Midara: Requiem

by Tana Nari

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Horror Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead GameLit Grimdark High Fantasy Magic Mythos Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

"When the alternative is extinction, all acts, no matter how heinous, are permitted."

The story of a little necromancer who only wants to play with abominations against all that is holy dollies and her horsey, Mister Clackybones.


Welcome to the novelization of one script I designed for a video game setting I call Midara (I selected the name of a genus of moths for symbolism purposes, not to be confused with anything else). Once upon a time, I dreamed of the setting being the next Final Fantasy. Long story short: Nope.

Requiem itself is meant to be an Open-World RPG which adapts to the choices of the player. This is just one of many, many paths that one might follow in Requiem's gameplay, if it ever becomes a game.

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