Living Life As A Game: Through And Through

by Vermillion Yormsky

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead GameLit Gender Bender High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Martial Arts Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

A seemingly random instance of character creation on the deep dark web changes the life of a socially inept and insufferable game addict, Adrian, in more ways than he could ever have fathomed.

A transformation and pact with a Goddess force him out of his comfortable lifestyle as the wastrel son of billionaire parents.

Entered in the Cataclysm, an apocalyptic battle royale for the Chosen of Sponsor Gods and Goddess, with his life effectively changed into that of a game character, Adrian has to confront underground Secret Societies, Magic, Cultivation, and change dramatically if he is to have the slightest chance of survival.

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Vermillion Yormsky

Vermillion Yormsky

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Important (Please Check Out If You're A New Reader) ago
Chapter 1: The Game That Started It All (Revised) ago
Chapter 2: Goddess Sponsor “P” (Revised) ago
Chapter 3: Accepting Her New Reality (Revised) ago
Chapter 4: Unpacking The Starter Pack (Revised) ago
Chapter 5: Meditation (Revised) ago
Chapter 6: Leaving Her Domain (Revised) ago
Chapter 7: Human Contact (Revised) ago
Chapter 8: Timely Contact ago
Chapter 9: Testing Conversion ago
Chapter 10: Joining The Dojo ago
Chapter 11: Learning The Basics ago
Chapter 12: Breakthrough ago
Chapter 13: A Frightening Moment ago
Chapter 14: Masochistic Awakening ago
Chapter 15: Trouble’s Brewing ago
Chapter 16: Choice Quest ago
Chapter 17: Chase! ago
Chapter 18: The Situation Worsens ago
Chapter 19: Pyrrhic Conclusion ago
Chapter 20: Healing Sun, An Ember Burns ago
Chapter 21: Search And Recovery ago
Chapter 22: Neither God Nor Devil ago
Chapter 23: Preparing Another Breakthrough Event, Accepting Rewards ago
Chapter 24: Misunderstanding ago
Chapter 25: Feeling Slighted ago
Chapter 26: Miracle Of The Medical Path, Calamitous Boss Battle ago
Chapter 27: Time For Breakfast ago
Chapter 28: Back To The Dojo ago
Chapter 29: Oddly Upset ago
Chapter 30: A Change In Affinity ago
Chapter 31: Healing Atid ago
Chapter 32: New Home ago
Chapter 33: Before The Jump ago
Chapter 34: Complacent And Oblivious ago
Chapter 35: Brutal First Blood ago
Chapter 36: Madness ago
Chapter 37: In Search Of Shelter ago
Chapter 38: Securing Safety ago
Chapter 39: Pending? ago
Chapter 40: The Start Of Totally Normal Night Time Activities ago
Chapter 41: To The Brim ago
Chapter 42: Doing It For The Energy... ago
Chapter 43: Unexpected Windfall ago
Chapter 44: Calamity And Fortune Come Hand In Hand ago
Chapter 45: A Series Of Ever-Increasingly Dangerous Choices ago
Chapter 46: Threat Of Death ago
Chapter 47: To The Showers! ago
Chapter 48: Can You Do Me A Favor? ago
Chapter 49: Caught! ago
Chapter 50: Father-“Son” Chat ago
Chapter 51: Trash-Tier Affinity ago
Chapter 52: And So We Begin Again... ago
Chapter 53: Treacherous Cheats ago
Chapter 54: Attaining Mythical Standing ago
Chapter 55: Elizabeth’s Break Cut Short ago
Chapter 56: Another Affliction Arises ago
Chapter 57: Blatant Betrayal ago
Chapter 58: Lamenting Her Own Impulsiveness ago
Chapter 59: You Can’t Be Serious... ago
Chapter 60: Critical Development! ago
Chapter 61: Betting It All On The Absurd ago
Chapter 62: Causing Problems For Oneself, Breaking Records ago
Chapter 63: Coming Out In One Piece ago
Chapter 64: That's Two For Two ago
Chapter 65: Putting An End To This Crazy Week ago
Chapter 66: Clashing ago
