Another World's Homunculus

by BlankDott

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance Harem High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Slice of Life Strong Lead

Ellis Murrin died an unexpected death, but before he could experience the sweet bliss of eternal rest, a God-like being whisked him away. The God told a tale of another world in grave jeopardy and the need for a hero (or several heroes) to go there and save the people. It was looking to be a typical story of transmigration when suddenly, something unexpected happened.

Now, he finds himself standing in the middle of an ancient tomb, with a lineage that wasn’t exactly normal and a body that wasn’t entirely human.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: From Now on, I’ll Live a Valiant Life ago
Chapter 2: After Death ago
Chapter 3: An Old Man that Knows How to Act Modestly ago
Chapter 4: Waking Up in Another World ago
Chapter 5: Into the Unknown Forest ago
Chapter 6: To Be Carefully Reckless ago
Chapter 7: A Secret Hidden Behind the Water ago
Chapter 8: A Time Skip This Early in the Story?! ago
Chapter 9: A Strong Looking Monster Comes Out ago
Chapter 10: A Brief Interlude~ Hero Side: Prequel ago
Chapter 11: A New Beginning ago
Chapter 12: The Fox Birthed from a Corpse ago
Chapter 13: The First Two Weeks with a New Companion ago
Chapter 14: Onward and Upward ago
Chapter 15: The Land Above the Forest is just Another Forest ago
Chapter 16: Following the Winding River ago
Chapter 17: Following the Winding River Part 2 ago
Chapter 18: A New Bunch of Brats ago
Chapter 19: A Grave Predicament ago
Chapter 20: The Everyday Life of a Wolf Under Tyranny ago
Chapter 21: The Everyday Life of a Wolf Under Tyranny Part 2 ago
Chapter 22: Abandoned and Left in Destitution ago
Chapter 23: Hero Side 1 ago
Chapter 24: The Arduous Path of the Spear ago
Chapter 25: A Year's Worth of Progress ago
Chapter 26: A Solution to a Dire Circumstance ago
Chapter 27: The Tragic Life Story of a Wolf in Peril ago
Chapter 28: A Battle with a Boss-Class Monster ago
Chapter 29: Verifying a Popular Legend ago
Chapter 30: The Onlooker (Prey) from Across the Sea ago
Chapter 31: The Pains of Labor ago
Chapter 32: The Results of Training ago
Chapter 33: A Random Encounter with A Monster ago
Chapter 34: The Witch who Lives in Solitude ago
Chapter 35: The Witch with Too Many Thoughts in her Head ago
Chapter 36: A Simple Cottage ago
Chapter 37: A Shocking Revelation ago
Chapter 38: What Lies at the Source of the River ago
Chapter 39: The Art of Potioneering ago
Chapter 40: His Final Decision ago
Chapter 41: Journey to the World Tree ago
Chapter 42: The First of Many Questions ago
Chapter 43: Ena's New Target ago
Chapter 44: And Suddenly, an Outrageous Proposition ago
Chapter 45: When the Wolves Come out to Play ago
Chapter 46: Bonding and Violence Go Hand in Hand ago
Chapter 47: The River Goes into Hiding ago
Chapter 48: An Unpleasant Person ago

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  • Overall Score

Years pass in the blink of an eye.

From chapter 4-36 only 3 things of note happen. 

1. MC gets a female fox

2. MC gets a wolf pack with a female wolf leader

3. MC meets a witch(female)

Between all of that is the MC being OP and killing Monsters. There is some minor foreshadowing but this story is closer to 50 chapters than it is to 20 at this point and the plot hasn't really advanced much. Things shouldn't be rushed of course, but things are only now seeing some kind of advancement due to the MC finding another living "human," the witch. But the witch has been in 4 chapters now a nothing of note has happed and it took 4 chapters just to reach the witch's home. During that time, hardly anything has been said between the two characters.  I get that it has been 6 years since the MC last spoke to another person, but it is very disappointing. 

