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Andrew's eyes blurred and hazed upon the prickling pain, his blood dripped from fore, his slender figure bruised and injured all over, and his mind unstable.

The last light of hope in humanity flashed and faded away- out of his mind and brown eyes as he witnessed the utter humiliation before him. His entire person showered in stones, jagged edges scarring his skin, while blunt stones bruised his personage, and his clothes marred and soaked in with filth and dirt.

There, at that moment, he thoroughly understood what they meant by the ugliness in humanity.

He felt his emotions fading away ever since then... His mind only bent in utter aggression and nothing else more...

He etched this unforgettable scene into his mind. Not letting an inch of it loose from his jostled mind.

He will remember everything they have done onto him...

Monday had just to arrive in this boring modern world, the most annoying day of all weekdays. Almost all of the people in the world would undoubtedly cry due to the cumbersome time of the week, the day of melancholy, while the memory of yesterday was like a heavenly granted gift to them.

Most of the people who attend schools are not an exception to this kind of notion... Almost everyone.

In this certain school located somewhere in Japan, a person whose eyes are bulged and covered with black, inky eyebags was located. Drowsiness and exhaustion engulfed his entire person. His exhausted abnormally tall figure strolled tumbling towards his classroom, a signboard hanging up above entailed his section 'Class-1A'. Sounds of students cheerfully chatting with each other resounded to his sleepy senses.

He was sleep deprived, not because of some illness but due to him playing games in a row.

He is Andrew Gerald, 17 years old, not born in Japan but in Germany, and that man is me. Though I never really did learn any of my native language. I am your average, everyday otaku who is fond of pulling in all-nighters due to games that I only play for fun, and usually sleeps in the classes for no actual reason. I have an ordinary black hair, dark brown eyes, and a slightly built tall stature that stood up to nearly 2 meters.

Pulling my heavy body to the doors of my classroom and slid the door carefully, my tall figure not welcoming any gleeful gazes but glances of utter disdain.

At that moment, his tall figure received scorning glares and aggressive clicking of tongues from the majority of students inside the classroom. Once he had taken a step inside the room, everyone stopped having a conversation with each other.

Repulsive loud hints and whispers of pure inconvenience rang one after another as he went to his destination- His trusty seat which is situated in the corner most back of the room.

Even though everyone's talking sh*t about him, he played it calm and cool and sat himself without care for the world. He covered his ears with small Bluetooth earphones and played a cheerful song that would shrug off every bad taste in his mouth, ignoring every person out of their repulsiveness and tucked his head in between his long slender arms as he waited for the chime of the morning class bell.

Andrew always received this kind of treatment every day, this kind of stuff is nothing but an ordinary occurrence to him. The reason for their indiscriminate treatment? Heh, let me tell you.

These people were indifferent from others from the moment of supervene. Due to his remarkable knowledge that he displayed in entrance exams in the school, he was introduced to the most prestigious classroom in the school- Class 1-A. Everyone who despised him today was the kind of people who were nice to him yesterday, they welcomed him with a warm heart and cheerful expression for quite a while until he made the worst decision he could ever make.

He, Andrew Gerald, whose whole life never seen both of his parent's faces, grew up with his kind and caring auntie and spent all of his entire life inside his auntie's house. Due to this, he is socially unstable and couldn't get a grasp on most of the conversation happening all around the world, and even on the internet.

He is the silent, calm and introverted type of giant(because of his tall stature).

His childhood time was spent mostly jailed up inside his auntie’s house, spent gaming in old consoles, and mostly studying in with a home-hired tutor. Graduating alone in the house, receiving certificates from the government without people applauding him for his success. He never had friends nor people who recognize him as a socially inept type of kid, to begin with, as his Auntie never allowed him to go out of the house. She fears that he might get targeted and be liberated out of his normal life due to their family's history.

His family had long served the Third Reich back in World War Two. His great grandfather received an innumerable amount of Medal of Honors from his dedication and service to the German Empire(not going to use n***), though after the war ended, the family received scorning if not- a debt totaling more than what his late father could handle.

