happen in anime or something? While I’m not exactly adverse to a sugar momma on principal at least, I’m certainly adverse to you lady. You hit a solid two out of three attractiveness wise, ok but not amazing. Then you have an abysmal one out of seven on personality. Demons are more amenable than that. Maybe I’m just being cranky though. I’ve survived for twenty years on about one minute’s worth of mana. That is liable to mess with any sorcerer.’

“I’ll take these two.” I say while pointing at the two doomed monsters.

‘At least these two aren’t horribly overpriced. Again, a terrible statement but true. They have a set price by this world’s version of the Department of Agriculture. Of course, normal people aren’t supposed to buy them but oh well. I haven’t been normal for a few million years.’

“Hun, you don’t want those two. One’s a dry cow and the other is all but dead already. You walk out the city gates with them and you’ll be a monster’s date within minutes.” She says as if it is the most obvious thing in the world before moving over to what can best be described as a Monster with a capital M. “Now this beauty here is what you need. I admit, not much to look at, but the sheer destructive force of this one is amazing.”

‘What you don’t know is that I’m damn sorcerer even if I haven’t felt like one lately. I just need a little more miasma and I can at least heal the amazon. Our cow friend is likely hopeless, but I just need to be able to leave. My Skycutter is going to be doing most of the work anyway.’

I walk over to the rather vicious looking creature mostly to humor the woman in hopes she doesn’t make a big deal about me buying the two monsters I actually want since I technically don’t have all the right stuff for it.

The “woman” she takes me over towards is obviously bred for war like the Amazon, but this one isn’t even trying to hide it.

“Nice isn’t she? They take the base of an Ant add in Mantis and bind it all together with a War Fiend with just a hint of Light Elf to keep them tame. They sure do hate women, but for you, a young strapping lad, she’ll be perfectly obedient as long as you can deal with sticking her every week or so. So what do you say?” She asks then conspiratorially leans in close to whisper, “I know she’s expensive, but she’s worth it. I could make you a deal though.”

‘Oh yay, a trap. How droll. At least she is right that this “woman” and I use the term lightly would certainly make an excellent killing machine. The strong, armored body of an ant with the head replaced by a woman’s upper body, but with mantis scythes for hands. Also, she has four arms for four times the horror movie levels of natural weapons. How do you even have sex with her? Her entire body is armored except for her face, barely. Again with the crazy crossbreeding that makes little sense. She is stupidly expensive though. I was given five gold ten years ago and most people thought I was rich.’

“Oh, really? You want five gold pieces for her. I don’t have that.” I say as neutrally as possible while putting just a hint of interest in, I think, probably.

The woman smiles wide as she thinks I took the bait hook, line, and sinker and says, “Well, for a nice, handsome, young man like yourself. I might be persuaded to take some of the cost in trade. How about it?”

She runs her hands over my chest while looking over my “trade” value before pulling away. She let’s me “think about it” for about a minute before trying to “sweeten” the deal.

“Come on honey, you aren’t going to get a better deal. You’ll have one supremely lethal death dealer willing and able to fulfill your every deadly command and you get to have some fun with these babies.” She says before pulling down the already very low cut collar of her shirt to let out her impressively large breasts.

I inadvertently stare for just a moment because they aren’t half bad actually.

‘And that right there is the definition of “Huge Hangers” folks. If she wasn’t trying to sell me a monster for sex, I might actually consider it. Might. She isn’t quite as old as I thought, maybe thirty. She is just the female version of a dirty old man. In the extreme. But . . . I do need to figure out a way around the extra licensing crap. I might also have to annihilate all bureaucracy at some point. I’m quite tired of tape, red or otherwise.’

As if realizing my thoughts, she says, “You know, I’m not even supposed to sell you those other two without the proper paperwork and a monster for you to feed them to.” She bats her eyes a couple times at me and then whispers again, “Just give em a lick or a little grab. Don’t be scared dear. I won’t bite . . . much.”

She gives me an indulgent smile full of arrogance and the knowledge that she has me right where she wants me.

‘Yep, that tears it. I wonder how many other guys she has ran this scam with. She could keep herself rather busy considering she is the only licensed monster dealer in town. Don’t worry little girl, you’ll sort of get what you want . . . sort of.’

Before I can think better of it, I slowly lift a hand to caress one of her large globes and get an appreciate moan of approval from her probably more from her “winning” than actual pleasure. I dig down deep to find what little Sex Sorcery I can do at the moment and use our contact as best as I can. I slowly but surely get a feel for her and where her spots happen to be.

I gently glide my fingers around her breast barely brushing over her sensitive areas while playing with her nipple between finger and thumb. She starts to lean heavily against the wall behind her as she lets herself go with the feeling.

