And so the day went on.

After the Captain Knight, Arthugrand, answered my question- Nakagawa-sensei resumed her parade and commenced the status checking episode. The pearl shone in luminescent light and for a brief pause, it displayed Nakagawa-sensei’s status. The result was downright unbelievable, even the King, the princesses, and the Knights couldn’t help but exclaim a gasp of astonishment.

We did believe in princess Maria’s words though, but it is only a half-assed belief.

We never knew otherworlders could be this surprisingly powerful!!!


Shiina Nakagawa
Level 1: Experience 0/100
Title: Ark Beholder
HP: 10,000/10,000 MP: 5,000/5,000
Strength: 100 Defense: 500
Magic: 500 Magic Defense: 500
Agility: 250 Dexterity: 100
Abilities: Magic Superiority EX LV1, Magic Extremity EX LV1, Magic Absolute EX LV1, Mentality Resistance LV1, Mentality Over-all Resistance UP, Spirit Resistance Up, Spirit Nullification LV1, Spirit Mastery LV1, Spirit Superiority LV1, Spirit Extremity EX, Ark Control LV1, Ark Mastery LV1, Immunity to Poison, Immunity to Curses.
Blessing: Ancient Ark Control

The Ark Element is one of the most powerful Elements considered in the whole world. Although its records of being influential are lost in time, it’s still highly regarded as an Element that could go against the Void Element.No wonder why the Aldebaran Kingdom regard and revere otherworlders as an existence that couldn’t go against with! Nakagawa-sensei’s status is enough to shake the world with that number. Moreover, her class is Legendary-Tiered, her abilities did not fail her Legendary-tiered class in the slightest as numerous amount of them appeared one after another, her blessing could be called inadequate but. At least her Blessing is somewhat powerful like controlling the Ancient Ark Element.

But I don’t know what the Ancient prefix does. Maybe because in the past, in the ancient era, the ancient people were much more powerful and fluent in magic arts than the people today?

Maybe it was because of something in between these lines.

The ceremony continued on, even with the loud exclamation of amazement bellowed by these people, it still moved forward. Not minding the loud atmosphere that these people make. There are already six students from my class that had their status checked.

They have nothing special of some sort except for one of them, which Blessing received Nakagawa-sensei’s abilities- Immunity to Poison.

The student was named Nishinomiya. Her class is a supreme alchemist. She was the one who received Nakagawa-sensei’s ability, Immunity to Poison, as her Blessing. It seems like Blessing and Abilities don't have the difference in this regards except for the fact it has a patron deity guarding it.

Nakagawa-sensei took control and privilege to choose the person amongst the class to go up and have their status checked as to maintain discipline. If she gave up on those privileges, these abhorrent existences that make out of my classmates would’ve flocked onto the stage one after another without giving the pearl a timely rest..!

These people are unbelievable, not to destroy their BEAUTIFUL appearances, but.

During our assembly in the gym, these abhorrent existences are so loud and annoying. They badmouth about the other class freely without restraint and act prestigious and all.

Well, of course, there are some in the class that doesn’t do such downright shameless behavior. Including me, of course, I never intend to do anything that would pummel my abysmal reputation down any further…

And the others that don’t do such nasty actions the most recognized ‘Honored Students’ of the school. Aliens that value studies over recreational, smart assholes that are blind by their own self-righteousness, and popular kind of people that are well appreciated by their peers and always received love letters from ambiguous lower years. Annoying.

In fact, one of them is coming up to the stage right now.

Her name is Aoi Shiba. Top one in both Academics and Sports. She won three Gold Trophies in a row in same sports in Olympics and six gold medals for the countries in Genius Minds international tests.

Her facial features are astonishing and her black eyes delicate. Her black hair is trimmed perfectly without any imperfections. You could say she was an angel bestowed by God upon the world if not for her disgusting ‘fake’ personality.

In what areas of her personality you could say she is fake..? Let me tell you my experience. At that time, I wasn’t still bullied by these vile classmates of mine.

At first glance and meeting, she is an angel. She is a very kind and CARING person who doesn’t discriminate people in the slightest until you meet her for the second time. She would reveal an ugly annoyed expression for a brief before she talks to you, and every time you meet or come in contact with her, it gets worse to the point she completely blocks you from interacting her ever again, her face gets swollen and disgusting every time you approach her.