His mother have long passed away from giving birth to his late little sister, who unfortunately got kidnapped somewhere in France and never seen until 2009, where her body was seen sprawled in Arden forest. The culprit who got caught years later, made his testimonial that he hated the late German Empire and targeted them because of their history. His late father who grieved of his dear daughter's death sent Andrew to Japan, to his auntie, and changed his last name into Gerald so he couldn't be tracked down and end up like his late sister. His father who was left behind in Germany died years later from a mysterious homicide.

Andrew wasn't told any of these happenings by his auntie, neither was he updated on the happenings to his family. His auntie doesn't want her only niece live under heavy insecurity and depression since it is too much for him to handle.

If she, whose mind had mentally strengthened for all of these years, couldn’t handle such cruel event happening to her brother’s family, what could a mere socially-challenged kid do after being told about such horrifying news? His auntie shivered at the thought and never dared to speak out about it.

For the rest of Andrew's life, whenever he searches for his father, he was lied to by his Auntie that his father will come and pick him up after he finds his little sister. He is THIS kind of unfortunate.

So long, he spent his time inside his house, without a glimpse of the outside until the situation outside calmed down. And after the pure isolation and becoming drunk on games, his auntie suddenly decided to enroll him in a normal school.

He was a prodigy, he could adapt to everything except socially. He is a fast learner who could commemorate everything in his mind the moment he spends a minute regarding the kinds of stuff he had to memorize.

He could be someone better than everyone else present in the school if not for the mental illness that he developed- which was being Socially Challenged if you hadn't gotten the hint. He had been chuuni ever since he was locked up in the school and had a habit of unconditionally bragging and showing off his stuff to gain leverage over his peers.

Everyone was nice to him because he was acting all cute and everything due to him not able to invoke a fine conversation with each other.
Until he made the worst decision that led to all of this scorning.

He secretly took his great grandfather's Grand Iron Cross medallion from his shrine, and out of his auntie's notice and brought it to the school. He only wanted to become better than everyone else at present and so decided to brag about his family's history.

Right at moment he displayed such eccentric medallion, everyone who knew the horrors of the German Empire suddenly walked away from his presence and became disgusted about him talking mighty and all about his family’s history. He was too much drunken in his bragging and praising that he never realized everyone who were talking to him earlier, ran away. He was confused about why they ran away until one day, he was called to the principal office along with his auntie.

His delusions of becoming better and someone who could be equally important to the most popular guy in their classroom were downright shattered into pieces after he got interrogated by the principal. His twisted reality of becoming someone special and important churned and contorted into what he is now.

Ever since he was called, everyone changed.

They talked sh*t about him. 

Andrew turned into from a socially-challenged guy to an extreme introvert.

He became someone who wouldn't speak. No matter how harsh the punishment he is shouldering right now, he wouldn't dare.

Someone who is antagonized by immediate scorning and undeserving treatment.

Everyone in his class hated the German Empire, and most of them who believed Imperial Japan was a mistake bullied him in secret by spreading what a 'disgrace' he was in their social pages. 

And even if he fought back, he'll end up into tears.

For the rest of his current school year, he handled every obstacle that his life placed before him while keeping his mentality in check- away from breaking down in the public. He taught himself not to care about the present world anymore and calmed down, even though he is under the rampant assault of people's words. He tried his best to keep his calm and get through all of this ugliness that people shoved into him.  He had long lost interest in studying due to the incident and never dared to listen to his teacher's students anymore

What is the worth of listening to all of these teacher's rattling when the world itself is undeserving of your effort? It's better to waste your time dreaming instead of working yourself to success in this undeserving world. This was that boy's current thoughts, whose delusions enshrouded his reason... Least he did not know this same reasoning that saves him from troubles today, will come gnawing back to his life in the future...

For how many years he longed for the outside world, he, who experienced the horrors of the outside world longed to return back to the insides of his former world after making the worst decision of all things.

He had fun, only for a short while.

He, Andrew Gerald, who formerly spends his time in studies and recreational puzzle games, now spends his time in social seclusion, motion-immersive Virtual Reality games and studies about weeb culture to get the bad taste inside his mouth out. He spent all of his money on unneedy console games and figurines, everything that he thought to be useless back then, now serves as his mental reminder today.

He never felt important...

He never did. 

Ding... Ding... The mechanical tingling electronic bell of Andrew's school signaled and commenced the first subject after lunch. His head is still dug deep into the nest formed by his arms. His Bluetooth earphones which life met its end long before the second subject of the morning even began are still etched deep in his ears, not minding the outside world as he slept.

