Ironclad: Another world conquest with unbeatable technology



Fate of Ironclad: Another World conquest with unbeatable Technology


This is not a chapter but rather, another status update.

You all know of the Ironclad's thrice revises that annoyed all of you right? Well, here we go again.

Although I mentioned 'revised'. I'm not revising it but rather postponing the production of the Ironclad.

Reason for this change was because of me- not accomplishing the needs of my reviewers. Grammar corrections and improvements? No progress. Story and in-depth Character production? No progress. Style and construction of sentences? No progress, too.

This isn't worth the 3.9 Review that I attained from my readers.

So, therefore, I must postpone the story development until I have attained a proper grasp on the aforementioned things.

For now, I will be focusing on my second book; Face your own Fate. I will be improving there and someday if my viewers are left satisfied with the results. I will be going back to Ironclad and resume its progress, continue Andrew's story and his revenge against the Kingdom of Humanity.

What to expect with Ironclad in the future?

I won't guarantee the improvement of the grammar, style, construction of sentences but. At least I hope it'll be slightly better than what I have right now. In the least, I hope to make it slightly better to read and wouldn't require anyone who read my story a little bit more brain power than what it is supposed to give.

So, what to anticipate, really?

In the first Storyline, we have Andrew Gerald who could instantaneously build war machines with the help of enough materials. And on the second Storyline didn't reach the mark of him building superb firearms since both I and some of my viewers aren't satisfied with the construction of the story and had to revise it.

In the third Storyline in which improved greatly, said by some of my readers. But since it is a different storyline, there are changes that are to be made: For example, his Blessing which required research from a separate Blessing will be replaced by something even more demanding but grants a better reward Research. Better Fortitude Ability, and a lot more of hardships that the Protagonist must take care of before he carries out his vengeance (A lot more action in short).

And that sums all of my work for the future Ironclad.

I hope you read Ironclad: Another world conquest with unbeatable Technology in the future after I accomplished everything I require to be a better writer.

Thank you for your understanding and your everlasting support.


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Bio: I am an inspiring author for a hobby with not-so-decent writing skills and English isn’t my primary language, haha. Well, please excuse me for having a really such bad grammar!

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