Tournament of the Phoenix King - an interactive story

by glenn-fletcher

Original HIATUS Action Comedy Fantasy Female Lead Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Reader interactive Strategy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

This is an interactive story! Check out the chapter "Character Submissions!" to find out how you can submit a character to appear in the story!

The distant, foggy island of Jerai is normally a very quiet place. Though it does see some trade, it is mostly left to itself by the world as a whole, brushed away as one of many small nations in the Eastern Oceans.

That is, until the mountain rises.

Jeraian legend speaks of a man known as the Phoenix King, with power beyond mortal measure and a love for combat. Every few years, he shares that passion with the world by way of a sixteen man martial arts competition: the Tournament of the Phoenix King. It's arrrival is heralded in by the appearance of the mystical Phoenix Mountain. Tall and majestic, it rises over all of Jerai's western coast - but do not be fooled by its beauty. It is a dangerous place.

The first sixteen people to reach its peak are selected to compete in the tournament. Four rounds of anything-goes combat await them. The final victor squares off against the Phoenix's King's champion, and if they win, they recieve a prize most would only dream of: one million pieces of silver, the currency of Jerai. But, if they choose so, they can challenge the Pheonix King himself in search of an even greater treasure: one request. A request that the Phoenix King will go to any length to ensure.



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