He didn’t bother to get his ass off his seat to buy himself a portion of food. 

He was still a normal person even if he lived an extremely different life, of course, he is hungry!

"Good afternoon, Sensei!" His annoying classmates' voices rang after another as a mature looking- brown haired woman entered the classroom. Her sharp glint black eyes examined the whole classroom before it enshrined onto the sleeping figure of Andrew. She gave the class a nod before she poked her rectangle-rimmed glasses twice, she approached Andrew and-



Slamming her slim textbook into Andrew, Andrew cried in pain as he revealed a panicked painful expression. He rubbed his head and hastily looked around in annoyance. Seeing the angry expression of the person right before him, he immediately understood what that pain meant.

"Mister Gerald." The teacher's deep and matured sadistic-like voice rang onto his blurry senses. "Has your auntie received my text regarding about your barbaric behavior inside the classroom? From your actions today, I doubt she never bothered telling you about it?"

"Maybe you didn't listen to her words, just like what you are doing to your current studies."

His classmates erupted into a low happy chuckling as they heard the teacher's words. Andrew looked dumbfounded towards the teacher who scolded him, his sleepy eyes were no longer deprived of their strength and Andrew had long awoken from the slam of his teacher's book.

Cold sweat dripped profusely from his forehead as his heart beat faster upon the scene before him. He could handle assertiveness of his classmates fine by shrugging them off, but the presence of the teacher before him just causes the fear to emerge from inside his heart. The teacher gave him a long, sharp gaze before she furrowed her brows upon the no reply of the latter person and walked towards her table, turning her textbook open. The class were silenced and listened to the teacher's lessons.

Andrew listened attentively to the teachers for a while before he calmed down and secretly plugged in another fully charged set of earphones into his ears and covered it with his black messy hair. He had done this in every subject, every day, and every time. Even though he got caught by the teacher or one of his repulsive classmates and had his cellphone or earphones confiscated, he still continued doing this.

Seconds and minutes passed by as the teacher continued her ceaseless and useless lessons. The bell chimed in and signaled the end of her session. Her bustling figure halted in the center of the class as she tidied up and bid the classroom a farewell.

"Alright, that's all for today. We will tackle the prelude to pre-calculus tomorrow-..."

As she calmly spoke... Her voice was caught by something as her eyes widened to the scene before her.

What happened next were out of people’s expectations, neither eccentric people nor supernaturalists could explain such incident happening right now. Andrew noticed the abrupt silence of the teacher and looked into her frightfully widened eyes and slowly followed her gaze.

There was a ball of compressed air forming up in the ceiling of the class. The students who haven’t realized the upcoming danger tilted their head in question as to why their teacher stood rooted to her spot with her beautiful mature face expressing such frightful awe. 


BOOOOOM! Suddenly, a burst of air exploded forth on the ceiling of the classroom as a heavenly voice rang, encompassing every reason of unknown irregularities. Cries of Andrew's classmates erupted one after another as some who braved the voice, recorded the whole surreal scenario happening. Andrew looked to the portal that erupted within.


Spatial distortion twisted and warped, cracks of unknown origin that seeped through air appeared one after another from the explosion as an FTL-like portal appeared. The warp had the same property as a black hole and sucked everything from within excluding material kinds of stuff such as chairs and others that are non-organic.

Including the people who were sucked in, Andrew was the last one left to be plucked, the portal unrelentless as it pilled him in. His hands held tight onto the lockers located in the back of the classroom while his other hand grasped his bag that is currently floating like there was a no gravity. It wasn't affected by the suction power of the warp at all.

The portal was unforgiving, not letting any one of them left behind.

His vision distorted as he entered the portal. He swam mindlessly in the interdimensional portal like he was being carried away by a tsunami. Spatial ruptures and interdimensional blue lightning entered his body as familiar windows appeared with distorted letters and unrecognizable symbols. His hand that held the bag relinquished its grip and the bag swam freely beside Andrew.

He felt his body become lighter and sturdier every time the spatial ruptures entered his body. Though he is silenced by all the happenings that enshrouded his vision.

