Xero immediately equipped the Void Guard and changed it into something like a robe.

Xero: Not bad. I like this armor.

Then he summoned the three servants he received from the Supreme Box. After that, three stunning beautiful ladies appeared in front of him, each one of them have an out of this world beauty that can leave any one speechless.

Xero: I don't like to call you servants so I will be giving you names. You will be Kia, you will be Viya, then you will be Oria.

Kia/Viya/Oria: Yes Master.

Xero: Don't call me Master. Young Master will do.

Kia/Viya/Oria: Yes. Young Master.

Xero: Follow me. We will be looking for materials.

After planning for many hours, he had finally decided not to use the materials inside the cabinets, but instead, he will be looking for materials himself to use it to make pills and weapons.

Even if it was the simplest material, as long as it pass through Xero's hands, it will become one of the highest quality.

With three beauties following him, he walked out of the shop.

The first thing he did was to look for the herbs he needed to refine a pill or a potion. And the forest was the best way to look for this as it was very vast and had an abundance of spiritual energy.

Spiritual energy are the energy used by plants and animals in this world in order to grow, spiritual energies also helps in increasing the speed of cultivation of warriors and mages.

With the help of his talent Alchemy Origin, Xero was able to identify a lot of herbs in the forest and also their uses.

For example is the most commonly seen herb in the forest which is the Dark Bamboo, others might think that it's uses are only for refining Inferior Mortal Pills.

But in the hands of Xero,together with some also common herbs, he can refine Inferior Spirit Pills, and if he adds rare herbs in the mix it will be possible to refine a Superior Spirit Pills.

This was the true power of the talent Alchemy Origin, with just common materials, he can refine amazing and effective pills that can even rival high quality pills made by other alchemist.

After gathering a bunch of herbs, Xero and the three beauties together with their bountiful harvest, returns to the shop.

Upon arriving, he first asked the system where he will store the herbs so that it will not wither. The system told him to put it on the isolated cabinet at the side that was neither too small or too big.

At first, he was having doubts about the size of the cabinet and the amount of herbs he will be storing, but as soon as he stored the herbs, it was surprisingly not even able to fill about 1/100 of it's space.

Xero was amazed by the system and keeps on praising it on his mind.

Xero: Okay then. I will now start refining pills.

Following the knowledge he had received from his talent Alchemy Origin, Xero's movements were comparable to a machine as they were precise and continuous.

He kept on repeating the same movement without any sign of fatigue or exhaustion. If others were to see him right now, they will have one thought in their minds: A Supreme Master.

In the Alchemy field, the alchemist are ranked according to their theoretical knowledge about herbs and their ability to refine pills.

The rankings are; Novice, Apprentice, Intermediate, Advanced, Master, Grandmaster, Supreme, and Supreme Master. Each of this ranks have sub-levels of 5 stars starting from the Apprentice rank.

But what Xero was executing was a thousand times better than what a Supreme Master can do.


After 2 hours of refining pills, the mountain like amount of herbs he had gathered together with Kia, Viya and Oria were all refined into three kinds of pills.

[Body Reconstruction Pill] (Median Spirit)

A pill that helps in strengthening the body of those who consume it. After swallowing the pill, intense pain will follow but after that any impurities inside the body will be expelled. Can only be used thrice.

[Mellow Recovery Pill] (Median Spirit)

A pill that helps in recovering the lost of spiritual energy inside the body. Stored in this pill are extremely dense amount of spiritual energy, and after consuming it, Intermediate Warriors or Mages and below will have their spiritual energies fully recovered.

[Black Sun Pill] (Superior Spirit)

A pill that helps in boosting the strength of those who consume it by 5 times. After swallowing this pill, it will raise the power 5 times or 5 levels. After the effect of the pill disappeared, the one who swallowed it will enter a state of weakening.

He had made a total of 120 Body Reconstruction Pills and Mellow Recovery Pills, while he had only made 45 Black Sun Pills due to the shortage of herbs.

Xero: Now that I have finished refining the pills, what should I do?

This was one of his largest problem he is currently facing. His shop was located at the middle of the forest and even though this forest was mostly used by travels they are always in a hurry so they will not notice the existence of this shop.

But no matter what, he will just have to wait since there are no punishments even he didn't sell any items in a day. What he did instead was to look at his status.


[Xero Roune]

Age: 15

Supreme Origin Level: 0

Bloodline: Primal Chaos Bloodline, Supreme Origin Bloodline

Warrior Rank: Level 5 Intermediate Warrior

Mage: Level 5 Intermediate Mage


1.Alchemy Origin (Forbidden)

2.Crafting Origin (Forbidden)

3.Rune Master Origin (Forbidden)

4. Enlightenment Origin (Forbidden)

5. Weapon Mastery Origin (Forbidden)

6. Elemental Mastery Origin (Forbidden)

7.Eidetic Memory (Forbidden)

8.Management Origin (Forbidden)

9.Negotiation Origin (Forbidden)

10.Skill Creation Origin (Forbidden)


1.Hyper-growth (Forbidden)

2.Hyper Regeneration (Forbidden)

3.Chaos Tattoos (Forbidden)

4. Chaos Eyes Origin (Forbidden)


1.Azure Dragon Flash (Peak-tier Emperor)

2.White Tiger Steps (Peak-tier Emperor)

3.Black Turtle Body (Peak-tier Emperor)

4.Vermilion Bird Claws (Peak-tier Emperor)


Void Shattering Sword (Peak-tier Emperor), Void Space Ring (Peak-tier Emperor), Void Guard Armor (Peak-tier Emperor)

Supreme Points: 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000

Origin Points: 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000


Xero then looked at the three beauties who are also staring at him, which made him a little bit embarrassed.