‘She seems to be enjoying this just as much from the sensation as from “forcing” me to do it. It really never changes. Different day, same shitty humans.’

As she gets more and more into it and starts to care less about what is around her, I turn around and start to lead the now moaning woman back to her office by the nipple.

‘Not even close to the weirdest thing I’ve had happen, but this is certainly somewhere up there. I feel like this would make a good saying. Led by the nipple. Ok, nevermind. That’s terrible. I feel bad even thinking it now.’

We quickly get to the cramped, cluttered little space she calls an office. She seems to realize where we are as a I feel a surge of lust twinged with victory flow forth from her.

‘So far so good. Now for part two where we figure out if she can cum from this. I’m just not really willing to go south and I don’t want to have to explain how the local slave trader ended up in pieces.’

I turn the woman around while keeping ahold of her breast and push her hard into the small desk in the room. Her arousal only shoots higher. I take a chance and start to twist her nipple just enough to cause a little pain for dominance but not enough to detract from the pleasure. I’m once again rewarded with a surge of lust from her and the tell tale signs of an impending orgasm.

‘Wow, you must be rather harder up than I would have thought. A couple minutes of playing with your breast and a little rough housing has you quite close “dear”. Maybe the monsters you sell have started to rub off on you. Supposedly some of them can get off on command.’

I take the five silver coins for the two monsters I actually want from my pocket, reach around the woman and place them on the desk. She looks at them for just a moment before she moans again as I press up against her to whisper in her ear.

“Five silver for the two provisions monsters.” I whisper in her ear.

‘Not exactly sexy, but I’m about at my limit here. This has been fun and all, but I think my sword is about to come out and not the one she is looking for.’

She lets out a ragged moan when I blow on the back of her neck and then says, “But hun, you don’t want them. Oh goddess you are good at this. At this rate you’re going to make me cum just from my tit and then you can have anything you want.”

“Just sign the papers and I’ll . . . consider it.” I say just a little closer to her ear.

She hastily searches around her desk with the hand that isn’t holding her upright and comes up with two blank ownership transfer sheets. In a hasty scrawl she fills them in between moans and signs them over to me. She then turns around and hands them to me with a look of lust and anticipation.

When she reaches down to my pants, I step back out of her reach.

“Thanks “hun”. Now where are the keys for the cages.” I say nonchalantly as if I wasn’t just playing her.

She stands there panting for several long seconds before the realization of what happened flashes across her face. Her eyes open comically wide and her face becomes even redder.

She takes a step towards me and shouts, “You little shit. Get over here and finish the job!”

“Why? I paid you. You signed the papers. I also don’t want the walking nightmare over there. I’ll happily get out of your hair once you unlock their cages.” I say with a straight face.

Her eyes twitch rapidly back and forth even as she catches her breath.

When her shoulders stop heaving she says, “What papers? I only have to say a couple words and those will be trash. You tricked me. Literally pulled me round by the teat. I’ll have you thrown in jail for this and those two fed to someone’s wolves. Just you wait.”

‘Sadly, that might be possible. I wonder how hard it is to hide a body without being able to just open a massive pit and dump it in. Actually, when was the last time I disposed of a body without just disintegrating it? That is a good point. I better try once more before I make more work for myself.’

I slowly walk back towards the woman with a considering look on my face. I hope.

“What’s your name?” I ask her.

The sudden change throws her off guard as I hoped and she quietly answers, “Sapphire.”

“Pretty. It matches your eyes nicely.” I honestly say as her eyes are a lovely sapphire blue.

“Tha, thanks.” She responds while moving a strand of hair off of her face.

‘Oh do I ever hate using manipulation techniques even if I did study with Gold for nearly a millennium to even become barely competent at them. The millennium where I tried to teach Gold science and magic was worse though. So much worse. I’m not a teacher. Good thing Gold is durable. I really shouldn’t have thrown that moon at him even though I said I was going to.’

“So, Sapphire, who do you think the authorities will believe? The young man willing to risk his life to defend the city or the scummy monster seller that most consider hardly better than the monsters she sells?”

Her eyes moving rapidly back and forth, scanning my blank face for some tell before she gives up and says, “Doesn’t matter. I know people. You’ll never have a prayer of owning a monster.”

Her triumphant smile is quickly wiped away as I “accidently” touch the pommel of my Skycutter and move it just enough to catch her eye.

“Those “people” aren’t here, now are they? Either way, do you think I, a man, somehow tricked you out of two nearly worthless monsters? I think not. All I have to do is tell the truth. As soon as they hear you whipped out your breasts . . . well, you’re gonna have a bad time.”