Chapter 67: How Is This Worth Millions?! ago
Chapter 68: Entering A Conflict ago
Chapter 69: Storage Enchantment ago
Chapter 70: The Search For DNA ago
Chapter 71: The Test For Better Training Gear ago
Chapter 72: Internal Refinement ago
Chapter 73: Evolution Of A Martial Skill ago
Chapter 74: Advancing At A Breakneck Pace ago
Chapter 75: A Visit From Familiar Faces ago
Chapter 76: Conditions ago
Chapter 77: Battle Between Soldiers ago
Chapter 78: Disturbing The Demon ago
Chapter 79: The Final Battle Against A Peak-Phase Pawn ago
Chapter 80: Dealing With The Aftermath ago
Chapter 81: Can’t I Just Have One Normal Day? ago
Chapter 82: The Strangest Bartender ago
Chapter 83: Correcting Time ago
Chapter 84: Testing The Limits, Double Breakthrough ago
Chapter 85: Broken And Bleak, Off To The Next Substation ago
Chapter 86: Erasing Limits, Endless Potential ago
Chapter 87: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly… Outcomes ago
Chapter 88: New Godly Servant, Leaving The Legacy Site ago
Chapter 89: Dimensional Upgrade ago
Chapter 90: To The Yacht ago
Chapter 91: Peak-Phase Soldier ago
Chapter 92: Spell Seeds ago
Chapter 93: Pill Consummation, Challenged In The Kitchen ago
Chapter 94: Landslide Victory For The Cooking Demon ago
Chapter 95: Learning A New Skill To Fill Up One’s Stomach ago
Chapter 96: Blade Art: Basics ago
Chapter 97: Subtle Change ago
Chapter 98: Unfathomable Reward ago
Chapter 99: An Unfunny Joke... ago
Chapter 100: Cursed Scroll ago
Chapter 101: Jane’s Turn, A Round Of Extrapersonal Cultivation ago
Chapter 102: Troublesome Bloodline ago
Chapter 103: Night Of Upgrades ago
Chapter 104: Shower Thoughts, Kitchen Schemes ago
Chapter 105: Stability, Albeit Temporarily ago
Chapter 106: Arriving At The Island, Unparalleled In The Forest ago
Chapter 107: Ominous Passage Activates, Cultivating Femininity ago
Chapter 108: The Demonic Godslayer’s Cultivation ago
Chapter 109: Frightening Battle ago
Chapter 110: The Secret, New Weakest Companion ago
Chapter 111: Wrapping Up The Free Day ago
Chapter 112: Planning Out A Lengthy Tournament Day ago
Chapter 113: Aggravating Stranger ago
Chapter 114: Startling Announcement ago
Chapter 115: The Refinement Stage ago
Chapter 116: High Hopes Rescinded ago
Chapter 117: Interview Gone Awry ago
Chapter 118: Boasting At Levels Thought To Be Unimaginable ago
Chapter 119: Sword Smithing ago
Chapter 120: Ending The First Stage ago
Chapter 121: Sneaking Suspicion ago
Chapter 122: Caught Completely Off Guard! ago
Chapter 123: The Un-probeable Clearlight Sparrow Beast Egg ago
Chapter 124: Ancestral Awakening ago
Chapter 125: Fiendish Delight ago
Chapter 126: Five Stage Win Streak ago
Chapter 127: The Demon Who Won Without Lifting A Finger! ago
Chapter 128: Trading For The Unexpected ago
Chapter 129: Doing It On Purpose ago
Chapter 130: Saint Elizabeth, The Demon Who Cures... ago
Chapter 131: Doctor-Patient Chat ago
Chapter 132: Psychotic Tendencies ago
Chapter 133: The End Of A Streak ago
Chapter 134: Free Time ago
Chapter 135: Taking The Spotlight Once More ago
Chapter 136: Three Enchantments ago
Chapter 137: Cooking Up A Storm ago
Chapter 138: Enlightening The Masses About The Wondrous Occupation Of True Spiritual Cooking! ago
Chapter 139: End Of The Secondary Occupational Events ago
Chapter 140: Double-Edged Sword Of An Ability ago
Chapter 141: The Start Of The Martial Event ago
Chapter 142: A True Test Of Strength! ago
Chapter 143: At Least I Completed The Game... ago
Chapter 144: Premature Encounter ago
Chapter 145: End Of The Warrior Stage Division ago
Chapter 146: Climbing The Ranks ago
Chapter 147: Dangerous Turn Of Events ago