There is also the fact that the MC is a Homunculus. Despite being non-human, or an artificial human, in 36 chapters this has almost zero relevance to the plot. In other stories, there are plenty of humans with the same powers the MC has shown thus far. Which makes the MC's Homunculus status feel arbitrary. I don't expect this to stay arbitrary, but that is how it is at the moment. Part of the issue is that there have been no other humans in the story for the MC to compare himself to so you can only compare him to humans from other novels. One thing that would have really made a difference was if the MC was never a human from earth. If the MC was born a Homunculus. Because right now, the MC is just a strong human, in a Homunculus body that has all the functions of a natural human body, including libido. The only thing that marks him as non-human is the author declaring he isn't. The MC has a unique eye and hair color, which is supposed to mark him as something other than human, but with no other humans around those two points are currently irrelevant. So, if it wasn't for the author telling us he wasn't a natural human, the reader would have never known. 

I did say there was some foreshadowing of events to come. You hear a bit about the other humans that were sent to the new world along with the MC, some religious corruption, and a faraway maiden. It doesn't amount to much at the moment, and those issues are so far off that it almost has no relevance to the MC's travels. So, there isn't much for the reader to concern themselves about in this regard. 

There are a few chapters that aren't from the MC's perspective. Of those chapters, there are three chapters that are from the perspective of a member of the wolf pack. Two chapters follow the Wolf Pack's leader, Wight, and the other is a more comical chapter involving Plush, the biggest(fattest?) wolf of the pack. These are the best of the chapters that aren't from the MC's perspective, and I look forward to other chapters from the perspective of a member of the pack, and especially one from the young fox, Ena. 

I have a fear that this novel will never reach a point of where things really start moving. Where something actually noteworthy happens in this world the author has created. This is mainly due to the fact that the author has two other fictions that have been abandoned at the posting of this review. 

Despite this review sounding mostly negative, I have mostly enjoyed what I have read. Even with my few frustrations, I have a desire to keep reading as it is updated. 

For now at least.

  • Overall Score

Squandered potential.

The story is fairly good but the concepts that make it interesting are largely absent for over 30 chapters. The author wanted to the MC as OP as well as show growth, it's very good as showing the journey from powerful to overpowered for his crew but the MCs place in the world, his interaction with it and the world's reaction to him feel like the most compelling party of the story and yet he's complete isolated from the world. I'll be honest I was ready to stop it in place but the thought "what will happen  when he reaches civilization?" kept me reading.

  • Overall Score

Looking forward to more!

I'd say that this is one of the very few stories on this site that I actually say (out loud), "Shit, there's no more?!" When I reach the end of the available chapters. I REALLY want more.

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This is a diamond in the rough with high quality writing and story. there is enough progression, so you won’t get bored. There are lots of interesting beasts and new companions however i would like for some of the beasts and people that get close to the MC not to be just females but guys (human or beast) who can be close friends or subordinates. I really like how the beasts are given their own personalities and POV chapters. All in all I think the story is going in the right direction, hope the author can keep up the pace because I want more!

  • Overall Score
Spoiler: Spoiler


  • Overall Score

Really enjoying this series soo far the MC is OP however the way things are right now it isn't a large issue hopefully it doesn't become one later on where there isn't any struggle for him. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

  • Overall Score

As title suggested a good read. As far as chapter 37 the story is great. The main character is OP but the adventures are challenging so it all works out. 

  • Overall Score

One of the few stories to give me OMG moments

Few stories that have made me open my mouth with OMG moments.

  • Overall Score

What seems like an exciting adventure is really just MC walking through some woods for over 20 chapters. 3 years of walking. I'm going to drop this because its really dull and seems to be dropping rare monsters for MC to collect. *yawn* Not to mention they all seem one dimensional in thier worhsip of the MC

  • Overall Score

The comedy is good, the pacing is good for a slice of life story.

This story is nice, but it need some conflict to make it more interesting.

Also, i want to remind the author that living alone in the wilderness for a long time will be detrimental to a person's mental health and social skill. Many writers forget about that. please tell me if you have an explanation why he doesn't have any mental disorder  despite the lack of social interraction.

(Sorry for my bad grammar)