The misadventure of the monsters' sorcerer

by D. Oriensous

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Harem Magic Male Lead Slice of Life Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

‘Sorcerer’s log.  Multiverse date three million, three hundred thousand and twenty six, point one.


It’s days like today that remind me of the simple fact that I really need to do something about my “Blessing” of Reincarnation.  The god who “gifted” it to me is very, very dead. I made damn sure of that. There is little reason I shouldn’t be able to figure out a way to peel it off of me.  Alas, most of the time when I have the power to do so, I’m also far too lazy.


Now that laziness is biting me in the posterior . . . and the leg.


I find myself in a world and a shell that is extraordinarily hostile to me and my magic.  My shell is just barely able to gather ambient mana. When I tried to open a Dream link to bring in my own mana, I came very, very close to utterly destroying this universe’s Reality Walls and killing . . . everything.


So, I am effectively a magicless sorcerer.


In other news, the grand antagonist of this world that could at least make my time slightly interesting, if annoying, is the quintessential “Monster Girl”, again.


I haven’t been able to figure out how it happened, since I have all the magic of a dormouse and science here has all the knowledge of a fossilized woodpecker, but women outnumber men several to one.  It is just that over half of them are monsters of some flavor. My current theory is that somebody turned all the mammals, lizards, and larger insects into humanoid females . . . somehow.


Also, there are no other mammals.  There are no reptiles either. Only small insects, fish, and birds exist.  We eat a lot of vegetables, grasshoppers, and chicken. Can’t even get fish where I’m at.  I can’t cook anyway, so I suppose it matters little.


Anyway, I have actually just discovered a way to safely open a Dream link.  A small one, but it is stable. Unfortunately, it is exactly what you are thinking, Imaginary Listener-Kun.  Exactly. What. You. Are. Thinking. FML. Perhaps literally.


I should probably get back to paying attention here any how.  I don’t mind Terminus events, but when they happen from an oddly hot wolf girl taking my head off, I get slightly . . . up . . . set, mostly.


End log.’  


Author’s note.  I assume you can guess where this is going.  Mature content . . . eventually. Whether it will be enjoyable or not is a whole other question entirely.


Grammar is a thing that is elusive, like squirrel.  I will try to keep my grammar .22 around and fully loaded, but I can’t guarantee I can hit anything.


Even though this site certainly doesn’t need another monster girl story, the dinosaurs didn’t really need that asteroid and got it anyway.  I will try to make it something slightly more than interesting than normal. Try being the operative word. Yoda’s dead. I can try all I want.

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