Chapter 148: Extreme Path Cultivators Shock The Crowd! ago
Chapter 149: Finally, A Challenge! ago
Chapter 150: Just A Bit Of Danger ago
Chapter 151: The End Of A Terrific Battle ago
Chapter 152: The Saint Division ago
Chapter 153: Debuting The Origin Energy-Technique Integration Cube ago
Chapter 154: Hitting The Motherlode! Chance At Becoming Saint Champion ago
Chapter 155: Changing Tactics ago
Chapter 156: End Of The Road ago
Chapter 157: Divine Transmission ago
Chapter 158: From Humble Origins... ago
Chapter 159: …A Pair Of Legends Rise ago
Chapter 160: Giving Needless Advice ago
Chapter 161: No Choice But To Accept! ago
Chapter 162: Where Do They Come From?! ago
Chapter 163: Needle In The Proverbial Haystack ago
Chapter 164: Revealing Herself ago
Chapter 165: Concluding Her Business In The Keter Estate ago
Chapter 166: Let's Have A Race ago
Chapter 167: Exciting Times Before The Rest Arrive ago
Chapter 168: Incarnations! ago
Chapter 169: Change In Body And Soul ago
Chapter 170: Paradigm Shift ago
Chapter 171: Preparation For The Second Jump ago
Chapter 172: A Quick Test Of The Party ago
Chapter 173: Setting Up A Base ago
Chapter 174: Dangerous Encounter ago
Chapter 175: Death Vs Yang ago
Chapter 176: Zhenlang ago
Chapter 177: Contact With Other-Dimensional Residents ago
Chapter 178: Pretty Good Gains, All Things Considered... ago
Chapter 179: The Journey To Tyre ago
Chapter 180: To The Guild ago
Chapter 181: The Struggle To Earn A Guild Card ago
Chapter 182: The Prelude To A Calamity... ago
Chapter 183: A New Title And Rank ago
Chapter 184: Conducting Business At The Exchange Hub ago
Chapter 185: Becoming Enlightened ago
Chapter 186: Failed Cultivation ago
Chapter 187: Learning About Incantations ago
Chapter 188: Returning To Base Camp ago
Chapter 189: Setting Up The Formations ago
Chapter 190: Flaming Glass and Fellkin ago
Chapter 191: Planning A Meeting ago
Chapter 192: Arriving At Japan ago
Chapter 193: A Moment Of Introspection ago
Chapter 194: Mid-Interview Meltdown ago
Chapter 195: Return To The Past ago
Chapter 196: Vowing To Move Forward ago
Chapter 197: Proposing An Ultimatum ago
Chapter 198: Progress In The Shadow Realm ago
Chapter 199: Rapid Escalation Of Conflict ago
Chapter 200: Wolf God Form ago
Chapter 201: Unprecedented Crisis ago
Chapter 202: Reaching Her Absolute Speed Limit ago
Chapter 203: Soul Extinguishing Thunder ago
Chapter 204: Spirit Bound Contract ago
Chapter 205: Day One Of Training ago
Chapter 206: The Second Stage Descends! ago
Chapter 207: Visitors Arrive ago
Chapter 208: A Haunting Encounter Of Figures From The Past ago
Chapter 209: Battles On Three Fronts ago
Chapter 210: Merciful Sun ago
Chapter 211: Some Scores Have To Be Settled Personally ago
Chapter 212: Preparing For Seclusion ago
Chapter 213: Strive For Perfection ago
Chapter 214: Humbled Once More ago
Chapter 215: Mortal Bodily Limit ago
Chapter 216: Opening The Upper Dantian ago
Chapter 217: Cultivator ago
Chapter 218: Unable To Go All-Out ago
Chapter 219: Sound Transmission ago
Chapter 220: Cloudrain Sector ago
Chapter 221: A New Parameter In Understanding ago
Chapter 222: Increasing The Pressure ago
Chapter 223: Quick Change Of Plans ago
Chapter 224: Temple Mysteries ago
Chapter 225: What Would This Day Be Without More Interruptions? ago
Chapter 226: The Schemes Of A Man With Nothing To Lose ago
Chapter 227: His Greatest Failure Yet ago
Chapter 228: At Last, It Begins ago
Chapter 229: A Game Centered Around Collection ago
Chapter 230: Bottlenecks And Impossibly Talented Humans ago
Chapter 231: Childish Frustration ago
Chapter 232: Becoming A God Is Not Enough ago
Chapter 233: Almost Too Good To Be True ago

