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A callous human trafficker and underworld crimelord that takes advantage of less fortunate and weaker people is reincarnated as a low level enemy in a JRPG-esque world.

Being the weakest creature in the known world is supposed to teach him some humility, or at least make him suffer. But he has other plans...

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Prologue ago
Judgement ago
Leaving Home ago
The Rival Gang ago
Confrontation ago
Waning Sunlight ago
Houseguests ago
The Raid ago
Goblin Town ago
Various Tales ago
Extermination Mission ago
Preparing for Battle ago
First Impressions ago
Negotiations ago
Communion ago
Enevitable ago
Cyclophan ago
Monster on the Loose ago
Diplomacy ago
Trade ago
Breed ago
The Value of a Life ago
Family ago
Welcome ago
Calm Before the Storm ago
Sides on a Coin ago
First Blood ago
Survivors ago
Cut Down ago
The Dungeon Core ago
Bouncing Back ago
Growth ago
unity ago
homeless, tempest-tossed ago
Passion ago
Jurisprudence ago
Captivity ago
Endgame ago
Reputation ago
Open Wide ago
Fief ago
Dogged ago
Visitors ago
Getting Along ago
Taming of the Shrew ago
Stolen Hearts ago
Filth ago
Deep cuts ago
Fear Itself ago
Industrious ago
Desperation ago
Beneath the Stone ago
Building Up ago
Making new friends ago
In Their Thoughts ago
Considerations ago
Projecting Power ago
Contact with the Enemy ago
Give and Take ago

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I find myself tainted by Goblin Slayer in that the mnemonic nature of that very piece of media causes me to gush a hatred of goblins. I will set aside that hatred, though Fodder features the exact same type of goblins. But, they're our goblins. Our boys are gonna make it, lead by this complex character that is the MC, who is also a goblin. Among my countless and varied isekai fetishes is that of kingdom building, which seems to be where this is headed. A goblin kingdom, maybe. With MC has head honcho goblin. What would a goblin city look like? Does goblin art amount to simple grafitti adorning the walls of the goblin huts? Do goblins pay taxes? Would his goblin throne be several lackey goblins forming a living chair for his higness' goblin rump? Time will tell.

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Did you drop Re:Monster when the MC decided to justify drugging the women that he kidnapped? The drugs make them want it, and since they want it it's not rape? If you thought that was retarded and dropped it, then good for you. You won't find dumb stuff like that here. The MC is scum, and he reincarnated into the right role for it. 

The style is good. It manages to develop and make even goblins likable. The characters are honest to their desires and their nature, which is a breath of fresh air. I am used to reading Japanese isekai where every MC is special because they carry the superion Japanese morality(tm) which makes every girl in the new world fall in love with him. This has none of that.

Give it a try if you want to read about a real monster, you'll love it.


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When scum gets reincarnated, a great story is born

 I honestly thought these "reincarnated as a goblin" stories had nothing more to offer and the awfulness of Re:Monster made me hate them as a whole, but now I know I was wrong.

 I love this story. The protagonist is something I have wanted to see for quite a while: an amoral and arguably villanous man who doesn't fall into narmy edginess and doesn't suffer from the author trying to justify his "alternative morality". Scratch is a great protagonist, not only because he is a cunning character with skills and knowledge that makes sense but also because the author is not afraid to make him fail or suffer setbacks despite being the smart guy, which is something a lot of writers (myself included) are usually afraid to do. The rest of the cast is also charming and manages to stand out despite the fact that I initially thought I wouldn't be able to know who is who.

 The story is taking its first steps right now but it already seems promising. The progression makes sense and the main cast becomes stronger at a logical pace. The lack of bullshit power-ups or evolutions after 2 chapters are also appreciated. The world, although generic, manages to catch your interest due to the way in which the protagonist slowly learns about it and the trivia bits at the end of each chapter are also appreciated. I also like how it pokes fun at the stereotypical isekai stories with the occasional Hero PoV.

