Penumbra Online: Quietus

by SJ Reaver

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Horror Psychological Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead GameLit Grimdark Non-Human lead Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

After being diagnosed with a rare brain parasite, Christine agrees to a radical and intensive treatment. While the doctors remove her infected neural tissue and attempt to regrow it, her mind is uploaded into Penumbra for three months, possibly never to return.

Her goal is to lose herself in the adventure and freedom of this new world. One of the three most popular VRMMOs in the world, it offers those who wish a chance at finding a new and better life.

 For a cost.

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SJ Reaver

SJ Reaver

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  • Overall Score

I normally shy away from horror.

So I normally shy away from horror.  It's too much of a catch all for many different types of stories; everything from the grotesque to more psychological/creeping horror.  More importantly, i find that when poorly written, it becomes very unsatisfying very quickly.  So it was one of the first tags I tend to shy away from.  So far, in this story, I have found the horror elements to be thought provoking and enhancing the overall tone of the story. 

The MC is relatable in her own way.  I am left wondering how much the phantasms of her mind will come into play and how much they will be reflected in this "game world".  For that matter, i am wondering how much the seeming "AIs" of the world are acquiring from her.  Just how much does this world respond to the minds of its users?

The other characters, whether players, npcs, or AIs, seem well thought out to this point and have provided additional depth.  Even when they are bots left intentionally bare on purpose, they have raised interesting questions, like how unsettling would it be to encounter intentionally underdeveloped AIs to interact with?  How would one interact with it?  Would it lead to interacting with even more developed AIs in a more blase manner?

We aren't quite deep enough into this story to really get too far into the plot, though the story seems paced well enough that no question has arisen in my mind about it being too slow or too fast.  As expected from Reaver, the grammar and spelling is quite good though I would suggest another pass over on the chapters when the time presents itself.  Anyways, from what I have seen so far, this has been a very thoughtful and well written story.  I have enjoyed it tremendously and look forward to more.

  • Overall Score

Interesting story, no bullshit

I'm thoroughly enjoying this, the main character is fun to read. The story has lots of interesting details to it. I'm excited to see where this story goes. Very real, but in a real way. It isn't edgy or fluffy or annoying. It's like, huh, I don't know, an actual book that someone would read.

  • Overall Score

I won't do a full review so early in writing but the style and pacing is absolutely great so far.

the author has a good track record here at RR so I had high expectations and they were beat. As of chapter 14 it's clear the author has a lot in mind for this work. Lots of foreshadowing and world building. Just enough weirdness to call it horror but also enough relaxing moments to enjoy.

I really wish this was updated more often, it's a winner in the making. Don't give up on this!

  • Overall Score

Good story. Suffers from bad grammar.

The grammar is simply horrendous at times and below average at best. Which is a shame because this is a pretty okay story that delves deep into interesting subjects.