I let my well earned smile sit between for several seconds while she thinks. She eventually lets out a sigh of defeat and waves her hands dismissively.

“Fine. Take them. See what I care. You are all going to die within the first mile outside civilization. But what do I know? I’m just the gal who sells monsters for a living.” She angrily responds.

“Be that as it may, I still need the key.”

“Cages come with the monsters. Lock and all. Good luck” She says with a shit eating grin of victory, if a minor one.

‘Fine. Be that way. I guess that is what I brought my sword for.’

I walk over to the two overly small cages and draw my Skycutter. I barely have enough mana to maintain the EM force edge, but I don’t need it long. I make a quick swing and turn on the enchantment just as the sword touches the lock. My sword cuts through it like butter and continues on to cut the other lock as well. As the locks hit the ground, I swing the doors open and gesture for the two monsters to step out.

I then turn towards Sappy and say, “You can keep the cages. I’m sure I’ll get along just fine.”

The woman stares open mouthed at me as I turn away and walk towards the door with the two monster women wordlessly falling into step behind me.

‘That was almost satisfying, almost. Still doesn’t make owning slaves any better. At least they are willingly going away from their doom with me. Although if I don’t get some more miasma soon, we might just end up getting eaten by wild monsters instead of tamed one.’



When he walks out the door, my shock finally wears off and I move to sit down heavily in my chair, the one part of my shitty little office I actually like.

‘What, what just happened? I had him. I know it. He was just about eating out of the palm of my hand and then . . . this. And how the hell did he cut through those locks. They are monster proof. No monster is strong enough to break them and certainly no mere man should have done it.’

I get lost in my own thoughts until I realize my hands have started roaming around trying to finish the job he started and now I’m playing with myself.

“By the goddess Saph, get ahold of yourself and not like that dammit. Some little boy just got the better of you and you want to touch yourself for him? What the hell is happening to me?” I say to no one in particular and yet keep kneading my slightly sore nipple and rubbing around the lips of my pussy.

“Ok, fine. He wasn’t just some boy.” I say around a moan. “I’m going to need to do something about this and soon. I can’t face Her like this. She is already going to be incredibly angry about what happened and I have no desire to come “Visit” her again.”

I move over towards the wall just enough I can get a good view of the merchandise room. The monsters, locked in their cages and occasionally chained to them, always seem to do it for me.

I start speeding up my rhythm and eventually plunge three fingers inside myself just the way I like while staring at the chained up and unfairly beautiful monsters. I find all the right spots I’ve known since I was a horny teenager, yet none of them do it for me.

‘This sucks. Not even staring down that ghastly abomination over there is doing it for me. Fuck you you little bastard.’

Suddenly the thought of him pushing me up against her cage and fucking me roughly brings me right to the edge. I do all that I can to hold onto the thought of him grinding my face into the bars while the abomination’s scythes try to slice me to bits despite her chains.

It only takes a few more minutes for me to feel an orgasm sweep through my body and crash down upon me like few have before.

‘Holy cow fuckers that was good. I guess I just found out a new kink about myself.’

As I’m slowly winding myself down and considering a second round, I hear the door to my shop open. I ignore for the moment as the stuck up little shits can be patient for a minute or two. I can’t ignore it though when the door to the back opens and two figures walk in. I’m just about to shout at the stupid fucks when I realize one of them is Her.

I quickly pull my hand out of my pants, stand up, and bow.

“Report.” She says with a hint of irritation in her otherwise cold voice.

‘Shit shit shit. What do I say? My tit is hanging out and he didn’t do what she wanted at all. I’m so fucked. So very fucked.’

She slams her hand down on the desk right in front of me and repeats, “Report!”

“I, uh, I -” I say before she interrupts.

“You failed, didn’t you? I should have known using a fat cow like you was a bad idea. I don’t even know why I ever bothered with you.”

I keep my mouth shut just hoping this ends with only yelling and not something worse.

“I really should invite you over again for some quality time downstairs. Fortunately for you, you just aren’t worth my time right now. Get the Death Ant ready for transport then make sure I don’t have to look at your face ever again.” She commands before walking back out of my shop without a second glance.

‘Oh goddess, I dodged an arrow there. Now I just have to get that ugly thing out of here. Maybe I’ll take a vacation after this. I know it sounded so nice to begin with. I just had to make sure certain Monster Lords got certain monsters according to Her whims. Yep, I’m done. Maybe I should be a baker or something. Yeah, that’s it. I like cooking. I certainly like eating. I really should try not to think about Jason eating anything though. I’m liable to get a sword put in me and not the one I want.’


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