Everyone’s gaze was fixated onto the smiling face of Maria. Nobody had the courage to question Maria’s words.

Something such as “Are you sure about that?” wasn't heard after these princesses spoke.

Doubts and nervousness have long arisen in Andrew’s class after Maria’s words were released, the thing about having only a number of Heroes in the class have left them hanging and stiffened. Everyone wanted to become an important figure after all. Not becoming one of the Hero with an extremely weak stature is just formulating you are incredibly laughable trash since everyone in Class 1-A think of themselves as high-class prestigious students. Being compared to trash in Class 1-A in exception to my case would undoubtedly mean you aren’t worthy of being titled as part of the Class 1-A.

Almost everyone in Class 1-A has an extraordinarily high ego and Andrew wouldn’t refute that. He had thoroughly judged his classmates after the medallion incident has since passed.

These assholes always wanted to become someone better and praised like a god, hell, they even would dare to do ludicrous despicable acts such as judging their peer's mistakes thoroughly, even if its the smallest detail of mistake, they will still judge you nonetheless.

“Are, are you sure about that? Surely you aren’t lying to us, right?” Nakagawa-sensei's words shattered the silent atmosphere.

“No. I don’t dare to lie to the teacher of the Hero class. Such impudent acts won’t be tolerated amongst the royalty!”


“En! I promise!”

Maria and Nakagawa-sensei’s words rang one after another, leaving the whole class in a daze as they listened to their words. Andrew remained calm as he assessed the situation happening right before him.

As far as he could tell, the princesses were not definitely lying. He had suspicions at first, but since he isn’t an expert in determining people if they were indeed telling neither truth nor lie, he could only assume that the princess isn’t telling any lie at the moment.

Why would you tell a lie to people who you regard as the Heroes of your world? If they were in fact lying, that’s just plain stupid and dumb. There are many ways to make one believe in you but, as far as their ‘you are a hero’ story technically goes; Only a kid would fall for that and grown-up teens or adults would squirm into unutterable hesitation.

Well, considering the fact the Class 1-A could be considered immature in regards to fantasy stuff, one could say they will unquestionably and always believe in these princesses’ words.

I guess for how far their belief on princesses' story… Maybe, they will believe as long as their word doesn’t hurt them in the slightest bit.

“If the teacher of the Hero class wouldn’t believe my words, how about we display our statuses first so you could compare them to your otherworldly statuses?” Maria said with a gleeful smile. “Maybe you’ll believe with evidence rather than spoken words, right?”

“Indeed.” Nakagawa-sensei nodded in agreement.

“Well then, for the representative of the Lifetessia’s status checking, I would like my dear little sister, Miyura to henceforth proceed and show your status in front of our esteemed Heroes!”

“Eh-?! M, m, me?”

The princess that blurted a voice of surprise was Miyura, her charming character adorned the almost same facial features like Maria, her fiery ruby eyes widened in shock, her delicate white hands pointed onto herself while clamping her pluck red lips tight. It looked like she was about to cry though.
Miyura did not fall in the slightest in terms of beauty to Maria, in fact. Her features were more oriented in adorability instead of elegance- A moe type of princess. Her slender and attractive body was dressed in an elegant blazing red rose dress and a golden endearing tiara was positioned on top of her placid silvery white hair.

“A,a,a… Has, has it to be me?”

Right after Miyura’s words fell, Maria only gave her a glare as a reply.

Seeing her sharp gaze and sensing what it meant, Miyura did not ask any further as she swallowed hard and clenched her rose dress, her beautiful figure elegantly walked through the pearl and rested her palm onto it. The moment Miyura’s palms rested onto the shining bright body of the pearl, it shone in a stunning low bluish light as a familiar hologram sprang in the middle of the mist above her head.

What Andrew saw right before him was something he was highly familiar with. Something he would jump in joy upon seeing its surreal appearance in a Fantasy world.

Yet he couldn’t utter an exclamation of surprise and astonishment. It was as if his mouth had caught an apple in between them, unable to utter proper words as his brown eyes widened and locked onto the holographic display without blinking and averting.

It’s so damn familiar!

It’s too familiar, that it scares me..!

The display had the similar aesthetic appearance like the JRPG’s he has been playing these past few months in seclusion.

No, hang on.

More like it resembled the display of a certain transmigration anime with a shield bearer except it was more asserted to numerical values instead of hexagonal display.


Miyura Hillia Estarcio Terra Aldebaran
Level 10: Experience 2/8,205
Title: Third Princess of Aldebaran Kingdom
HP: 51,602/51,602 MP: 53,321/53,321
Strength: 150 Defense: 532
Magic: 350 Magic Defense: 504
Agility: 26 Dexterity: 201
Abilities: Magic Superiority LV1, Magic Extremity LV6, Magic Overlord LV20, Magic Absolute LV10, Lower Armor Penetration effects LV2, Lower Magic Penetration effects LV2, Chance to Nullify Damage LV1Castellar Shield Lv10, Spear Mastery LV1, Sword Mastery LV1, Ranged Mastery LV1, Accuracy correction LV10, Analyze LV4, High Mana regeneration LV2, High Manapool Expansion LV20, Supreme Earth Control LV1.
Blessing: Rock Shield of the Earth Dragon.

