System Descendant: Awakening

by Kevin Lilly

Original HIATUS Adventure Drama Fantasy Sci-fi Dungeon GameLit LitRPG Low Fantasy Magic Multiple Lead Characters Post Apocalyptic Strong Lead

The misuse of Nanobots drove the first test subjects crazy. These crazy few called themselves the Domains.  Most of the Domains rained down destruction on the rest of Humanity. Two Domains stood against the rest, but they were not enough to stop the tide.

Humanity was conquered and fell. Wildly mutated animals and constructs threaten the villages and towns that remain. Meanwhile, cities are protected by the effort of large numbers of heroes. One of the Domains that stood against the others has instituted a number of systems designed to help humanity. It's still not enough. But then a relative of the first Domain, one of two that stood for Humanity, awakens from his long slumber.

This is the tale of Lucas and his friends as they fight to free the world from the grips of Hades and the rest of the Domains.

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Kevin Lilly

Kevin Lilly

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Only six chapters out at the time of this review. But so far it is a solid start for a system apocolypse story.  So far it has been a good balance of setting up the rules for the world and moving the story forward.

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Great idea, nanobot as magic, really liked it. Have lots of questions there but they probably going to be answered later.

I had stoppeds on 11th chapter and to me there is too much dialogues with Rose, too much details there. And not enough action and personal progress. This is what I expect from RPG. 

It really looks realistic and safe and kind of smart on MC side, but boring to me. 

So if you like the idea give it a try you may like it. But this is not my cup of tea.