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The Bestigor was prepared for her, but Estaria was confident in her new stats, and so she rushed the thing, starting with a shield ram and then following up with a Second Slice attack. Unfortunately, the size and general bulk of the Bestigor meant that the ram did little, and then he parried both attacks before taking a chunk of luck off her bar. This, creature was more powerful than Estaria could have comprehended. Did they get buffs for being in dungeons? Either way, there was no time to be thinking about that, no time to be doing anything but fighting this most powerful of foes. She’d certainly gain combat experience, if not actual Experience.

Estaria flowed like water, and the Bestigor came like falling rocks, each one striking, countering and then trying to exploit a minute window left in the other’s defenses. Luck chipped away little by little, and soon Estaria was on her health, though quickly followed by the Bestigor. Eventually, she decided this fight was not going to be won without some drastic action. So she grasped her blade, gritted her teeth and feinted with her shield, leaving an opening that the Bestigor exploited. His blade bit deep into her armoured side, and the pain near knocked her off her stride. But she persevered with grit and fury, and made a Called Shot to the Bestigor’s arm as it stabbed her. She threw a Second Slice to make sure that she really cut it off, but as blade hit body, she got a strange, popup.

Shadows of the Future: 300% Damage

There and gone in the same breath, it lasted long enough for her to cut the Bestigor’s arm off, and then was gone as if there was no evidence it had ever been to begin with. The Bestigor’s backswing was fast and brutal, slashing through Estaria’s armour and spilling copious amounts of blood on the ground. Her health dropped dangerously low, and the shock of it threw her from her feet. The Bestigor roared in pain from his lost limb, and Estaria knew she needed to get up, but her whole body felt numb. Breath coming out in gasps. Her hands felt cold, her whole body felt cold. If she could just...sleep for a moment…

The thumping footsteps of an angry Bestigor brought her back to reality, and she barely managed to roll out of the way of the incoming hoof before it crushed her head. Now, was not the time for dying. Forcing her body up and regaining some semblance of balance, there was one last chance to finish this off. Come round from his armless zone and stick a sword through his eye. High damage, plus Overwhelming and Ulric’s “Mercy of the Wolf” would help her do enough to take him out in one swing. If she could manage the blow, of course. He was shown to be as fast as she was, and as skilled. The only benefit she had, was two arms to his one. But, it was a benefit she was going to push.

Rushing at him, she then shifted of to the size and leapt, his blade coming at her and being blocked by her shield as she thrust the sword forward, driving her entire body into the blow that penetrated his eye socket and drove the creature to the ground. Finally….Finally….the fight was over. Estaria collapsed for a few moments, and then hit the yes button when the button came up to leave the dungeon.

Dungeon finished, 25000+6000 gold. Greater Potion of Experience earned. Exitting in 10 seconds.

She laid there for ten seconds before she was back in the camp. Her wounds gone and the cold feeling subsidized, but the bone-deep weariness did not. Ignoring whatever else might be happening, Estaria dragged herself to the tent and collapsed to the sound of a new box.

You have leveled up

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HamsterDesTodes @HamsterDesTodes ago

Just found and immediately finished the story. Great read! Now where did I leave my Total War: Warhammer copy *gonesearching*

PS have a follow and 5 stars!


    LillyanaKabal @LillyanaKabal ago

    Thanks Hamster! The idea for a Warhammer fanfic has been one for a while. But never really written. Then the idea of adding game mechanics to it was inspired by The Gamer and Solo Leveling. Hence, RE:Hammer!

Birdsupremacy @Birdsupremacy ago

I think this is the first warhammer fantasy fanfiction I've read, so my opinion might be biased when i say its my favourite warhammer fantasy fanfiction!

Nathe818 @Nathe818 ago

I was wondering where this was. I enjoy your work and look forward to the continuation of this story!

Shy Giggling @Shy Giggling ago

Thanks for the chapter! Wink

And also, I blame Antartica, it's cold there

NothingButPain @NothingButPain ago

I blame you!

Take- take it as a compliment of how invested I am in this story (even though I am a binge-reader). Tongue

Whassup @Whassup ago

Hey. About the "And the Main Character is not the only Player in this game~". Are there any Players on the other side (I mean Chaos/skaven, the "lets destroy stuff - roflmao -side"? Waiting for the next chapter o//