Universe ICS: Soulcatcher

by Sergey Zaytsev

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Dungeon GameLit High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Strategy

What happens when you suddenly find yourself in a reality of untold possibilities, in a place where technology and magic are indistinguishable? Every game location is a transformed physical world connected to one other through an interstellar network of portals. Every player "avatar" is a living physical body with incredible survival traits. Once in this dreamscape, it would be unwise to not seize the moment! There are, however, a couple of catches.

First of all, you don’t remember your identity. Second, the "sandbox" of this inter-civilization game, "Universe ICS", is a dangerous place for beginners. Finally, character restoration is finite. Death in "ICS" may be irreversible.

All the books in the series "the Universe ICS”:

  1. Soulcatcher
  2. Keymaster
  3. Seeker
  4. Executioner
  5. Destroyer

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Seems to be off to a good start

I'm pretty new to RR so I don't know what is normal for authors to post their stories here before they post them Amazon......


He's been low key asking for pre Amazon orders every few chapters, which is ok, depending if it is going to be Unlimited or single copy purchase...



Last few chapters his author note said middle of March.  I just checked tonight, and Amazon says:

So I wonder if who is correct?
Anyway, the story seems good so far, just a few editing mistakes, and he's set up his world for multiple books.