The class erupted into a series of amazement, not expecting the world to be affiliated with such unexplainable yet familiar system. To some of Andrew’s classmates, they indeed have played Fantasy games but not to an extent they would be preying their time into it as they valued their studies more.


“Hang on, isn’t this like a game...?”

“Kind of reminds me of First Fantasy XVI! I am getting more and more excited now, damn, I hope I would be one of the five heroes!”

“Yeah, me too!”

“It’s impossible for you to become the Hero Fujiwara-kun, you are malicious!”

“Let’s make a bet? Your powerbank battery is mine if I became one of the Heroes.”

“Hah, I’ll take up on your offer then!”

The display lingered on its same position even if Miyura’s figure has long returned back to her former spot. The display menu did not show any signs of dissipation until sixteen breathes of time have passed.

The time of display disappearance have gained enough time for Andrew to investigate and examine the display thoroughly, he did not let out any inch of information away from his mind as he checked and studied it as fast as possible.

“… Blessing??” He questioned himself.

What is that, some type of special ability in a class or something like a unique ability?

These colors, what do they mean..? Is it like in some Japanese RPG’s where the common type abilities are listed normally, uncommon have bold text, and much rarer abilities have both bold text and colored with the shades of red? Oh damn, I hope it is!

I hope they would be giving the entire class an explanation as to how the status system in the world functions! One thing for sure, HP and MP will never work normally in this kind of scenario as it transcends all logic. They only function well in games.

Because the human body’s vitality depends on blood alone, and HP doesn’t grant you blood. It doesn’t make ANY sense if your HP is in astronomical value then suddenly you died. You get stabbed in the heart, you would instantly lose your entire HP and die miserably without being able to brag about your astronomical amount of HP since Human body could not function nor run without the human heart pumping the blood for the body to exhaust. Such phenomenon applies to other vital parts of the body too!

“Very well, I believe it is our turn right now. Am I not right?” Upon Nakagawa-sensei’s words, Maria gave her a nod of approval. Nakagawa-sensei nodded back and spoke in a promising tone. “In accordance to your little sister’s efforts, as this class’ representative and their respected role model, I shall be the first one to have my status checked before my students have their turn.” Nakagawa-sensei gave the class a long glance before she approached the pearl and…


Andrew suddenly spoke in a low voice with a hand raised up, interrupting Nakagawa-sensei’s approach. Nakagawa-sensei gave Andrew an aggressive look for awhile before she saw the latter person heed no mind to her rude behavior, she immediately returned her face back to her usual calm expression that gives out the vibe of maturity. It seems like she is waiting for Andrew’s reason for his sudden discourteous behavior. Andrew’s classmates, as nauseating their existences are, shouted in complaints as they showered Andrew’s tall appeal with indiscriminate rude remarks.

They weren’t happy with his abrupt disturbance, moreover, they hate him.

“Hey, hey! What do you think you’re doing, jerk!?”

“Sensei, o’ beautiful princesses of Aldebaran and the generous King, please don’t mind the asshole and continue on the ceremony! He just wants attention!”


“Let him speak!”

Nakagawa-sensei halted her class' bellowings with a gesture of her hand. “Surely, Mister Gerald, this isn’t some useless question that will certainly waste our time. Am I not right?”

Nakagawa-sensei said while giving Andrew a raise of a brow, both of her hands crossed as she waited for the latter person to reply. Although awaited, Andrew did not give a distinctive reply to her question and instead gave her a lengthy gaze before he spoke out through Nakagawa-sensei’s presence and towards the princesses. Nakagawa-sensei’s brows furrowed upon his ill-mannered behavior but did not blabber about it. She kept calm as she eyed Andrew’s tall figure with a sharp gaze.

“I would like to know what THESE colors meant. What the hell does color have to do with the Abilities and Blessings? I doubt they aren’t there just for aesthetic reasons. And… Also, I would like to know what makes Blessing different from Abilities.”

“H, hell?!”

“Watch your language asshole!”

“What an abhorrent mouth of yours! That fits your sickening personality that came from a very disgusting family lineage very well, scum!”

“Please, please. Ignore him! Beautiful princesses and o’ generous and forgiving King! He REALLY just wants attention because he is that kind of poor person. He is a needy and unbelievable fool; a son of a scum hailing from the filthiest family descent ever present on Earth!”

Andrew’s repulsive vile classmates’ words of complaints rang after another. The Royal family displayed an expression of disbelief and shock upon his classmates, the Knights also talked amongst themselves as they hear their complaints against one person.

