Who Cares about an Isekai? Surely not me!

by Sunrhae

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead Magic Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reader interactive Strong Lead

All that Ran wanted was a nap, just a tiny nap. How comes when she wakes up, she has to become a hero in an Isekai adventure to defeat the Demon Race?
Cheats and power? Everyone agrees her powers seem useless and stupid.
Be a hero? No way! She looks so awkward, without any personality nor presence.

“You are a chosen one, a mighty hero. This world needs you!” said the goddess avatar.
“No one asked for my opinion. Who cares about this world? Surely, not me!” replied Ran.

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DNF - story doesn't make sense for far too long

Soooooo ...  a bunch of people are summoned to save the land from the demons. Everybody is an arrogant prick, sneering at everyone else. The powerful of the world decide to trick the summoned heroes. The heroes' servants spy on them. Our MC decides to hide her abilities and knows from the start that everything is a trick and she should be on guard.
Why? Who knows. What abilities? Who knows. What's going on? Who knows. The story reads like the second book of a series that relies heavily on the first one. If that's indeed the case, please point me to said first book, coz I'm completely lost.
After about a dozen chapters it becomes clear - or at least guessable - that



The story may be wonderful afterwards, the side characters may develop an actual personality instead of being sneering caricatures, but I stopped reading after chp 13 so, unfortunately, I don't know. If you want to find out, more power to you. You'll find a technical well-written story with few-to-none typos or grammatical errors, which is always a big plus on RRL. If you do read on, please write a review and explain why you like the tale, so I can perhaps figure out what's going on second hand.


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Style: I like your style.

Story: I'm hooked! Give me more!!

Grammar: Like many other authors, you forget that people use contractions when they speak and think. Also, for some reason you misspelled head as heard twice.

Character: I want more of Ran!!