Welcome to the Party

by MightyZekken

Original ONGOING Adventure Contemporary Fantasy Harem Magic Male Lead Slice of Life Urban Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

To some people the idea of leading a party of beautiful women on adventures is a dream come true. To Philip Thomas, the idea is terrifying, and it's not the threats he's afraid of. A lifelong hermit, Phil would much rather stay home and play video games. A fateful encounter one night ruins his plans, however, and now he has to learn how to live and work with three beautiful women that he unintentionally freed from a hellish situation. He is forced to become their party leader in a modern day adventurer's guild, and the socially inept Phil will have to find it in himself to become the man they expect him to be. 

Welcome to the party, Phil. 


Story contains adult language, harem elements, light sexual content, and characters willing to use their abilities to take advantage of the opposite sex. 

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  • Overall Score

Why is this not on trending?!

I found this particular gemnby luck when I saw recent updates. Gave it a read. Fell in love.

I dont usually give reviews but I figured this story could use the boost after the unfair rating it has been given by some people.

This novel is going to he up there with Metaworld Chronicles and Savage Divinity. Mark my words. It just needs the time and chapter counts right now.

The characters are properly fleshed out, the pacing is just right, and the MC's character development can really be seen when you compare the early 5-7  chaps to the latest ones.

Give it a read. It might put off some people in beginning due to how weak the MC is protrayed to be, but it really gets better. Doesn't even take long, just stick around for about 10 chapters or so and you'll find yourself caught up with the latest chapter.

Brilliant work Sir Author. I look forward to the updates. I'll be cheering you on!

  • Overall Score

Only chapter 4 is out at this point but so far I am in love with the story. If this had 200 chapters it would be one to miss work for. :D Keep up the work dude!

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A bit strong on the harem wishfullfillment

The basic idea of this story is some withdrawn nerd kills a (magical) asshole, inherits his powers and (all female) team and then adventures and harem hijinks ensue.

The story is set in a well developed urban fantasy world that's got a masquerade going on. It's a HP style masquerate with the fantasy faction obliviating muggles who learned to much. Unlike most urban fantasy it's not some vampire or werewolf romance thingy going on, but rather sword and sorcery guilds fighting threats to protect the mundane world. There's also some deific actions going on, but more about that later. I don't particularly like that aspect since it doesn't seem to fit well with the world imho.

The story is where the weaknesses come in. It's largely about the MC aquiring a harem, getting to know his haremettes, aquiring more haremettes and fighting some villains. Overall there could be much more. There's not enough drama or comedy, making the whole harem situation pure wish fullfillment that takes up far too much space imho. That said the author needed to use a literal Deus Ex Machina to get the MC out of a problem. From a writer's perspective if you need a God to bail out your MC, maybe something is going wrong.

The characters are okay, if following archetypes pretty closely. The problem is the MC. Instead of the nerd we'd expect from the blurb of this story, we get another piece of pure wishfullfillment. Yeah the guy was a loner beta nerd, but that's only because he was charisma drained by a villain. As soon as he's rescued he manages to recover and make the harem fall for him. Being a person that's not very lucky with girls I can understand where this is coming from, but on the other hand it also feels a bit mocking. Honestly I would have enjoyed it more if he actually kept his social inaptitude instead of turning into mister sex-god alpha. Thankfully the MC and the harem in general seem to be decent persons, so I didn't end up hating him.

That said, the villains of this story are really weak. It's a bit like the author has issues imagining motives for assholes being being assholes. It comes even up inside the story where the MC is wondering why they're doing what they're doing without answer. The author should really think more about that.

Overall this is a decent story if you like the harem genre. I just feel it could have been more. The initial setup was interesting, the world seems relatively well built, even if the deities are too interaction happy for my liking. The harem characters are solid. If I was still 20, I might even think this was great, but these days I just can't see past the wish-fullfillment aspects.

  • Overall Score

Not to my taste (chapter 9)

Read till capter 9 so may be something will be different later. In short not much action, very little about the world, and a lot of drama. Really did not get some of the earlier reviews.

Spoilers below

First, I did not like the thing with incubus and MC. Incub was sucking MCs mojo and charm, now he is not and we are having a transformation to 'strong charismatic good' guy from wuss good guy. And do not forget that incub now want to kill MC, I have no idea why, he is just bad. It looks pretty cheap to me.

Than the thing with whole party and being good aligned. When talking about Bruce corruption girls are like in the beginning it was 'A grumble here, an irritated sigh there. An angry outburst once or twice' and so on and this leads to killing guys for looking wrong. The whole transformation look strange to me, but ok it may have happened, especially if there was some magic shenanigans.

But it leads to conclusion that at least girls are good one and\or are on side of good, but their behavior is talking about different. In the beginning 2 of the girls ok to drop MCs even if it is dangerous and he probably die by monsters (or something else did not get this). Later stuff about MC looking at tits and girls are getting angry about this looks at least immature if not hypocritical (but this may be cause I am a guy and being bias) The whole stuff with council looks at least strange if not stupid to me. Like say or do something wrong during interview and you may die. But we are assuming that they are fighting for humanity against bad guys. Does not look like it. Especially strange looks the plot of councilman, like we are turning bad lets look even worse for to this guy (but we are secretly good guys), and let this new guy change everything or die trying. I may be reading all this wrong but I got this impression. Even a prophesy would have been better

But all this would have been passable for me if not for lack of action and interesting stuff happening. To me  interesting stuff has been skipped, like details about world, how magic works, and so on. The author placing interpersonal relationship and drama on the top.

May be it will change or I am just reading it wrong but I am not interested


  • Overall Score

Review as of Chapter Three

Phenomenal start to the story.

The characters feel real, and act like individuals. No cookie cutouts so far.

The descriptions of locations are enough to set the scene without detracting from the story with excessive word usage.


I am very eager to see how this story progresses.

  • Overall Score

I binge read all of it. It's good, and I'd like to see more.

  • Overall Score

I think I would have liked this if the mc wasn't such a wiener. I tapped out at chap 6 so maybe he gets better later on but the rest of the story wasn't engaging enough to let me push through. Also there were several "r15 shounen manga" interactions that felt forced and didn't at all fit the tone of the rest of the story.

  • Overall Score

Another interesting story

I like the concept so far, and the characters are enjoyable as well. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing where things go.

  • Overall Score

Modern day adventurers ch22

Nicely done.

it's a bit too much harem-ish for my top preferences, but it's still a story I'll dig in every time it updates.


small spoilers below

Like Van234 I'm a bit disapointed in that his initial weak character is magically solved by being separated from the bad guy (not giving names).

THe contraste between wuss/inconfortable with women and superwomen-party is the core aspect of the summary... and it could have lead to many many interesting character development chapters. instead it's sovled.. quickly.

he's only originality is being the only "mundane human" in a guild of superhumans.


well , still a good story, nicely told, with fun plots, great character depth and a bit of sex.

  • Overall Score

I have no idea who the target audience is. But, personally, I've never been a fan of secret world, beta males leads, mc with a messed up mind, or the sad sac mc. This is all of that. While normally I would hope it gets better, I just couldn't tell you. I quit somewhere in chapter 4-5. Way too sour for my tastes.