 I don't have much else to say for now. I look forward to see how this story will develop.

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a heckin chonker of a story

Its funny for something titled Fodder, it seems like there are no true fodder or mobs in the story. Aside from being very well written, the author takes great pains to, for lack of a better term, humanize the goblins and other monsters. Death is commonplace but not at all casual or meaningless. Every character with "screen-time" has at least some depth, so when one of them inevitably dies, it actually means something. The author managed to create a story with tons of emotional weight while maintaining a dark comedy like tone and with no childish angsty melodrama, a feat virtually unheard of on this site. I almost never give out 5 stars, this one deserves it.

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I've read up ahead on fictionpress, and I must say that this is an excellent story. Well done.

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I've been reading this from front to back for... 5-7 hours now. It's got me hooked. Maybe it's how it was storming outside and my cat was curled up to me, but the atmosphere gave me chills. I love it. I love it I love it I love it.

My only gripe is the spelling, punctuation, and grammar at times.

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A fresh take on reincarnation

An intriguing tale so far, the fight between goblin instincts & the wider world is very novel. 

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The synopsys is a sham

by severly underselling the story's depth and ingenuity that is. It's also sending your expectations down the wrong track. This isn't about a monster growing 'stronk' and being an unparalleled warrior-general, it's about a morally bankrupt man's struggles in leading a group of monstrous whoobies to survival (and comfort). Usually solved by blood being spilt and a hefty deal of emotional self-denial.

Tottering between anti-villain and criminal character-wise, the protagonist seems to be on a downward spiral of setbacks both physical and spiritual, the eventual culmination and catharsis of which we have yet to see (if ever).

While lacking the same depth, most other characters are distinct and well established, too. I find them oddly sympathetic for their continued existential dread and questions. This goes for the human ones, too.

The worldbuilding is smooth but consciously cookie cutter, as it is supposed to parode popular isekai after all. Yet in this part it falls strangely short, while the antagonists have baseline carricaturesque features they stay too subdued to be real satire. In fact this story reads itself like a small scale tragedy with occassional comedic relief. Similiary hard to discern is the direction of the story. There's plenty of hints to a big conspiracy going on, yet the task of surviving alone seems insurmountable already.

The grammar is mostly fine, the vocabulary distinguished. Mistakes are abound through the chapters, however, hence the deduction.

In conclusion, it's hard to tell what kind of story this will be ultimately but it's worth the read already.

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well-rounded, high-quality fiction

(as of 'Cut Down', the 29th chapter)

'Fodder' tells the story of a criminal from earth that is reincarnated as a goblin in a fantasy world. He uses his human knowledge to slowly change his small "tribe" of naked, dirty and stupid xp-farms into a tool-using, strategy-using and not-instantly-killed group. But the adventurer guild will soon start the yearly culling event...

Style: The story is told in many different styles. Most is in third-person style in past tense by an all-knowing narrator from many different characters' points of view. One of the adventurers (he's special in that

Spoiler: Spoiler

 ) is describing his experiences in first-person internal style in present tense.

Story: The story follows how the weakest monsters in the region try to survive against (relatively) powerful foes in the form of murder-hoboes and other adversaries. Things that are taken for granted by more civilized groups need concentrated effort to be done and the reader sits with bated breath hoping the central characters will succeed. There is an overarching feeling of dread from all the dangers that might at any moment shatter the small oasis of progress and wipe out the little monsters that the reader roots for.

Grammar: Pretty good in general but there are some smaller issues.

Characters: The main protagonist uses his human knowledge to better his whole group, not only for simple survivability but also to give them a purpose in life. His personality is ruthless (he was a crime boss, although not a cruel one) but plausible, he's using his intelligence and common sense to really advance the others. At the same time he has flaws and fails at some tasks, something often missing in other stories. The other goblins also have distinct personalities, although they are a bit simpler in comparison (this could also be due to them having had less focus), still it's easy to feel sympathy for them. The same goes for the humans we've seen so far, although some of them act a bit stupid.

