Mystic Pharaoh God

by Ivory Scott

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Grimdark Harem High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Strong Lead Supernatural Urban Fantasy Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

What is a Mystic Pharaoh?

A shining light within the deepest abyss.

A beacon of strength in the face of calamity.

A warrior unrestrained by the physical plane, standing united with the natural elements.

All races worship the Pharaoh as a god among ants.

Until the day the smallest and weakest of the ants rose up in resistance!

In the Magi Era humanity has discovered the wonders of magic! This brought humans, the race once thought to be the weakest existence, to the peak of competition with the universe's strongest races!

Unfortunately, not everyone can be in that competition.

Casino Riot spent his whole life being looked down on! Even still, he never looked down on himself. He knew he was destined to eclipse the glory of all others!

It was what he was born to do.

In an age where humanity has discovered the secrets of the universe, or the ability to utilize origin energy, becoming a magi is the only way to earn respect! However, Casino seems to have zero talent in cultivating!

Of course, that was all before the day he punched a hole in someone's face!

Join Casino Riot as he discovers the power that sleeps within, and explores the ever-changing world of the mystics!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter One - Lucky or Not? ago
Chapter Two - The Sacred Blessing ago
Chapter Three - Touch her and I'll wreck you! ago
Chapter Four - Bloodline Awakening ago
Chapter Five - The Final Blessings ago
Chapter Six - Amenophis ago
Chapter Seven - Marc Raizen's Plot ago
Chapter Eight - Thoth Academy ago
Chapter nine - Magi Class & Warrior Class ago
Chapter Ten - What if I win? ago
Chapter Eleven - Senior Magus Fair-Weather ago
Chapter Twelve - Broken Record ago
Chapter Thirteen - Advanced Class! ago
Chapter Fourteen - The Glory That No One Would See pt. 1 ago
Chapter Fifteen - The Glory That No One Would See pt. 2 ago
Chapter Sixteen - Sniffing out betrayal ago
Chapter Seventeen - Original Skill ago
Chapter Eighteen - Advanced Warrior Class' Morning Session ago
Chapter Nineteen - My Wife is in Magi Class ago
Chapter 20 - Magus Brenda Hemingway ago
Chapter 21 - Mysticism Revealing Pot ago
Chapter 22 - Casino Riot, your next! ago
Chapter 23 - The talent that broke the pot ago
Chapter 24 - The Outsiders ago
Chapter 25 - Young Savage ago
Chapter 26 - Four on one! ago
Chapter 27 - Crimson Judgement Orb ago
Chapter 28 - Night of Passion ago
Chapter 29 - Lucky Man, Lucky's woman, and the mighty secret ago
Chapter 30 - Clear Sky rains knowledge ago
Chapter 31 - Mastering Rank 1 Magic ago
Chapter 32 - Little Princess Chevy ago
Chapter 33 - Jealousy and Love, siblings reunited! ago
Chapter 34 - The Disappearance of Edmund Royale ago
Chapter 35 - How should I reward you? ago
Chapter 36 - Don't you see... ago
Chapter 37 - Ambushed! ago
Chapter 38 - Depart ago
Chapter 39 - Pedro Frenzy ago
Chapter 40 - The Deep End ago
Chapter 41 - Spiritualist Path ago
Chapter 42 - Start of the Trial ago
Chapter 43 - Disaster County's Bloodiest Trial ago
Chapter 44 - The Greatest Genius in One Hundred Years ago

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Your Typical Cultivation Novel But Still Good

tldr: Though I'm not particularly a fan of cultivation novels, I will not put my personal bias onto this review and treat it as it should be. PS. tags should be adjusted somewhat because it is a bit misleading if you weren't expecting it.

Style: 4.5/5

Very clean. Not much else to say. The prose is easy to read and sound. I had no trouble getting through it and definitely didn't feel like a chore doing so. Some tidbits felt off, but not enough to comment on them as it wasn't a general problem but possibly mistakes in various areas, hence the .5 short of 5.

Grammar: 4.5/5

Great! A few mistakes here and there, but nothing a good grammar checker can't fix.

Story: 4.5/5

I won't spoil the plot but it is an entertaining ride. There are some weird and wacky moments while the pace is well done on the whole. The timings of some of the characters (coupled with their names) provide (possibly?) unintentional comedic moments.

The magic system probably needs some time to get used to, but maybe that's just me and my lack of experience in the cultivation genre.

Character: 4/5

First of all, can I say how much I love the names you've chosen? They're so weird and memorable. Like from the get-go we got a person called Casino and then when you announce newer characters, it provides comedic relief at how ridiculous it is.

As for the characters themselves, some of them are good and fleshed out. However, others do suffer from the typical cultivation trope of being angry and one dimensional. Might be intentional, but I still don't like it.

I see a quick release rate, so I will say I was caught up to ch 21 for clarity's sake. I probably won't continue to follow as I am not a fan of the genre (not the author's fault), but I hope all the best.

Zachary Dugas
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Not what I was expecting from the synopsis...

This was not at all what I was expecting from the synopsis lol. Not to say it is bad just to say I went in with an idea and was well, completely wrong.(guess I should have read the damn description better eh?)

This is a cultivation novel, I did not expect that. 

The thing is I am not a big fan of cultivation novels but this one kept me interested with the setting which is a mixture of magic and technology, a strange sort of hybrid of modern tech and some semi sci-fi stuff with straight up magic, which is pretty cool.

Despite the super interesting setting, however, this is at its core a cultivation novel that follows a man who is the worst and works his way up to becoming the most Bad Ass Mother Fucker or BAMF possible and exact revenge.

Now I said I didn't like cultivation novels but that is not really true, I just don't have time to read 20,000 pages before something happens and I always feel as though a lot is lost in translation.  But that is not the case here, there is not so much fluff to be off-putting and while it follows some standard tropes or does its own thing and does if well.

So on to the review proper:

Style: 4.5/5

Ok so this is your standard wuxia and xania thing with all the ancestor cursing and mother slapping you could want, only it was originally written in English so it flows much smoother.

Story: 4/5

I have not seen enough of the world to give this a five yet but the pace of the story is quite good and really pulls you along with it, keep this up and I will update the review to reflect it!


Excellent especially for a rr novel

Character: 4/5

Aside from the odd and I mean odd as fuck names the characters all seem real, only a few come across as 1 dimensional and honestly, we only see them the once or so and they are unimportant.  The Mc casino(see what I mean about the names, his name is casino riot, that sounds like some sort of 90’s punk rock band name lol) has aspirations and is working hard to get there, I think he could use some more flaws, however, to make him more realistic instead of an everyman. Not that he is without character he is just a little too erm how do I say this? Standard xania Mc I guess.



It's good I like it and will be sure to keep reading it, so keep up the good work!