Xero: Where am I??


Xero Roune, looked around him confused. As what he can only see was the never ending darkness of the space and he is seems o be floating.


???: Initiating System Bond....


???: Initialization Complete.


[Ding! Congratulating host for bonding the Supreme Origin System]


[Ding! As a welcoming gift the host is given the "Supreme Box"]


Xero: Wait! What?


System: Host does not have to so surprised.


Xero: And how do you expect me not to be surprised?


He can even hardly believe everything that is happening right now, and every time he tries to remember his past he always gets a headache.


Xero: By the way, why can't I remember my past?


System: Question cannot be answered.


Xero: What do you mean by that?


System: It means that the host has no authority to know the answer right now.


Xero: How do I increase my authority then?


System: Host just needs to level up.


Xero: And how do you expect me to level up? This is not some kind of game you know,,,,right?


System: Host is both right and wrong. You are right that this is not a game. But you are wrong because you can indeed level up.


Xero: But how?


System: By completing quest, selling items or killing monsters.


Xero: Wait. Selling items? Why would I even sell items?


System: That is required for the host to become powerful and earn Supreme Points.


Xero: How will that even make me strong? And what is Supreme Points?


System: Due to the host's multiple questions, the system will be directly implanting the information directly to the host.


As soon as he heard that, he felt a very intense pain in his mind as he saw countless number of information flowed in.


Seconds later, the pain subsided and he was now currently checking the information he received.


Xero is currently in his soul form and he was inside the void right now. He is on the way to a world called as Punel World.


It is a world where magic and sword exist, magical creatures and different races can be seen. The world was similar to a video game with him being the player and the others as NPCs.


Punel World, which was 100x bigger than Earth has approximately 60% of it still unexplored. Meaning, there are still a lot of things that can still be found in this world but the current races has insufficient power to do so.


He will be transmigrated to Punel World in a forest that is mostly used by warriors and mages to travel to different cities. Upon his transmigration, there will also be a two-story shop that has approximately 25 square meter area.


It can be considered as a large shop but it will be placed in a forest where there are no nearby town or cities for about a hundred kilometers.


The Supreme Points mentioned by the system was a type of currency used to buy things in the system shop. Their is also another type of currency which is the Origin Points, and can only be gain through special means. It's uses are also special and can be converted to 1000 Supreme Points per one Origin Point.


The system's function was the Status, Inventory, Shop, Quest, and Lottery. Some of the functions have sub-functions in them.


Finally, as an extra knowledge about Punel World, the strength of warriors and mages are differentiated into:


Warriors; Novice Warrior, Apprentice Warrior, Intermediate Warrior, Advanced Warrior, Master Warrior, Grand Warrior, and War Saint.


Mages; Novice Mage, Apprentice Mage, Intermediate Mage, Advanced Mage, Master Mage, Grand Mage, and Arch Mage.


Each of this levels have 10 sub levels, and each level has a big difference in terms of strength.


The items, such as pills, weapons and other things are also ranked in this world. But they are categorized into five groups called as Orders.


The rankings will be,


First Order; Mortal, Spirit, Earth, Sky, and Heaven.


Second Order: Lord, King, Emperor, Saint and Sovereign.


Third Order: Holy, Ethereal, Mystic, Legend, and Mythical.


Fourth Order: Nirvana, Divine, Celestial, Immortal, and Godly.


Fifth Order: Eternal, Eonian, Endless, Infinite and Forbidden.


In the First Order, there are only three sub-levels in each levels and these are; Inferior, Median and Superior.


In the Second Order, there are five sub-levels in each levels and these are; Low-tier, Low Mid-tier, Mid-tier, High Mid-tier, and Peak-tier.


In the Third Order, there are ten sub-levels in each levels and these are; 1-star, 2-star, 3-star, .... 10-star.


In the Fourth Order, there are three sub-levels, but each of these sub-levels are five more sub-levels, these are; (Level 1-5) Lesser, (Level 1-5) Medium, and (Level 1-5) Greater.


In the Fifth Order, there is no limit to how many levels it can get, and it can only be raised to another ranks if certain conditions are met.


After going through the information he had just received, Xero can't contain his excitement anymore.


Xero: System how much longer do I have to wait before I arrive to Punel World?


System: Host is expected to reach the location in exactly 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 .... years or to be more exact, it will be a very very long time.


When he heard this, Xero almost jumped up in surprised when he heard the number of zeroes. This means that he had to wait for that time before he could even arrive to Punel World.


Xero: Why is it so long?


System: It is because the host is traveling manually without using any sort of transportation or teleportation equipment.


Xero: Then, why don't I have any of those equipment?


System: Because the host is currently so poor.



Xero: ....


Without any choice, Xero decided to just wait for it to happen as he tried to be as optimistic as he can.


After the first month, Xero cannot hold it anymore and started cursing like there is tomorrow. And after almost a year of cursing, without him even knowing, he finally stopped and just looked ahead of him in a dazed stated.


Unknowingly, Xero has entered state of emptiness, in which, he will be completely oblivious to the passing of the time. Which makes him the most luckiest guy int he whole cosmos for ever having this kind of coincidence.


After 1 000 000 000 000 x 10^2000 years, Xero was finally transmigrated to the Punel World.


[Ding! Congratulating host for completing the Supreme Origin Quest given by the System God.]


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Gurung Minato @Gurung Minato ago

The number of years. I feel sorry for our protagonist.

SlaveToMyLusts @SlaveToMyLusts ago

I think ... maybe only just me, but even a few decades might have been sufficient.

Gknight @Gknight ago

System: Host does not have to so surprised.

Skipped word = be

Which makes him the most luckiest guy int he whole cosmos for ever having this kind of coincidence.

Accidental space placement = in the