The Hourglass Dragon

by saylin

Original ONGOING Fantasy Female Lead High Fantasy Magic Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Mia dies after a life of cosmically terrible luck, and wakes up in a waiting room chair. Told that she'll get one more chance at life on a distant planet, nothing can stop her this time - especially not a bit of bad luck!





This story will likely have inconsistent uploads, but I will do my best..

Feedback and constructive criticism are always welcome-I'm not very experienced with writing so it really is helpful!

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  • Overall Score

An second chance for a unlucky girl.

I have enjoyed reading the story so far, it is well written with no obivious flaws visible, a good pacing even if it is quite fast, with a interesting premise, even if its the same old reincarnation in another world trope, though i find the author has done it in a fairly interesting way.

Our MC Mia is one of the most unlucky people in the world, and dies after having a very unlucky accident, there in the afterlife, she is told that she can have another chance at life in a fantasy world, and is eager to take the chance, but then things go odd with her reincarnation, and she begins with her new, weird life, growing up under her caring yet odd mother, learning about the world and its people, and living a good yet eventful life.

It is a light, amusing read, with no heavy elements in the story so far, though that is subject to change eventually, there is much potentional left to be told in this story, and im interested in where the author will go with the plot.


  • Overall Score

Well written, interesting, and quirky in the right ways. Reminiscent of The Wandering Inn's early style and I eagerly await to see its progression.

  • Overall Score

I am having fun reading the story so far. The characters are world building are all very well written. Characters are distinguished well enough I never have trouble remembering anyone. 

So far this story is an excellent slice of life with hints of a greater plot in the future.

One thing I have a small complaint about is how the main character is never shone to experiment with magic. She’s not very curious at all. I was expecting a time mage from the title.