Klyde: Do you know who I am?

Xero: Just a weakling Level 7 Apprentice Warrior.

Klyde: You.....

Xero: Let me tell you something. If you don't want to buy anything in my shop you better not cause any trouble.

Klyde: And what if I did?

Just as he finished speaking, a sword was already pointed at his neck. The sword was pitch black in color, and there was a strange aura emitting from it.

Klyde: W-What are you doing?

Xero: You already know it. But remember, I have already warned you..

Klyde totally lost face this time, so he went towards the shelves, there he saw signs written and was on each shelves. Seeing that the other shelves are still empty, a look of contempt flashed through Klyde's eyes.

He then went to the pills shelf. There he saw 15 bottles neatly arranged in groups of five. Then the next thing he saw almost made his eyes pop out.

There were two beauties not in a one bit inferior to the beauty he had seen at the entrance. He was immediately captivated by this two beauties and was about to strike a conversation with them, when they suddenly disappeared.

The next thing he felt was a cold sensation on his neck and a very sweet fragrant, but he was not able to enjoy the smell as he broke into cold sweat.

Being a warrior, he was very familiar with the sensation of a sharp object in the neck and there is no doubt about it that there was a sharp object on his neck right now.

Klyde: W-What are you doing?

???: Why are you here?

???: Are you trying to steal my master's pills?

He heard two angel like voices but in a cold tone. And as soon as he heard them say master's pills, an image of a young boy with a perfect face appeared on his mind.

Klyde: 'It can't be him.'

Klyde: I was just trying to buy some pills. The guys over the door told that there are pills in here.

Hearing what he said, the two beauties, released him and immediately apologizes to him.

Kia: Sorry for that.

Viya: We didn't know your intention.

Klyde who was watching was drooling from their beauties, it was very hard to believe that an isolated shop like this will have three beautiful ladies that can topple a whole kingdom with their smiles.

Kia and Viya who felt uncomfortable with Klyde's gaze, disappeared from his sight.

Klyde: WHAT?!

Klyde: How did they disappear?

He was surprised to see them disappear but since he had already seen them disappear once, he was less surprise now. But still, the disappearing skill was quite useful.

Klyde then looked at the pills in the shelf in fron of him. There are three pills in the shelf namely, Body Reconstruction Pill, Mellow Recovery Pill, and Black Sun Pill.

[Body Reconstruction Pill] (Median Spirit)

A pill that helps in strengthening the body of those who consume it. After swallowing the pill, intense pain will follow but after that any impurities inside the body will be expelled. Can only be used thrice.

Cost: 500 000 gold per pill / 1 200 000 gold per bottle

[Mellow Recovery Pill] (Median Spirit)

A pill that helps in recovering the lost of spiritual energy inside the body. Stored in this pill are extremely dense amount of spiritual energy, and after consuming it, Intermediate Warriors or Mages and below will have their spiritual energies fully recovered.

Cost: 700 000 gold per pill / 2 000 000 gold per bottle

[Black Sun Pill] (Superior Spirit)

A pill that helps in boosting the strength of those who consume it by 5 times. After swallowing this pill, it will raise the power 5 times or 5 levels. After the effect of the pill disappeared, the one who swallowed it will enter a state of weakening.

Cost: 1 000 000 gold per pill / 2 500 000 gold per bottle

Upon seeing the effects of the pills and it's rank, Klyde almost had his eyes pop out of his eye lids. And when he saw the price, he found it to be surprisingly cheap.

He started to have his doubts that this pills might be fake, but the temptation of Spirit Rank pills are very strong, so strong that he can't resist the urge to buy one.

Klyde looked at his storage ring and found out that he has a little above 1 500 000 gold. This will only be enough to buy a bottle of one pill or two different pills.

Klyde: I should just buy a bottle of one pill first.

That was what he thought, as this was a very isolated forest and his clan was in the nearest city so everything will be fine.

Picking up a bottle of Body Reconstruction Pill, Klyde had a very evil idea on his head.

Klyde: 'If I store other pills inside my storage ring, they will surely not realize right?'

Just as he stored a bottle of Mellow Recovery Pill in his storage ring, he felt a dense killing intent directed to him. This made him broke into cold sweat as he turn around to see three beautiful ladies smiling at him.

Their smile was as sweet as the sunny sky but to him, it was like a smile of a grim reaper. So he hurriedly return the bottle of pill he stored in his storage ring.

Klyde: I forgot, I don't have enough money. I guess I'll be only buying one bottle.