Though she would never reveal something like those expressions if you praise her openly.

That’s how horrid her personality is. She does the same thing to other people as well, even her juniors that look up into her and only required her autograph.

At the present time, she approached the pedestal with a prideful posture. Her hands rested upon the pearl and shone in a stunning bluish light glare.

But the status did not display yet!

The light shone brighter and brighter as if an angel was descending from the heavens, ghostly wings of holiness sprang from the light as it rained down millions of ghastly holy feathers to the people that occupied the throne hall before it shot through to the skies in a blink of an eye. The whole throne hall was enshrouding in both excitement and wonder as the crowd witnessed the happening before them.

It lasted for a few seconds before a familiar holographic display was revealed, and instead of its usual blue color. The status window has hue of white and gold, its borders are ornamented with gothic-designed gold trims and its edges have pairs of wings on it.

Aoi visibly shuddered in its magnificent figure.

And the status displayed on the window.

Aoi Shiba 
Level 1: Experience 0/100
Title: Hero of Knowledge
Strength: 500
Magic: 15,000
Defense: 500
Magic Defense: 500
Agility: 500
Dexterity: 1,000
Ability: Magic Mastery EX Lv10, Magic Superiority EX Lv10, Magic Extremity EX Lv10, Sage of all Magic EX Lv10, Superior Judgement EX Lv10, Godly MP Recovery Lv10, Magic Creation Lv1, Double Exp, Double Status Gain, Magic Skill Creation, Creation magic Lv1, Destruction Fire Magic Lv1, Destruction Earth Magic Lv1, Destruction Wind Magic Lv1, Destruction Water Magic Lv1.
Blessing: Holy Staff

“T… THE FIRST HERO!!!” The King shouted in an energetic tone, it was as if he didn’t mind his body’s old condition. He jumped around in happiness along with the Knights and the Princesses.

“Aoi beat me to it, she is the hero and you aren’t, now give me my reward.”

“H, hey! There are two- no, four more, right!? I won’t give you my battery until they are out of the blue!”

As expected of Heroes. They are a cheat of an existence.

Although a Hero, they are only powerful in terms of parameters. They almost had the same status as Nakagawa-sensei and the other people if it weren’t for the difference in the number and versatility of their abilities.

Both of their Abilities and Blessing did not contain even one of the legendary Ascension Tier but a lot of Legendary Tiered Abilities.

It seems like both two of the highest tiers have disappeared from existence.

…Well, that’s too early to judge.

Maybe the other Heroes possibly possess the well-known Ascension Tier?

Haah. This is out of my business right now. I don’t have the slightest of hope for these freaks to gain at least one Ascension Tier though.

I would like the very first Ascension Tier in 18 thousand years to be possessed by me. Not these people.

But for me, only me.

I stood in my place as I awaited my turn. Time passed on, almost all of us had our business finished. It’s only up to five people.

Me, a guy from my class who exactly look like the special King Arthur of Fat3 Walk//Day: Grand Imperative and three other girls were left standing in the middle of the carpet. One of these girls had a slightly tan skin tone and the others don’t have any other distinctive features other than having black hair and black eyes. The students who had finished their status checking have gone crowding behind us as they anticipate the next Hero.

“Who do you bet to be the next Hero?”

“Hahaha. Maybe Kazuha-san? He is the second in top honored students, after all, his chances of not becoming the Hero is slim!”

“Kazuha-san and the other three girls of course… I would end my life right here and right now if that scumbag is of the Heroes and not Kazuha-san.”

“... Wanna bet? Fujiwara-kun..? Your second power bank-”

“Shut up! I won't be giving you my second powerbank!”

Oh yeah right… This guy,

Kazuha Hibiki. He is one of the assholes who are blind by their own morals and self-righteousness, although I haven’t made contact with him ever since I made the wrong decision, I hate him for spouting irrelevant ‘justice’ words... He is this kind of guy who scolds a freshman, who is apparently just having fun in the hallway, an hourly lecture of the school's policy and rules, or anything that he doesn't like seeing within the premises of the school.

He had the courage to speak openly as he is the son of the principal and the chief of the local police precinct, his siblings are all graduated with a degree of political laws. Anyone who dares to harm Kazuha will be met with a force much worse than what you thought...

