Wreath of Lilies, Cauldron of Poison

by DrunkMinstrel

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead Gender Bender Harem High Fantasy Magic Martial Arts Reincarnation Strong Lead Villainous Lead Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Wang Tian Gu, the Tyrant who had massacred countless warrior in Jiang Hu for 600 years had died

Taking with him the Soul Reversing Sutra, one the Eight Treasures of Jiang Hu.


Through a whim of fate, he transmigrated into the body of a misfortunate girl in a world far different from his own.

This new world is ruled by the law of levels, status, and skills. Where heroes and demon lords are born to fight each other. Where beautiful women and handsome men fought for dominance. Where swords and magic clash in a firework of blood and steel.

However, other transmigrators had also planted their roots in this world, bringing with them the blessings and cheats of the gods and goddesses who favors them.

For them, this is a "Game".

For him, this is "Reality".


And now watch as the Heavenly Poison King raise havoc upon this world!

All for the sake of his Dao.

And everything...for the sake of revenge.

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Great story, bad grammar

I really like your story, but the grammar is just not up to par. You consistently switch between present and past, which really hurts the flow. There are the occasional wrong forms of words too, but those don't really disrupt the flow too much in my opinion.

The story is still readable since everything else is fine up to now. If one can get past the prologue, which is the chapter with the most errors so far, the rest of the story is much more readable in comparison.

To the author: Most b1-b2 English level can correct most of your mistakes, so you should seriously consider getting one to proofread. I can easily see this story getting a high ranking then.

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Great Start. cant wait for more

i cant give a full 5* as this is still really fresh.  And im hoping this story will continue/  i dont want updates daily as that is very taxing all i want is it to continue for as long as your muse runs strong. 

I am truly looking forward to this as i love odd storys like this one and cant wait for a update notification hopefully soon

as for the aspects of the story im not expert for them and all i can do is recomend this to anyone who is skeptic. im sorry for my poor grammar but i wish to read more

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You won't regret reading this novel.

I'm a person that is obsessed with ideas. The idea of something can make or break something for me. That being said I've read many books revolving around cultivation and many lit-rpg books aswell, so reading this wonderful blend of the genre is leaving me refreshed and raring for more. I hope the author reads my review and will continue writing this for I am very interested in where it will go, even if the protagonist is very over powered the idea is what I'm in love with and the execution is helping all the more.

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What if Chinese cultivation and Isekai had a baby

I've always liked comparing the differences to Chinese cultivation stories to the standard adventure story that dominates Japanese stories. This story is the result of a one night stand between them.

It's interesting seeing the whole new powers of Chinese cultivation stories introduced to a more European medieval world. I also am just a fan of stories where the MC uses Poison a fair amount. 

Really, If I had to say one thing I didn't like. It would be a plot development about one of the character's body changing. It really only bugs me to cause things like that has always gotten on my nerves. Other then this one thing, The story is pretty fun.

I do kind of like the MC, At times it seems the story forgot he is an old man (That is probably Hundreds or thousands of years old) I think the story is pretty good with keeping the MC's personality the same throughout the story.

Kind of disappointed we haven't seen more of the magic of the medieval world setting and the MC's first encounters and interactions with a strange new form of force.

I do like seeing the relationship between the MC and the girl he picked up near the start and I like imagining what the future holds for them. I kind of want there to be a story arc about the girl the MC picked up meeting her parents (Although I like the idea the mother actually loves her) and other people who abused her after all this. I also kind of like the idea the girl that died to help the girl the MC picked gets reborn. Maybe as a child between the MC and the girl ( Don't ask how it would work, This is a world with magic after all) I just like the idea of this girl being forced to stay around them.

Overall it's a really fun story.

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I normally don't write reviews but I thought I should, so for the characters are great, I really enjoy the main and the second characters so far, keep up the great work since its hard to find a good yuri story since most of them seem to die after a 100 pages so i hope you keep this going

No one Special
  • Overall Score

Excellent novel, niche idea, excited for its future