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This is incredible

Holy crap. This is so freaking good. Why is this not topping the charts?

The start seems like one of those ridiculous stories that are 95% wish fullfilment and 5% story. I have to tell you guys, IT'S NOT. There's a cohesive story here, and even though the MC is kind of OP, it's not done in a stupid way that leaves no challenge. It's SATISFYING.

The actual plot of the story is really interesting. I usually HATE it when the systems have personalities. They're usually just a gateway for the author to add dumb jokes. But this story does it really well. I found myself actually reading the dialogue between the system and our MC. The side characters? We haven't gotten to know them too well but they're all interesting to me so far. I want to know more about them.

As for the MC, which I was most iffy about going into the story? She/he is amazing. I usually don't like genderbend MCs, they either get over the genderbend immediatly (then spend the next chapter feeling their female bodies up and getting excited) so that there was no point to the actual genderbend, or spend the entire story not accepting the situation and angsting over it, which isn't fun to read about. Here the logic for the MC getting over it makes sense in a twisted way.

The grammar is also far better than the usual junk that we see here. It's clean and readable, which is all I ask.

I originally intended to just skim this as I ran into this story randomly, but I ended up binging it. READ THIS.

Arin Vale
  • Overall Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Okay - Something is there

Style: There was one chapter where the paragraph spacing was doubled, so it made scrolling annoying and sorta messed up the reading flow. Otherwise, the writing was written in an easy to understand fashion, albeit with some grammatical idiosyncrasies that I’ll explain later. The quests are nice, but their formatting is borderline bad—this includes skills. The spacing needs to be better improved between different info sections as well as some separation from the story. Currently, they looked like malformed contextual paragraphs.

Story: It started out very promisingly; although, I was unsure whether I was a fan of the MC’s background, it made him too perfect to fit in as a guy in a game world being able to do a lot because his parents are away and rich. Once it got to the martial arts part, it stagnated for me because it spent an introductory chapter teaching Muay Thai of which I have no interest in actually reading a step by step how. Two, three paragraphs at most suffice and then time skip practice to spars. And with the spars, less detail otherwise it drags for too long. In short, the martial arts part was just too long. Getting to the Sun character part. I was lukewarm on the integration of the two perspectives as well as the new character himself. But since I stopped at 21, I have little to say except he wasn’t annoying at least and has some potential to be a good character, but similarly, can easily fall short too. What engages me and makes me want ot continue reading are the quests and living in a game world while in the real world. I just wish for the quests to be... well ordinary in the beginning is fine, but after a while, more interesting and slowly increasing in duration and difficulty while remaining focused on a path/type of quest. Hoping that the topics for each quest don’t just skip around.

Grammar: I found the structuring/ordering of sentences to be... strange? Not sure how to describe it, not quite awkward, not quite fluid, understandable, but something felt off. It seemed to be from pauses (commas) that were unnecessary or necessary to add. The order of words in a sentence didn’t flow as well as it could’ve if restructured in a different/more coherently smooth way. Due to this, it impacted style. The content was good, but the presentation was mediocre.

Character: While I somewhat like the MC (which is better than being neutral or disliking characters as it often is), a weird problem arises for me out of him becoming female. He realistically is shocked at first, but then he  comes to grips because all he cares about is games (a weak reason in my opinion, hard core gamer or whatever, but to really cast everything else aside for that by not caring the least bit except in impulse or instinct is well, not believable). He fluctuates at times, but in the end he accepts it as now the story refers to him as she. This is where I start feeling funny. How it comes across to me based on the explanation/reasoning given is that he experienced the sexuality of a male because he was born one, but as a female he didn’t feel as much as he before, so it comes across either as asexual or gender fluid. Fck I don’t even know if I have the gender terms right. I’m no expert. In any way, what I mean is that now MC is a male inside a female’s body. So the big issue isn’t him so much yet as it is the image of others on him leading to eventually his character in how he maintains relationships. So will he decide to act feminine or perhaps by default because of a female body, or will he now like men, or still like women, how does having the opposite organs and hormones affect this all. I didn’t think these questions would arise when I began reading or in any novel, but now I’m starting to be bothered by it because of the lack of the conversation about it in the story. Lastly, as a general statement, I have a problem with a ‘strong’ female being inherently a male. It feels like that means this MC couldn’t have been like this if ‘she’ didn’t first start out as a he. I think the narrative would’ve been stronger if it was a girl from the start. Or at the very least, have way more conflict with trapped as a male in a females body. It just got dropped as okay whatever, mobing on, but that’s never good to have in a story.

