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Your average Reborn Game System story, similar to The Gamer and Solo Leveling. Written for fun rather than novilization like the others, so it is smaller and less intense. It is set in an AU Warhammer (based on a slightly modified version of Warhammer Fantasy's End Times. (Modified because the real setting was a catastrophe. There will be no exploding moons or beating the God Of Indulgence because they overindulged, and no Slaans fucking off to space. People shall use their brains and not just "lol cuz I can" bs like Todbringer thinking the end of the fucking world was the best time to go persue you interracial Yaoi rivalry with a Beastlord). So you might notice names and events but don't expect it all to go the same way. And the Main Character is not the only Player in this game~

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  • Overall Score

Looking forward to where this goes. Enjoying it so far (as of Chapter 10) keep it up.

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Good Start - hate the direction it went

Enjoyed the story  - well the start anyway.

But i feel the author has lost the MC direction as they progressed, and from a MC that was entertaining to read about and enjoyable to see in action to a MC that doesnt seem to relate back to the story from the start. (as of Chap 27)

Ill hope that it gets better but wont read from here on in.

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Apparently the system is based off of the Warhammer games. I've never done anything with them and I still really enjoy this story. 

Well written with engaging style, interesting characters, and good grammar and spelling. MC is on their way to becoming OP, but it's an enjoyable ride rather than boring steamrolling of everything. I recommend.

Shy Giggling
  • Overall Score

Interesting, the same but still original

At chapter 11 currently, (chapter 8 is a dud fyi).

LitRPG type yet isn't like the others LitRPG type. It's just original, and even more better, it's set in a Warhammer setting (I'm a fan), so in my book, that gives it a 4 star already. I love the MC, a somewhat normal surely-soon-to-be eccentric woman in the military playing with something she barely understands just for our entertainment.


+1 for me. O// O// O//

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Tons of Potential, look forward to more!

There are never enough Warhammer fics in my opinion. It is a gritty world filled with some of the most badass heroes I have ever read. 

The MC is pretty cool, I like her. There isn't much fleshed out about her yet, but she is likeable and she is rather smart. 

The story is pretty great so far and very warhammer like filled with minor battles and major so far which is very realistic of warhammer. 

My one issue with this novel though is how disjoined I sometimes feel about the gaming system. The MC somteimes refers to it as a gaming system, but she shouldn't know about it. 

Let me repeat though "sometimes", for the most part it flows in really well, but I wish the MC would stop thinking of this as a game. She was rezzed and givin the system but still is a warhammer citizen-born-and-raised. She would probably view this as a blessing (in my opinoin, but as a game? Idk it is weird for me to see a warhammer person reacting like one of us to the system).

We are speeding through and already the MC is fairly strong and she is grinding like a boss with exp. However this is gotta make some questions soon. In warhammer everyone is suspcious as hell about weird powers and with bodies being stripped of loot automatically it will def draw some questions along with MC's epic items that she has. 

  • Overall Score

The author writes a competent story in my favorite universe. Five stars! 

  • Overall Score

Something new i like it.

Good storytelling new type of warhammer storyline

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Whenever I read this I feel compelled to play Total War: Warhammer because it gets me so pumped about Warhammer. If that is not the point of fanfiction I do not know what is

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this story is a near perfect fit for me i love lit rpg mechanics but was getting bored with the normal ones this one while not deveating to gratly from that style adds its own flare to the system that was becoming a bit overused i especially love the mc so far maybe its just because i love snark but i adore her the only 2 problems i have is that sometimes the way a sceen is changed can cause some confusion to whats going on and take you out of the story for a bit the second bit is that there is a large lack of support charactors most are nameless and those that get names dont stay to long the only exeption so far is the new player she met a while ago

  • Overall Score

It was a great story with some sex but it's literally just sex now