Grand Magus

by quebooks

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Magic Male Lead Reincarnation Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content


Transmigrated into another World ____ now has to live as the son of a duke, Fraser Rosethorn. Who was on the way on learning magic. Follow his journey as ____ has brought an AI into the mix. What will become of Fraser Rosethorn, will he ascend in the world of Magus or will he just become another cold corpse in the world? 
Find out on Grand Magus Tv. 




Author Note:

Hi guys, I will write try to write one chapter per day just like I will upload one video on my youtube channel every single day. I am not an English native speaker so if you criticize my grammar then please correct at least one of my sentences. That will (I hope) enable me to get used to the correct grammar and thus improve my writing.


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 Transmigration ago
Chapter 2 Wildlands ago
Chapter 3 Wildland Border City ago
Chapter 4 Crossing the Wildlands ago
Chapter 5 Data ago
Chapter 6 Magic ago
Chapter 7 Border City ago
Chapter 8 Departing to the Howling Abyss ago
Chapter 9 Arriving at the Howling Abyss Academy ago
Chapter 10 Basic Meditation Technique ago
Chapter 11 Mentor Sept ago
Chapter 12 Alchemy Set ago
Chapter 13 Basic Explosion Potion (1) ago
Chapter 14 Basic Explosion Potion (2) ago
Chapter 15 Senior Apprentices ago
Chapter 16 Selling a Potion (1) ago
Chapter 17 Selling a Potion (2) ago
Chapter 18 Spell Model (1) ago
Chapter 19 Spell Model (2) ago
Chapter 20 Spell Model (3) ago
Chapter 21 Simulation ago
Chapter 22 New Function ago
Chapter 23 Overall Improvement ago
Chapter 24 Masked Figure ago
Chapter 25 Duty of Magus Sept ago
Chapter 26 Preparation ago
Chapter 27 Arriving at the Outpost ago
Chapter 28 Uneasy Feeling ago
Chapter 29 Modified Spell Model ago
Chapter 30 Frasers Alchemy Theory ago
Chapter 31 Experimenting with dark rope ago
Chapter 32 Second Spell Model ago
Chapter 33 Method of Control ago
Chapter 34 Trading Potions ago
Chapter 35 Baby Bat ago
Chapter 36 Spirit Technique ago
Chapter 37 Experimentation ago
Chapter 38 Parasitic Insect ago
Chapter 39 A New Beginning ago
Chapter 40 Innate Spell ago
Chapter 41 Silence before the storm ago
Chapter 42 Entering a Tide ago
Chapter 43 Unknown Change ago
Chapter 44 Soldier ago
Chapter 45 Guard at the Entrance of Howling Abyss ago
Chapter 46 Exploring Howling Abyss ago
Chapter 47 Stable growth ago
Chapter 48 Socializing ago
Chapter 49 Reason of the muscular man ago
Chapter 50 Enough Corpses ago
Chapter 51 Physical Change ago
Chapter 52 Two Stages ago
Chapter 53 Skirmish of the Followers ago
Chapter 54 Noble Family ago
Chapter 55 Structure of a Noble Family ago
Chapter 56 Incubation Alchemy ago
Chapter 57 Start of the Monster Tide ago
Chapter 58 Inspection on Fraser’s Potions ago

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  • Overall Score

Lack of Heart, a Copy that knows it's a Copy

I really enjoyed Warlock of the Magus world and the wizard world, so a copy sounds great. However I feel this is copying without adding it own soul into it.  It is going through the motions of a story I already read without its own heart.  

For example, the chapters where he wakes up, takes the trip to the testing, is tested and then is chosen.  His AI chip is given a short explanation of "Where my powerup" -> "Immediately feel comfortable and use the powerup" and isn't a clearly outlined "I had this AI chip installed in my brain, and for some reason it merged with my soul in some fashion" like in the work it's copying.  The lack of heart continues from just the initial chapter.  Going through the motions, carriage attacked by animals, MC realizes animals will break through, people die he contributes.  Show up for testing, quickly tested as dark element and ASAP goes to join dark school.   Its not the speed thats the problem, its just that I can feel the author going through the motions, he already read it, I already read it, so he can just hand wave through it.  

Read the difference between the first part of the story and when the MC is experimenting with the dark rope spell. I believe this is not copied, at least from memory. When the author invents it, he wants to explain the spell and so it has heart.  Him being skilled in alchemy is a given from the previous works, so that is semi-hand waved.

I really like the works this story is copying from, even though they are pretty much copies of each other already.   I feel like the author needed to put a twist on the story in some way to force himself to inject heart into the story. 

For example, I don't think he will. But lets imagine the author wants this guy to also have a snake bloodline like in one of the two stories it's pulling from.  He's read in the other story about purifiying them using AI and having a bloodline and warlocks and whatnot, I've read it too.    So he might kinda just go through the motions quickly.

Im hopeful going forward and I'll continue to read it, but I think it would have been better if it strayed farther from the sources or put more care into copying.   I'd love a copy of those stories, but I don't want to read a copy that knows it's a copy. 

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Well done reskin of other works

Has the exact same plot and abilities from "The wizard world" and "Warlock of the Mages world" with a dark attribute alchemist with-

Spoiler: Spoiler


The Spectator
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Beginning is a reskin of warlock of the magus world, but changes a few things. The story is a enjoyable read and a few edits can make the story shine. As of now at chp 20, it is too early to see where this'll go.

Rate: 3.7

Always floppy
  • Overall Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Not a carbon copy goes in new direction

Although it does start of similar to other novel its wrong to call it a copy there are changes and these changes become more apparent as you read on i wont spoil it but if you like the premise of the wizards world or warlock ofthe mages world then that where this starts but it goes in a new derection which seems interesting recommend you read it. (Ch 42)

  • Overall Score

like it but not yet original

Am up to chap 38 story has borrowed heavely from magus but it looks like THIS could be the main split of the story where auther gets original .. only time will tell

  • Overall Score

Very nice. Recommend it for anyone. Nice plot, story and it's got good potential the way it's going

Robert Obiekwe
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Full of Potential (reviewed at ch.48)

I will be honest here. There are plenty of “Magus” novels out there and personally I enjoy the majority of them. 

This novel takes a different spin on it. And with that alone makes it unique and full of potential. 

The story is kind of slow at the moment, but that is typical for Magus novels. The grammar is excellent and the style of writing is almost flawless.

My only consern is the main character. He seems a little to reactive and flat so far. In the latest chapter we are starting to get some character development for him so l hope that will help.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
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A new twist on “Warlock in a magus world” (Ch 50)

This dude decided that he wanted to do a story in the same general format that WMW followed. His beginning few chapters are complete shit in which he straight up copies what was already written in WMW. Though this does go through a drastic change- at around chapter 38-from a character that’s almost a carbon copy of WMW’s protagonist to someone who looks to be completely different. I’ve been really enjoying this story and while in the beginning chapters I cringed for how similar it was the author quickly changed this to a story that only shares a few similarities. The grammer needs a minor amount of work, something that a decent editor or a grammer check website could fix. His style and grammer are both perfectly readable by all but the most nitpicking readers, however it is not perfect and I would ask the author to check over his work some more for it often comes out awkward and clipped. I still think this is a solid read that I would recommend for anyone who enjoyed WMW.

  • Overall Score

Warlock of the Magus World copy

Really good story but it's just a copy of Warlock of the Magus World I rekemend reading that and not this.