A family of killers.

A family of killers.

by Rhys Harrison

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Magic
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Do you wish to hear a tale.

Its a tale about a mad man named Jax. A man rob of his ability to feel.

It's set in a time were fairy tales have long since past. We’re powerful mega corporations, idealistic fanatics and crime rule a world of blood and wealth. The hate of magic is at an all time high as the world repairs itself from a war with a powerful A.I join a crime family that is simply known as the family of wrath as they attempt to thrive in this world of theirs.

A world ruled by greed, hate, lies, hope and faith.

But come let's speak more of Jax. He starts this story as a simply uni student in one of the most prestigious schools in the highest level of the free city of Mania. A place meant for only the highest of birth and blood and watch as Jax choses a path of crime to further his goal of feeling something again and believes that the people responsible for his sistuation my be the only ones who can help him over come it.

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Rhys Harrison

Rhys Harrison


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