The three beautiful ladies then disappeared from his sight as he sigh in relief.

Klyde: I guess it is impossible to steal huh?

He then went back to the door to see the young man he saw earlier, but with three beauties around him. One was giving him a massage at the back, the other one was sitting on his lap while feeding him with fruits and the other one, was at the corner looking at the scene in front of her with jealousy.

Seeing this scene, Klyde can't help but gulped as he imagine the four of them doing bed activities together at night. His face turned green in envy as he really had the urge to kill the young man right now and take his place.

But he knows that it will be very impossible since, the three beautiful ladies are terrifyingly strong that he can't even tell if they have teleported or it is just their skill.

Klyde: I want to buy one bottle of Body Reconstruction Pill, please.

Xero, who was busy with the ladies, suddenly heard a man's voice, turning his head, he saw the man who entered the shop earlier.

'There is really someone that would buy something as expensive as this one?' Xero thought.

But if he knew that one pill of inferior spirit rank would sell for about millions, then he would probably be coughing blood right now. As he didn't even spend any money.

Xero: That would be 1 200 000 gold.

Klyde: Yes. Here it is.

Xero: Don't you want to test it out first?

Klyde: Why?

Xero: Aren't you suspicious that it might be fake?

Klyde: Well. I did thought about that. But who would sell fake pills if you have three beautiful ladies at your side.

Klyde's words contain a little bit of envy as he spoke 'have three beautiful ladies'.

Xero just looked at him as if he was some kind of an idiot, what the hell does having a beauty have to do with the origin of selling pills?

But since it was a profit, he will not be the idiot to reject it.

Xero: Whatever. Just pay up and don't look at them like that or I will gouge your eyes.

Klyde just paid for the pills, a typical young master, not caring if it was real or not as long as he can spend his money.

[Main Quest- Repeatable] (Completed)

Task: Sell any items inside your shop.

Rewards: The amount of money you earn will be equivalent to the experience points you'll receive.

Time Limit: Unlimited

[Ding! You have received 1 200 000 experience.]

After receiving the experience, Xero immediately look at his status as he was curious why he didn't level up since it was over a million experience.


[Xero Roune]

Age: 15

Supreme Origin Level: 0 (0.12%)

Bloodline: Primal Chaos Bloodline, Supreme Origin Bloodline

Warrior Rank: Level 5 Intermediate Warrior

Mage: Level 5 Intermediate Mage


1.Alchemy Origin (Forbidden)

2.Crafting Origin (Forbidden)

3.Rune Master Origin (Forbidden)

4. Enlightenment Origin (Forbidden)

5. Weapon Mastery Origin (Forbidden)

6. Elemental Mastery Origin (Forbidden)

7.Eidetic Memory (Forbidden)

8.Management Origin (Forbidden)

9.Negotiation Origin (Forbidden)

10.Skill Creation Origin (Forbidden)


1.Hyper-growth (Forbidden)

2.Hyper Regeneration (Forbidden)

3.Chaos Tattoos (Forbidden)

4. Chaos Eyes Origin (Forbidden)

Skill: None

Inventory: None

Supreme Points: 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000

Origin Points: 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000


As it turns out, he did have some progress and it was exactly, .12% which means that he needs over a hundred billion experience, which also means that he needs to sell and earn about a hundred billions.

But that would take very long as his shop was situated in the middle of the forest, and it was only by luck that someone was stupid enough to come and buy here.

Xero: What the hell do I do?

He was very frustrated when he suddenly felt a soft body pressed against his back, when he looked around he saw that it Kia. Xero was shocked at what she was doing.

Xero: Kia what are you doing??

Kia: Hugging.

Xero: I know that. I mean why are you hugging me?

Kia: Because master is unhappy. So Kia is offering herself to master.

Xero: *gulp

Looking at her perfectly beautiful and curvature body, any man would have a little resistance towards her, especially when her body is totally made of Chaos energy which made her even more beautiful.

He carried her by princess carry, he looked around and he didn't see Viya and Oria.

'Are they giving us some privacy?' that is what he thought.

Kia: Master where are we going?

Xero: Where going to the heaven.

Xero smirk as he said that as he proceed to the second floor, while Kia planted her face into his chest, embarrassed.

When they were not in the first floor anymore, two devilish figures appeared.

Oria: Not fair. It was supposed to be me.

Viya: We can't do anything as it was a fair duel.

Oria: Hmph. I only got wrong cause I picked scissor at the last minute instead of a paper.

Viya: Whatever, let us just close the shop. Master is going to relax.

Oria: More like work.


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