In total, the story is very well crafted, exciting, with lots of suspense but also sad moments. I can really recommend reading it.

Don Wihongi
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Story starts very strong, weakens, then gains some strength again

Reviewed at: Deep cuts

(Made as of chapter 48 deep cuts).

Considering that every other reviewer here (currently, at the time of writing), for the most part, is gushing praise about this piece of literature, I am expecting this review to really bomb out.

I found this story to be an incredibly fun and interesting story at first, better isekai start than most, being more original in the way through which reincarnation occurs.

In the earlier chapters of the book, the author jumps between the past and the present of the protag in a smooth, informative, and interesting look into the protags reasons and motives for his... unique personality.

At first, this was a welcome insight into 'Scratch'  (the protag) but later becomes kinda annoying and intrusive, As explaining away why Scratch is such an asshole at that point is rather unnecessary, more than enough information already being given on the pessimistic goblin.

(Even if his past experiences molded him into a manipulative jerk or sociopath, I don't always want to hear about why he became such an ass after the third or fourth time).

Also, another issue I find with this novel is the massive multitude of branching POV's, some of the varying perspectives are a welcome change or refreshing insight, but many of them are actually, rather redundant and abrupt as we jump from POV to POV like a juggled hot potato.

For one, at many points we see things through some random characters eyes only for them to die at the next instant or to live a long time then die a meaningless death after we finally attach some worth to them in our empty hearts.

This is done so many times that it becomes exhausting, making readers not want to connect with characters as none tend to live that long and most are just humanization articles in disguise waiting to be burned after finally being read through.

The author certainly is not afraid to kill off characters and while others may disagree, I think the author is too trigger happy with the deaths, while it certainly makes the world very grounded in survival and the constant threat of death the gobbos face, I feel it takes away from the story rather than adding to it, simply put a character developed over a dozen chapters can suddenly and without warning be killed in an anticlimactic way.

This is certainly realistic in that death can strike at any time, but this a story and not reality, and keeping the cast alive longer for their eventual death is a lot more impactful than killing them off quickly and replacing them just as swiftly.

Alright, having said these words that don't line up with everybody else's reviews, I now move on to the ratings.

Grammar- the grammar is better at the start of the book but slowly deteriorates over time, clearly, for the writer, English is not their first language, 3 stars.

Story- Too many branching narratives they all come together at some point or other but the story is rather slow and prone to dawdling, 3 stars.

Style- this story has quite a bit of style, too bad it is not always consistent in tone or overly smooth in transition, as described earlier the vast amount of POV's are stifling, 4 stars.

Character- I liked the gobbos at first... but then they just kept dying and I stopped caring, most of the humans are typical gullible reincarnated japanese idiots you can find in any LN story, I know this story is satire but gullible idiots like this are only fun when involving monstrous protags when the monsters utterly destroy them for being morons, additionally Scratch... ugh scratch... What to say on that piece of work, I hate him, whatever feelings he has seem superficial in nature as he casually discards and eliminates his brethren he had just said he valued as brothers, scratch is such an unlikeable character, he can be smart for sure but he also is a big dumbo that constantly mistreats his own, Apparently, he is conditioning them but sometimes in the real world people just say no to abuse and likewise here they would surely retaliate against him, 3.5 stars for decent characterization of many of the cast, and 1,5 stars lost for the vastly too large number of the cast, the rate of their deaths, and Scratch... Screw scratch! He sucks!

Overall score 4 stars, Novel is pretty good, way better than most of the stuff on this site but still riddled with flaws and requiring a specific taste to truly enjoy it.

The story is not recommended for those that like to bond with a character and most of them are jerks or assholes, if you can get past that this story is worth a read.

(Not bad author but not my style).