Overall: Most of the stuff I picked up on was subtleties and connections. As a whole, the story is good, it has foreseeable high potential. I’m just concerned by the early signs of a possible waste of potential. The level of writing is also nothing special, but certainly not bad at all. It simply has plenty for improvement. I do applaud the keeping of correct math. Regardless, I will be continuing reading some more and reccomend to anyone to try it out after reading this review thinking I’m okay/willingly to give it a shot with all that’s been brought up.

  • Overall Score

A rough start that kept me coming back

This story started on a rough note for me but as it progressed along i kept coming back and I am very glad that I did. The Author is obviously putting in serious work on improving there stroy and writing and it has been noticable especially in the later chapters. All in all i would whole heartedly recommend to anyone that loves this genre of story and can tolerate the occasional error.
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I like this one.  A little goofy, little serious.  Good story that doesn't take otsi self too seriously.                                                                                                              

  • Overall Score

Love this story. I am glad that I found it. It manages to be original in a genre with a plethora of carbon copy stories. 

  • Overall Score

Started out ok but the more I read the more it turned into a cheesy cultivation story and the less I liked it. My number one pet peeve is obnoxiously cliche characters, which are abundant in cultivation stories including this one.

As you can probably tell the cultivation genre is not my thing, so take this review with a grain of salt. 

Lorraine V
  • Overall Score

Extremely Enjoyable

 I look forward to posts.  They often get me to laugh.  So much power helps me feel better about everything.   Some silliness, lots of OP.  Definitely a feel good book which I truly appreciate.    

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Not what is advertised

Im starting to get a feel of why this story is so low on the rankings...

He starts as a guy making a rpg female character going full speed and int to make some strange time mage, nice. Afterwards it seems that he is the character and now she needs to train to live during a future cataclysm, still nice. PROBLEM, as of chapter 27 all we can see is a shy maiden (the original male personality ceased to exist because yes) going full martial arts (end, str, speed ,etc) and getting along with a dude.

What happened to the mage build? why did he suddenly start liking guys? why did he changue from being an introvert gamer to a shy maiden speaking with a guy for the first time? Why did the story changue from rpg to a modern wuxia shitty chinese novel??

And the grammar needs some work.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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As of Saint Elizabeth, The Demon Who Cures

Among my favorites I login everyday to catch the new releases it is one of the most enjoyable litrpgs out there and the release schedule is daily with it being twice daily for most of the time. 

As a shoutout to the author I commend you for your daily release schedule as this isn't merely a daily release but a quality daily release hats off to you sir.

Now onto the review in its totality.


While it doesn't re-invent the weel it does take it further and applies a twist to the whole thing. This reads very much like a Xianxia a-lot of wuxia themes and flavors repackaged with western elements but as a LITRPG. Nothing is completley unique however the way the author brings them all together is its selling point for style.


The story revolves around a chubby shut-in gettting powers just as the world is about to undergo a change where magic and cultivation steps out of the underworld and into the mainstream. The overall narative is held together by the quest system and P a goddess who has sponsored the MC on his journey the quests are providing a clear motivation that continues the whole thing along quite nicely. Other than that it's usually the MC encountering a new obstacle and overcoming it with ease.


I'm not an english major so unless the issue is glaring I won't notice. As of yet I haven't noticed a thing out of place.


5 Stars. So far my favorite is the Dad as I thouroghly enjoy comedic characters and the Dad made me laugh so thank you for that.


A quality novel with an almost unheard of release of daily if not twice daily and the ocasional thrice daily all while maintaining a good if not great quality this novel desereves recognition for being a fantastic choice if you want a daily litrpg novel to enjoy. The highest reccomend that I can give.

  • Overall Score

The writing and grammer are flawless, and for those who don't lik genderbender stories it has very little to do with the story.