With Sun on her back, Elizabeth left her room to deliver him over to Atid. She had no clue where Sun's room was situated in the yacht. Given that she needed to see Atid anyways, Elizabeth didn't think twice about looking for an attendant to find the ship master's room. It didn't take long before she stood before the master suite of the yacht, knocking and waiting for Atid to open his doors for her.

After Atid allowed her in, Elizabeth set Sun down by the entrance door before saying, "I hope you can get him to his room. He… deserves a good rest. Anyway, what did you need from me?"

A priceless guilt-ridden smile dawned on Atid's face as he said, "...I don't exactly need anything from you… I was just thinking, I should act my role as your teacher and actually teach you something. However… after considering your current arsenal of abilities, I realize you don't seem to need anything. Unless you want to start learning about Water Qi techniques, the only thing I can grant you is sparring practice. But you can already get that, not to mention a more appropriate form of sparring from your peers."

"Uh… I'm good? Sorry, I'm already busy enough as is with the current load of energies I'm studying." Elizabeth wasn't apologetic as much as she was trying her best to respond politely. After all, this was the first time she refused a proposal when it came down to matters of cultivation. There was no need to disrespect the master of her own dojo with careless words; even if he was technically useless to her...

Releasing a sorrowful sigh, Atid said, "That… is to be expected, I guess. No matter, how about this? You tell me what kind of technique you're most urgently in need of, and I'll see if I have anything in my collection."

"Technique?" Uttering just that word, Elizabeth thought, 'I'm not really missing much of anything… In fact, I still have various techniques that need to be polished up to my level! Muay Thai and the Basics Blade Art are offensive techniques I've yet to even come close to mastering and then there are the various Space and Time spells I need to learn and practice! I guess I'm missing Fire, Ice, and Yin techniques. But honestly, I'd rather spend my time investing in perfecting the Space and Time techniques already in my possession. I could request an Ice technique for defense as I have no pure defensive abilities, but with the [Fast] and [Slow] spells I'll be training my evasiveness to the point of covering for my lack of defense. Not to mention the hidden gem just waiting to be cultivated from the [Spatial Contraction] method. Wait! Actually, there is something I've neglected that needs an appropriate technique...'

Recalling the startling flaw in her current set of skills, Elizabeth smiled as eagerness manifest as sparkles in her eyes. Staring Atid right in the eyes, Elizabeth hopefully asked, "You wouldn't have any gun related techniques, would you?" How could she have forgotten her two most precious assets? Her treasured dual pistols had saved her time and time again during her first run through the Forest of Beginnings and here she was neglecting them! 'If I become proficient enough, I wouldn't even have to be near my enemies to make them bite the dust!'

Elizabeth wouldn't know it from his outward expression, but Atid was currently cursing a fit she'd approve of. Upon registering her request, Atid thought, "Fuck me! Of course she'd ask for a gun technique. Literally, the last shitty weapon I go out of my way to pick up! Fuck!" Heaving yet another sigh, just as Atid was about to break the bad news to Elizabeth, he recalled that he did indeed possessed a gun technique among the countless other weapon arts in his collection. However, that gun skill… Atid decided to mention it if anything, as there was a slim though highly improbable chance that Elizabeth might be able to make sense of that technique's formulas and directions.

Atid swallowed his words and scanned through the various weapon arts within the little mini library at the side room of his master suite. It didn't take long to find the scroll containing the only gun technique he possessed, as the scroll's cover gaudy to the extreme. After ridding the scroll of dust accumulated from being out of use for so long, Elizabeth was treated to the sight of a bizarre cover created entirely out of carbon fiber and intensely vibrant grey and orange stripes.

With just the sight of the scroll, Elizabeth received what had to be the greatest shock she would experience that day as a notification from her functions drowned out the rest of her senses.

[Side Quest 7: Immaculate Restoration (Incomplete)
Difficulty: Incomprehensible to the user
Objective) Restore the ancient method to its original perfect state.
Objective 2) Master the ancient method and bless the world with its glory.
Description: Setting your sights on the lost and forgotten signature technique of an ancient immortal, this side quest was triggered.
Deadline: None]

'Ancient technique? Immortal? How did a technique so advanced even come into this guy's possession?' Elizabeth wasn't left wondering for long as Atid volunteered some information, saying, "Now… I'm no gun guy myself, as a matter of fact, this is the only gun technique I possess. But to tell you the truth, this thing is barely legible. Given your unusual abilities, see if you can find some use out of this technique. Even if you can't, I can pay for Luca to give you some lessons on how to use guns..."