Right above him, his classmates are visibly flabberghasted with the same occurrence happening to them as well. But to the extent that their hilarious wailings and cries rang onto Andrew's bewildered state. Obviously, they are lacking and had a weak mentality which made them panicked like little wussies they are inside this FTL warp.

His calming state was perturbed out of its process as a flashing, alarming window erupted right in front of his eyes.

[Otherworlder detected: Inflicting Lifetessia's language into the mind... Please wait.]



Andrew subconsciously held his head in pain. A painful sound erupted in his mind similar to the loud screeching of pointed iron hitting against a surface of a smooth plate of metal. The friction sound made by these objects rang inside his mind loudly, ringing in decibels of 200. His spine crawled, his whole body uncomfortable, his ears were bleeding, his humanity and reason shattered from the sound alone.

He kept on screaming, screaming in pain.

Though he wasn't alone. The others had a no different reaction to the metallic screech.

The others who got sucked inside earlier than Andrew received the same treatment. Howls and wailings of pain echoed through the warp without rest.

The sound lasted for a whole minute until the whole class exited out of the warp. Andrew was relieved out of his torment the moment his entire person slammed onto a foreign cold slab- Head first. The pain didn't register to him in the slightest, Andrew had a bruised fore and reddened nose but he felt calm, though he is still shaking from the experience he went through inside the warp.

The slab adorned a mysterious celtic designed circle with unrecognizable ancient words engraved in the edges of the circle...

His classmates were flabberghasted as they slowly stood up while their hands held to their aching skulls. Andrew had difficulties standing up due to the immense pain he received so he stayed seated until the fatigue was relinquished from his body. His teacher, who wasn't an exception to the treatment tried her best to stand up and gain power. She rallied and called every student present to her side.

A shroud of panic and unrest covered the whole class except for the current emotionally perturbed Andrew, who is quite fond of Japanese culture's isekai novels. Everyone that valued their reality tried and made a call back to their parents, relatives, or even the police. Teacher consoled them in an attempt to calm everyone down. 

But to no avail.

"Mom..? Mom?! Please, pick up... Please..!"

"Sensei, are we going to be alright?..! Could we return back to our home..? I don't like this!"

"Yes, dear. We'll be alright. We ought to be alright! We will return back home, okay? Hang on there."

"Are we abducted by aliens!? Please, no... I want to go back!"


"Mom... Please, pick up..." 

Everyone is panicking as if it's already the end of the world, Andrew watched them in silence as they nag the teacher with a horrified expression. Deep within his mind, he could feel laughter erupting within.

Though he felt emotionally calm. His mind that usually was alarmed at the sight of an outraged teacher or easily disturbed by unusual happenings, worked calmly.

He felt like a different person right after he got tossed out of the warp.

Nothing's bothering him at this point, his weakened body gradually drawing out of its fatigue and enabled Andrew to stand up. 

At that moment, a voice of pure reverence, a loving sweet voice that adorned a welcoming tone sprang from the hallways- before the slab of unknown. Andrew subconsciously looked towards the source as others whose ceaseless complaints stopped had also done the same thing.

He knew he was calm, but he couldn't help himself feel uncomfortable from the sights of these women.

They were beyond beautiful, absolutely... You could say that they were the embodiment of pure beauty. Three of them slowly approached the crowd in an elegant manner, each of them wore different gowns belonging to that of the Medieval Era. Their dresses adorned colorful silks, ornamented with the most expensive and pure gold. 

My god...

Am I dreaming..!? Andrew couldn't help but feel emotionally disturbed from within, his calm state broken.
He had long dreamt of something similar happening to him like this...

He hoped that this reality is not a dream, he just hoped that this is not a delusion, or an alien making fun of their senses.

"Welcome, heroes of another world." The speaker was the forefront beautiful lady who donned a beautiful green dress and a platinum hair. Her fiery ruby eyes gleamed down to the figures of the confused crowd, her sweet voice rang as she added another set of words.

"I, the first princess of Aldebaran, Maria Eclair Est Claudia Aldebaran, the first in line in the throne, gladly welcomes you to our world. Heroes!"

"We require your power, please heed to our selfish request, oh heroes!"

"Save us- no. Save the world of Lifetessia from the destructive grasps of the Demon Lord!!!!"



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