Living Life As A Game: Through And Through

by VoidSaintYorm

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead Gender Bender Magic Martial Arts Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Overnight, Adrian's life changes bordering on apocalyptic levels of insanity. His calm yet sad life as a fat antisocial sociopath comes to a screeching halt as he has an intervention with... gods? But why!? All I did was make some character for an obviously bootlegged game! Why is this happening to me?

I have to level up and prepare for some cataclysm? That hilariously outrageous background I gave my character came to reality? And my... you... you bastards made me into a girl!!! AAAHHHHHHHH!!!

How will the borderline Adrian... I mean, Elizabeth fare, now that she has to live through a game like existence. Will her ever depressed, sad excuse for a personality ever develop? Probably not... (But hey, I'll do my best to make this novel, not suck; fam-lit-squad-bros~)

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
A Really Shady Game ago
Transformation, Entering A “Partnership” ago
Functions, Starter Pack ago
Starter Pack Status: Used! ago
Meditation ago
Spontaneous Side Quest! ago
Shopping For Clothes, Completing The Side Quest ago
Timely Contact ago
Testing Conversion ago
Joining The Dojo ago
Learning The Basics ago
Breakthrough ago
A Frightening Moment ago
Masochistic Awakening ago
Trouble’s Brewing ago
Choice Quest ago
Chase! ago
The Situation Worsens ago
Pyrrhic Conclusion ago
Healing Sun, An Ember Burns ago
Search And Recovery ago
Neither God Nor Devil ago
Preparing Another Breakthrough Event, Accepting Rewards ago
Misunderstanding ago
Feeling Slighted ago
Miracle Of The Medical Path, Calamitous Boss Battle ago
Time For Breakfast ago
Back To The Dojo ago
Oddly Upset ago
A Change In Affinity ago
Healing Atid ago
New Home ago
Before The Jump ago
Complacent And Oblivious ago
Brutal First Blood ago
Madness ago
In Search Of Shelter ago
Securing Safety ago
Pending? ago
The Start Of Totally Normal Night Time Activities ago
To The Brim ago
Doing It For The Energy... ago
Unexpected Windfall ago
Calamity And Fortune Come Hand In Hand ago
A Series Of Ever-Increasingly Dangerous Choices ago
Threat Of Death ago
To The Showers! ago
Can You Do Me A Favor? ago
Caught! ago
Father-“Son” Chat ago
Trash-Tier Affinity ago
And So We Begin Again... ago
Treacherous Cheats ago
Attaining Mythical Standing ago

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Holy crap. This is so freaking good. Why is this not topping the charts?

The start seems like one of those ridiculous stories that are 95% wish fullfilment and 5% story. I have to tell you guys, IT'S NOT. There's a cohesive story here, and even though the MC is kind of OP, it's not done in a stupid way that leaves no challenge. It's SATISFYING.

The actual plot of the story is really interesting. I usually HATE it when the systems have personalities. They're usually just a gateway for the author to add dumb jokes. But this story does it really well. I found myself actually reading the dialogue between the system and our MC. The side characters? We haven't gotten to know them too well but they're all interesting to me so far. I want to know more about them.

As for the MC, which I was most iffy about going into the story? She/he is amazing. I usually don't like genderbend MCs, they either get over the genderbend immediatly (then spend the next chapter feeling their female bodies up and getting excited) so that there was no point to the actual genderbend, or spend the entire story not accepting the situation and angsting over it, which isn't fun to read about. Here the logic for the MC getting over it makes sense in a twisted way.

The grammar is also far better than the usual junk that we see here. It's clean and readable, which is all I ask.

I originally intended to just skim this as I ran into this story randomly, but I ended up binging it. READ THIS.
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I like this one.  A little goofy, little serious.  Good story that doesn't take otsi self too seriously.                                                                                                              

  • Overall Score

Started out ok but the more I read the more it turned into a cheesy cultivation story and the less I liked it. My number one pet peeve is obnoxiously cliche characters, which are abundant in cultivation stories including this one.

As you can probably tell the cultivation genre is not my thing, so take this review with a grain of salt. 

  • Overall Score

Love this story. I am glad that I found it. It manages to be original in a genre with a plethora of carbon copy stories.