“Next. Kazuha Hibiki.” Nakagawa-sensei said out loud with a low tone. Kazuha Hibiki tidied his tie first before he walked through the pearl with a smirk laid in his face and touched its gleaming appearance.

The same occurrence of Aoi incident happened to Kazuha, the light gleamed more and more until it shot through the skies while releasing an array of holy wings and raining down thousands of fluttering ghost feathers. His status window soon followed and shocked the whole throne hall.

Kazuha Hibiki 
Level 1
Title: Hero of Liberation
Strength: 10,000
Magic: 200
Defense: 1,000
Magic Defense: 1,000
Agility: 500
Dexterity: 1,000
Ability: Sword Mastery EX Lv10, Sword's Honor EX Lv10, Sword's Supreme Mastery EX Lv10, Saint of Swords EX Lv10, Superior Judgement EX Lv10, Godly HP Recovery Lv10, Godly MP Recovery Lv10, Double Exp, Double Status Gain, Sword Skill Creation, Jack-of-all Melees EX Lv10, God of Time's Domain Lv1(MAX).
Blessing: Holy Sword

“Th, the second HERO!!!!” The King energetically bellowed, his face that abhorred all youth revealed a wide gleaming smile. The princesses gave him a clap as they eyed his handsome appearance, it seems they are thinking about something that usually happens to the princesses in the fairytale.

The knights clapped also in unison, as if they were programmed or mechanical, everyone in the class started dancing in joy after they guessed the right choice... It seems like they were getting nervous earlier because of the possibilities of Kazuha not becoming a Hero and the person they hate is the one who will be taking the most undeserving place for a scum.

Kazuha gave Nakagawa-sensei a bow before he eyed his status a last time and darted off to the class crowd. There, he was welcomed by the boys of the class by jumping onto him with gleeful smiles and cheered by the girls.

Nakagawa-sensei, seeing their reactions gave them a hearty sigh before she locked her eyes onto the next person- past through my tall figure. She googled the next person while pointing her small figure with her finger.

“You... uh..? What is your name again?”

“Uhm... Sensei-... It's, Lisa. Lisa Fernandez Rizal. Your one and only foreign exchange student.” The girl who seemed to be named Lisa said with a dismayed look. She was the one who had the slightly tan skin. Although her distinctive features are different from usual Japanese, she stood at the same height as them... It's not like I was thinking about foreigners being taller than Japanese people...

“Ah yes... That's right. Lisa, right? That's right~. You are next, go up there and have your status checked!” Nakagawa-sensei said with a seemingly confused look.

Lisa gave her a squinted eyes full of disbelief before she calmly walked up to the pedestal. Touching its glaring figure, the Heroic procession happened once again.

Lisa couldn't help but exclaim an energetic gasp as she witnessed the Heroic procession, the light glared brighter and brighter until it shot up to the skies and rained down millions of feathers down to the crowd before revealing the most awaited status of Lisa.

It was a Heroic status. The Hero of Virtue, Lisa. She excels in Polehandling, Strength, Defense, and Magic. Although excelled in Magic, she did not have any least abilities that strengthen that said parameters. Only Melee abilities similar to Kazuha filled her Abilities.


This time. The Knights beat the King into it, the King was about to cheer for their success and was about to stand up when the Knights shouted louder than they could. Their shout reveberated throughout the large grand throne hall twice.

The King only gave out a wry smile being beaten by his own knight's cheer, he only danced before his throne as a returning triumph, the princesses revealed a happy look as their clapped for Lisa's Heroic procession and Lisa, who couldn't help but to feel happy, pounced to Nakagawa-sensei and gave her a hearty hug before she left for the class.

Nakagawa-sensei, who was taken off guard by Lisa's sudden hug revealed a lovely smile before she picked off another of us... Though it subsided upon seeing the remaining numbers left for the status check.

She was about to call out for the next person when something caught up with her lips.


I see.

I know what that look meant. Nakagawa-sensei's face is revealing a very unpleasant look that everyone could decipher at the moment of first glance.

It meant that expression telling us something...

From right here and henceforth, there could only be chances.

Chances of us, the three-person left to be checked, to be the remaining two- fourth, fifth or the sixth Hero!!


A note from Laty

It seems like Kazuha and Aoi’s status have been left unedited as I only copy pasted it from my document, for now refer to their unedited status (im sorry i’ll fix it asap)

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