Elizabeth reached over and took the scroll after Atid extended his arm for her to take it. However, the moment she came into contact with the scroll, it mystically reacted by pulsing out a streak of beams brighter than the sun before vanishing into nonexistence. Atid couldn't make heads or tales out of what just happened, while Elizabeth was too busy digesting the contents she'd just absorbed along with the notifications from her status functions.

[Alert! Bloodline fusion imminent!
Integrating Ancient Godslayer Fiend Bloodline

Fusion Successful!

Decoding the Bullet Hell Codex

Decoding Failed, Bloodline Not Pure Enough.

Name: Elizabeth Ultimatia
*New) Bloodline: Human 100%, God (Fallen) 100%, Ancient Godslayer Fiend 0.0001%
Level: 15 (16/20)
Rank: Peak Soldier Stage (100%) [Perfect Chaos Mage Soldier]
Sex: Female
Strength 104
Endurance 109
Speed 138
Defense 106
Intelligence 200
Luck: 10
Inner Strength 100,000/100,000

Innate Skills:
*New) Mark Of The Godslayer
Description: After being corrupted by the blood of one of the Ancient Immortals, death has now become one of your needs. Like food, water, and shelter, without killing and quenching your need for death, life for you will become miserable. If you don't kill often enough, you may die entirely. However, not all is bad, as being an Ancient Godslayer Fiend has perks too. Only, you'll have to improve your bloodline quite drastically beforehand…
Current Effect: Being exposed to death energy improves your Godslayer bloodline. The stronger the being was before dying, the more its energy after death augments your bloodline. You can persist a couple hours normally before feeling the urge to kill. After a day, the urge turns to pain, and after a week, you die outright.

*New) Bullet Hell Codex: Target Homing
Grade: F (Level 0 Spell Seed)
Description: With your pitiful excuse for a Godslayer bloodline, you've only managed to unlock the most basic ability of the Bullet Hell Codex. Fortunately, even the most basic ability of this technique is rather impressive if cultivated properly. Allowing you to not even require aiming at the highest levels of proficiency.
Current Effect: Null. Carve the Level 1 Spell Seed to gain the spell's Level 1 effect. This Spell does not work with secondhand spell casting.]

'You've got to be shitting me...' Elizabeth was very unsettled knowing she'd been turned into some sort of death seeking monster. Sure, she was without a doubt eager to accept the side quest and technique contained within the scroll itself. But, not for the cost she had to pay. She didn't need that technique in particular; any basic Gun Art would have sufficed…

Concerned over the despairing expressions on Elizabeth's face, Atid asked "Uh… Are you alright?"

Hearing Atid's voice, Elizabeth recalled she was with him throughout the whole exchange. She fixed her face back to neutrality before apologizing with a stutter, "I… I'm fine. Sorry about the technique though..." Even if she was "sorry," she didn't say anything else, as she didn't feel the need to compensate him or anything. From her point of view, they could now just about be considered equal. Unfortunately for Atid, Elizabeth couldn't understand the sheer value she received not just from the Bullet Hell Codex, but also from the bloodline. If she knew, she'd feel compelled to grant him favor after favor ad nauseam…

Of course, Atid didn't know the value in the scroll Elizabeth absorbed either; he could barely even read the thing. Instead of getting mad, he felt happy to see the scroll "choose" Elizabeth and integrated with her as he saw no use from it; it was like killing two birds with one stone. Atid said, "It's fine. I was planning on giving it to you anyways."

"Mhmm..." Pausing for a second, Elizabeth thought of how to proceed, and after thinking of the crisis Sun went through, she decided it would be best to consult Jane as well. Elizabeth asked, "Before I leave, I need to talk to Jane. Could you tell me where her room is within the yacht? I know she's probably still training at the deck or in the interior of the ship, sparring. But, I might as well ask since you're right here..."

Atid gave Elizabeth directions to reach Jane's room, but after leaving his room and bidding him farewell, she stuck true to her word and searched the ship's deck and interior training space before going straight to Jane's room. As she walked through the ship, Elizabeth tried contacting P to ask more about the bloodline she'd fused with. But, all her efforts were met with total silence.

'Strange… She's only been this quiet when we couldn't communicate during the First Stage of the Cataclysm. Could it be that my cursing caused her to form a grudge?' Thoughts like these and more crossed Elizabeth's mind as she searched the ship, yet, Jane was missing everywhere she looked. Smiling at her excellent forethought, Elizabeth smugly walked over to the room Atid told her Jane would be residing in while aboard the ship.

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