Even with the foul acts of his classmates, he just remained calm and standing mindlessly in his position without care for his world, he kept his cool as he awaited the reply of either the King or one of the princesses. The haphazard insults showered Andrew for a little while before Nakagawa-sensei silenced them with a gesture. Still, even though times have passed, Maria just calmly stood there while tilting her head. Seemingly remembering pondering on something to answer Andrew’s question in regards to the color tiers of the Abilities.

“About that…-“

“As a King of this nation, I do not have sufficient knowledge in regards to the Abilities and Blessings, even though I am highly knowledgeable in other fields. I am afraid, useless, if talked about in fields that regards war. I will have my Captain Knight, Arthugrand, Answer your question in my case.” Suddenly, the King said with a raise of his palm, interrupting Maria's words.

“I will answer your question, tall otherworlder.” The Captain Knight of the King, Arthugrand spoke out with a curtsy and his deep voice rang from the ranks of the Knights. His body garnished a golden armor, his facial features covered by a grandiose Scottish-like designed medieval helmet, his back donned a long fur cape, and his waist carried two long swords. A fitting appearance for a Captain Knight!

“The colors that enshroud the words of the abilities and Blessings are called Tiers.”

“Tiers determine the power, versatility, and rarity of Ability or Blessings, there are 6 Tiers in existence. Although the first 5 were only known for men to be able to possess, the sixth tier could be indicated as a ghost tier and its existence are only present in canons. While Blessings are worlds apart from Abilities, it is the superior type of Abilities that you could only gain once in your lifetime, and sometimes twice from your Patron deity that you worship. The latter part only happens if you are highly favored by the said Patron Deity. These Blessings couldn’t be learned nor stolen unlike Abilities that are fragile against external sources, since it is heavily protected by your Patron Deity, unless the person who is trying to steal your Blessing had the same power as the deities… I doubt about the possibilities of one appearing.”

At Arthugrand's words, the King and Maria visibly nodded in satisfaction. Nakagawa-sensei and the class listened to the knight’s words more attentively as if they will be hearing this thing for the last time. Andrew revealed an adequate expression as he listened to Arthugrand’s words, surely, he thought of the same idea at first but never the understanding of what these colors meant.

Yeah, I know they signified ranks and uniqueness of ability and blessings. But then again, it doesn't hurt to raise a question to verify my curiousity, right?

On the other hand, to think Blessings are this important to one’s life…

You’ll only attain such a thing once in your life time! Or sometimes, twice!! Yes, I know I am repeating the Knight’s words… Still…

What if your roll on your blessing is really bad!? You can’t be sure that your Patron Deity will be willing to give you a Blessing that is in accordance to your occupation and hobbies, for example, you are only a farmer who never had a fighting experience and low mana pool. And then you receive a Magic-related Blessing.

Not only can’t you use your blessing properly. You’re simply…


“The five tiers, starting from the beginning; Common Tier doesn’t have any special indicators and written in normal, Uncommon is written in a thick text and much powerful than Common, Superior is indicated in a thick sky blue colored text and twice the powerful as uncommon. While the strongest for us, inhabitants of the world, the Legend Tier, is written in thick red colored text and thrice the power of Uncommon and Superior combined.”

“And second to the last, we have the Ascension Tier… Ascension Tier never appeared and possessed by Humanity and even the otherworlders after the past Heroes were summoned to this world and defeated the previous chaotic Demon Lord eighteen thousand years ago. At those times, scholars from the early Aldebaran Kingdom have proven the Ascension Tier to be much stronger than four of these Tiers combined. And then we have the final one…” Arthugrand said in a low voice, he paused for a while and eyed the King, requesting to further continue on his words. The King gave him a nod and an approval to continue speaking. Arthugrand saluted back before he continued on, his voice has gotten deeper as he delved into the final Tier.

“The last tier is called the Divine Tier, the strongest amongst the ranks of the Ability and Blessing Tiers. It has the appearance of a thick yellow colored font with angelic wings in between it.”

“The Divine Tier is considered by the scholars of the Magic Sanctum to be mythical, never existed in the first place, even though there are some evidences to prove Divine Tier had existed in this world through ancient canons and relics. They consider it as the ghost tier.”

“Attaining one Divine Tier is enough to overthrow the balance and law of the world, grants its owner enough power to control the whole world of Lifetessia, and anyone who could be considered as a champion of Humanity today- is nonetheless an ant-like existence in front of a person who attained a Divine Tier, but provided they have an experience in handling it.”

“My words are only according to the records of the ancient canons, so please. Excuse my rude behavior if my words indeed insulted some of you…” Arthugrand finished his words as he gave the crowd a bow. The King and Andrew revealed an expression of satisfaction after hearing out Arthugrand's words, as well as Maria and Nakagawa-sensei.

Although they revealed contented expressions, the whole student body of Class 1-A showcased their unease and anticipation… Again.

It seems like…

They want the Divine Tier instead of the Hero class…

Damn ambitious people!




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