Xero: You know. I'll melt if you three continue to look at me like that.

Kia/Viya/Oria: Sorry. Young Master.

The three of them then kneeled in front of him and kowtowed three times.

Xero: No, wait. I was just kidding, get up.

Kia/Viya/Oria: Sorry. Young Master.

Xero: Okay? Is that all you know how to say?

Kia: What do you want us to say Young Master?

Viya: Yeah. What is it Young Master?

Oria: You can order us anything you want Young Master.

Xero gulped a mouthful of saliva as he heard them say this, this is literally making him do evil deeds with them with all of their seductive behavior.

Xero: You three just have to act naturally okay? No need to be so formal around me.

Kia: Okay.

Viya: Alright.

Oria: Fine.

After clearing the little situation between them, the three of them were thankful that Xero was not some sort of perverted young master although he looked at them for a long period of time, they can only see appreciation in his eyes not lust.

So the three of them decided to give him a reward by kissing him on his lips, one by one.

Being kissed so suddenly by three beauties, Xero's mind went blank as he was sent into heaven by the soft sensation of their lips.

Kia and Viya then arranged the pills he refined but not all of it, only taking 5 bottles of each pills that contains 3 pills on each bottle.

Of the four shelves in the shop, one was for pills, weapons and armors, skills and accessories. The pills naturally went to the pill shelf which was the left shelf in the middle.

While Kia and Viya was arranging the pills, Oria was currently sitting on Xero's lap while he was sitting at the counter.

Xero: Oria?

Oria: Yes?

Xero: What are you doing?

Oria: I'm sitting. Why?

Xero: I know that. My question is that, why are you sitting on my lap?

Oria: Why? You don't like it?

Xero: Uhh?

He was at lost of what to do with Oria right now, when the other girls saw this, envy can be seen in their eyes which made him even more at lost of what to do.


Rein Kingdom, Bunet City


Just outside the city gates, there was a group of adventurers wearing all kinds of armor with the same insignia, which was a sun pierced by a spear.

There are 3 males and 2 females in this group, which has 4 warriors and 2 mages. In front of them was a warrior clad in shining armor.

???: Are all guys finished preparing?

???: Yes we are Sigrid.

Sigrid: Okay. Then you guys already knows where we are going, right?

???: Yeah, yeah. We already know, Emma and I had already researched about it.

Emma: Henry's right Sigrid. You need to relax a bit no need to be so tense.

???: We still can't rule out the possibility of any unexpected event so being careful is alright.

Henry: Come on Luna. No need to be like Sigrid okay?

???: You're wrong about that Henry. I heard that there was a very large explosion of spiritual energy at the east side of the forest. And from the information I received, it was comparable to a High-tire Rank 3 monster.

Henry: Oh come on Ron. Your starting it over again.

Ron: I'm just telling the truth you know.

Sigrid: Enough!

Sigrid: We are here to investigate the problem that happened, not to create our own problems, is that clear?

All: Yes.

Sigrid: Then let's go.

The five of then, riding horses, all headed to a certain direction, and that direction just happens to be the place where Xero is located.


Rein Kingdom, Unnamed Forest


Inside his shop, Xero was looking at the man who entered his shop not too long ago. The man at first looked around the shop to see what was inside, after losing interest, he stared at Oria who was in Xero's lap.

He looked at Oria with lust, as he totally ignored Xero.

???: Hey beauty. My name's Klyde. What's your name?

He shamelessly extended his had in attempt to hold Oria's hand but he was totally ignored by her as she continued to play with Xero's hair.

Klyde was very angry by the beauty who was ignoring him, never in his wildest dream would he encounter a situation like this.

Klyde: Hey there! How much for this woman?

He tried to talked to Xero who was looking at him coldly, he just thought that he must be this lady's man, so he tried to bribe him with money.

Klyde: I'll pay for a 10 000 gold for one night. So, what do you say?

Xero: I think you're an idiot.

Xero found it funny that someone was trying to buy Oria for 10 000 gold, this was totally a joke, trying to buy a 1-star Holy servant, this amount of money cannot even buy even a single strand of her hair.

Klyde: What did you say?

Klyde was angered by Xero when he called him an idiot, he was the young master of the Ignea Clan, and ever since birth, everything he wants, he always gets it.

Xero: I said you're an idiot.

Xero was not afraid of this young man in front of him as soon as he saw his information on top of his head.

[Klyde Ignea]

Level 7 Apprentice Warrior

This was one of the benefits of the Chaos Eyes, he was able to see information about everyone without even activating it.


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